How to Use Facebook Stories
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How to Use Facebook Stories

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the
new Facebook story feature. Facebook released a new feature similar to
what Snapchat and Instagram have. You now have the ability to post photos or
videos to your “story”. Content in your story is available to be seen
by your friends for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the post disappears. To use the Facebook story feature, tap on
your picture towards the top of your timeline that says “Your Story”. You can use your phone’s camera to take
a picture or video. To switch your camera to selfie mode, tap
the switch icon on the bottom of the screen. The row of dots on the left of the screen
are filters. You can swipe up or down anywhere on the screen
to change to a different filter. The wand icon on the bottom of the screen
has additional filters and add-ons to enhance your post. The lightning bolt symbol will cycle through
your camera flash settings: Off, On, or Automatic. The icon at the bottom of the screen on the
far right is to select a photo or video from your camera roll. The arrow at the top of the screen is to exit
the Facebook story feature. To take a photo, tap the white circle at the
bottom of the screen. To record a video, tap and HOLD the white
circle at the bottom of the screen for the desired amount of time you want to record. After taking a photo or video, you’ll see
new options appear at the bottom of the screen. You can tap the letters icon to add text to
your post. The pencil icon is to draw. You can change the color, brush type and size
of the line using the different icons on the bottom of the screen. The button at the far right is to download
your image to your camera roll on your phone. When you’re finished, Tap the large arrow
to add the post to your story, or send directly to a Facebook friend. You can select multiple options. You can also create a Facebook post by selecting
the Post option. When you’re finished, tap the send button
in the bottom right of the screen. Now your post will appear in your story for
24 hours. You can view your post by tapping on your
story icon near the top of your timeline. To delete a post from your story, tap the
3 dots on your post and then click delete. If you have posts on your story and you want
to add more photos or videos to it, tap the camera icon in the top left of the screen. Now you know how to use the Facebook story
feature. If you like this video, come check out our
Learn How Facebook page and share this video with your friends! Thanks for watching!

15 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook Stories

  1. Bit of a strange question. When I send a story to 1 person how do i know i have actually sent anything? As it doesn't actually say if the message has sent or not.

  2. How are you getting the red boxes over the options you are choosing in this video. What app are you using to do this.

  3. The video mentions Friends viewing your story, can public see as well? If random public can view my stories can I see who viewed them if they are not on my friends list?

  4. I didn't save before posting. Clicked on "save video" but it won't show in my camera roll. Where do I go to access my saved stories?

  5. uploading the same photo or video to IG story or Snapchat story , they will look okay on those platforms, but uploading that same photo or video to Facebook Story is blurry

  6. More importand is how do we block facebook stories, it's damn uselss and I don't want to see other people feeble stories.

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