How to Use Facebook Live to Promote and Sell
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How to Use Facebook Live to Promote and Sell

– How do you use Facebook
Live to grow your business? Live video is one of my most lucrative ways of using Facebook. In this video, I’m going to walk you through my exact steps that I use. (peaceful music) Live video has become really popular over the last several years. Live video is available on just
about every social channel. The barrier to entry’s quite low. Everybody’s doing live, but
that doesn’t mean they’re doing it well, and it doesn’t
mean they’re monetizing it. Once you go live, what do
you say, what do you do once you’re live, and how do you
use live to grow your business? Make sure to stick around to the very end. I’m gonna share with you my
very own post live action steps to make sure that you get the very best out of every live video you do. Why should you even use Facebook Live? Well, Facebook wants to
become the next generation, digital streaming television platform. They’re really favoring
live video in the feeds. Live video gets six times the engagement, versus regular recorded videos. And I’ve said this for
years, there’s no amount of sophisticated technology
that will ever take the place of meeting people live and in person. The next best thing is
video, especially live video. You can interact real
time with your audience. You might be wondering,
where’s the best place to stream your Facebook Live videos? Certainly you can do it
on your personal profile and maybe in a private group,
but the best place really is on your Facebook business page. You can get much more
mileage, including paid promotion, which we’ll get into. Here’s my three step
process for monetizing or selling on your Facebook Live videos. Step one, first of course decide what are you going to offer. Perhaps your own product or service, or like me, maybe you
have a brand ambassador or affiliate marketing
relationship with a third party. That’s where you get paid to broadcast and let your audience know
about a particular tool, or product, or software, or app. Step two is simply to
schedule your Facebook Live. Now you’ll need to do that
using a third party tool, something like Zoom or
Ecamm Live for Macs, there’s BeLive TV, there’s OBS, a lot of different choices out there. You set up your Facebook
Live, and what that does is creates a post on your Facebook page. Now you can drive traffic to that post. The timestamp, the date and timestamp, is the individual permalink. Go to Twitter, Instagram, your
email list, your messenger chat bot, and let people know
to click on that get notified button, and they will be told
when you go live on your page. Now if you are doing a third
party, brand ambassador, or paid affiliate partnership
type of Facebook Live, you will need to use what Facebook calls
their branded content tag. It’s the little handshake icon. And that let’s people know
that you do have a paid relationship with this partner,
and it allows your partner to promote your Facebook
Live to their audience. Step three, now it’s time to go live, with highly educational, valuable content. You can go to camera,
and/or desktop sharing. If you’re going to share
your desktop, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time some
visuals, some slides perhaps, and for sure, again if
you’re working with a brand ambassador or affiliate,
you’ll want to have a really compelling call
to action with a nice offer that’s ideally exclusive to your audience. Now keep in mind with these broadcasts, whether you’re offering your
own products or services or, like me, you’re
working with third party brand ambassadors or
affiliate relationships, you always want to be on topic
and educational and adding as much value, so that your
Facebook Live really stands alone, almost like a mini
training, a mini webinar. And now the bonus round. You’ve done all that hard work. Your Facebook Live is completed. There’s a series of action steps
you want to take right away to maximize the sales from
your Facebook Live videos. As soon as your Facebook
Live has ended, go ahead and click the three little
dots and then edit the video. Working from the top
down, just review that your title is the way that you want it. Check the description. Add in a call to action in the link. Look at the thumbnail,
see if you want to upload a specific image or
pick one from the video. Add captions, videos
with captions on Facebook get significantly more views. There’s also a feature that
you can trim the beginning part of your Facebook Live if you need to. Let’s say you didn’t
quite get right into it or you made a mistake. You want to make sure the first
three seconds of your video really hit the ground running. So that trim feature can
really come in handy. Next, let your Facebook Live get as much organic reach and engagement as possible. I usually allow around 24, maybe 48 hours. Then, you’ll go into ads
manager, and you’re going to turn that Facebook Live into and ad, because you can now add a link
with a call to action button and drive people specifically
to a landing page. And then on that landing
page, you want to ensure you have the Facebook Pixel installed, because this will allow you
to retarget that audience that’s visited the landing page. In addition, you can create
what are called engagement custom audiences, based
upon people who have viewed your video on Facebook, and
that can just be a small portion, or half the video,
or almost all the video. And you can create different
engagement audiences and retarget them with different
content to make sure that you convert more of your
audience into paying customers. If you’re really new to ads
on Facebook, just go ahead and use the boost button
on your Facebook Live. That way you can at least
have that call to action link and button and send people over to the specific landing
page for your offer. I know for so many people
out there, being on camera isn’t something that
feels comfortable to you. So go ahead and click the
video on your screen right now. My good friend Molly
Mahoney breaks down simple strategies to create confidence on camera.

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  1. Thanks, Mari very informative, could you do a video on the FB Pixel. I know things have changed over the years. You said to make sure you have the Pixel installed on your ad. How dod you do that?

  2. Great video. When doing FB live with a smartphone, is also a good idea to use a microphone (like a lavalier or a tiny one) to get better audio. Thanks!

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