69 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook : How to Register & Join Facebook

  1. Anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out how to at least start a Facebook page. If you need a video or book to help you with it, then you're an idiot. I did it without a video or step by step guide of any sort. I promise your computer won't break and the world won't end if you use a trial and error approach.

  2. @guitargod1981 ummm…yeah. Try going to the site and doing your own research before posting an obvious question. You fail.

  3. Are you people serious? Go to school, learn how to spell, learn some internet etiquette and get a life!

  4. Why do you want my phone number,I don't want or need anymore Telemarketers calling at all,none. How can I trust you not to give it to Telemarketers, when you have a $600 million law suet going on. I cant even think what $600 million must look like,omg.

  5. They Have A Clicking Game In Facebook, And I Made The WORLD RECORD(311 Clicks In 10 Seconds) PROOF VIDEO IN MY CHANNEL Or In URL: h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = N W m U E x Z – v R o [Erase The Spaces]

  6. Stay tuned for the next videos : How To Tie Your Shoes, How To Order a Pizza and of course, the most anticipated howto – How To Breathe Air.

  7. Actually just landed here thinking this was a facebook integration your website but seams its just dumb ppl talking to newbies.

  8. Oh wow thanks ! Now i'm able to register Facebook. It's so cool….i had to follow simple instruction but….i dont think i would be able to make it without your super advices.

    I mean, that '' REGISTER'' button is fucktop! And it was there all this time!!!!!

    pffffffffffffffffffffffffff lol

  9. facebook is for sad losers who cant connect with real humans.
    we are the borg resistance is futile! please join share all your activities with the n.s.a
    and every sick fuck in your community.

  10. @nawsherwanadil download speedbit video accelerator! and I reccomend close programs that take a lot of memory:)

  11. There is more to life then facebook….sadley people spend most of their time following someone eles life…..what a waste

  12. @micheleg92 some of these idiots are only 9….. my nephew walked up to me and said "go to facebook.com and do the website for me" XD

  13. omg i hate when ur frend ask whts urs doins and ur like talking to so and so and there like OHHH IM TELLINNN EVERYYYBODYYYY
    god ppl learn respect here

  14. 29 people are smart people, 70 people are dumb people who don't know how to join facebook…………..and what am i doing here again?

  15. Don't join Facebook. The central deal breaker is ownership. It is not "your" profile on Facebook, it's Facebook's profile on you. Establish your online identity at your own domain or there's no point in being you. "Easy" usually turns out to be a disaster . Americans thought it easier to go into debt than pay tax, now they fancy Facebook easier than having control and responsibility over their own domains. Wrong again!

  16. This video is useless. I don't think that someone who can't even register for 'Facebook' can even access this video via YouTube.

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