How to Use Facebook Ads for Beginners (2019) – A Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial
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How to Use Facebook Ads for Beginners (2019) – A Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial

100 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook Ads for Beginners (2019) – A Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial

  1. Just stumbled upon your account and I feel like this is the tip of the iceberg into a very deep rabbit hole. Thanks for pointing in the right direction.

  2. Jason, just some feedback that some of the categories you talk about in this video are no longer available(e.g. financial under browse categories for the detailed targeting section). Suggest you update this video when you have a minute.

  3. hello, I looked for the income details on the targeting details of audience but I didn't find it , how can I find it ?!

  4. Jason, you have no idea how much help you have given me. This is your 2nd course I have watched. I have spent weeks trying to learn from a paid course, people who have no absolute commitment to their students and here you are, Jason, offering this most valuable information for free! Now I know that the best things in life are free!!. Jason you are the best and I will follow you from today. I pray for you that you may get the success duly yours because you have invested in humanity. Human causes!. God will reward you with a value that money cannot buy! Thanks for your time.

  5. Very Informative! Thank You Jason. I'm a Realtor in Houston Texas and working on Facebook ads! Thanks for the help and will stay tuned!

  6. Thanks for a great video Jason! So if the goal is to make an ad for a band and to specifically get people to listen to a song on Spotify, which objective would you choose? Traffic?

  7. Love the information, thank you for sharing. My only gripe is the random ads in the middle of your video. I love what you're teaching but the ads break my concentration when I'm trying to focus on what you are teaching.

    You have to make money for the free content you create and I truly appreciate that you take the time to create it but please consider putting the ads in places that are more appropriate such as during a pause or when you are moving on to a new point.

    Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing more of your content in the future.

  8. Does anyone know how to add more than one AD account to your business manager? I keep getting error message "You've reached max accounts" but I don't have even one loaded???

  9. Great video! Do you have any videos on how to inspect the results of an ad campaign so you can judge wether to keep it or kill it?

  10. I just want to spend 50 euro or less to promote a song I wrote, does Facebook ads not give you option of spending that little? so would boost be the best option for this type of budget?

  11. I set up a conversion ad for purchases but sadly there it was like 2 days and there still no reach. I'm so lost. Where have I gone wrong?

  12. Btw I also do Sales Funnel creation and Landing page ad campaigns. Sales funnels will be the wave of the ad future. If you have a crappy website and wonder why you can't convert on your ads campaigns….Let me tell you, get someone like myself to build you sales funnels, keep your website the way it is, use guided sales tools to increase your conversions!!

  13. Hi Jason , I'm new to Business manager and would like to ask something. To be able to create a lookalike audience, do I need a past data from other ads ?

  14. Hey Jason, If I don't have a real audience yet but I am trying to generate leads. Would it be better to set a lead gen campaign or traffic? (For real estate)

  15. Amazing, useful information, thanks to you I run my first campaign now! 🙂 Thank you so much, keep the great work up!

  16. hi jason thanks to video.
    and i am in trouble for taking information to run campaign so could you plz suggest me. how can i get data for campaign?
    how many sources are there to collect data?
    thanks to your response….

  17. Hey Jason,Thank you for this amazing video. I'm interested in a starting social media marketing agency and would like you to take me through how to add clients pages and ad accounts to facebook business manager. Thanks

  18. Hi Jason! This video is a gamechanger for me. Thank you so much for posting these educational videos. I sort of fell into doing some Facebool ads for friends and fam, and now I am taking on clients and I want to make sure I know how to maximize the potential of these ads… and if you aren't familiar with them, they can be SO overwhelming. So thank you!

  19. why are you changing all your videos to 2019 when they were made in 2018 and half the targeting is gone. very misleading and harmful for your brand. Don't be lazy, just make new ones

  20. This was definitely useful. Seems like a simple topic but I couldn't find a better video to handle the basic intro stuff… thank you!!

  21. Awesome. Really helpful for my business. I have used the technique and see the instant result. Right now i am become professional facebookAds service provider. This is my profile:

    Anyone need further help do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for the useful video.

  22. Hi Bro, I have quick question for you. I' blogger making with adsense average I make $2-3 per 1000 visitors. So can I get cheaper click so I can make money by adsense by running fb ads or should I promote affiliate page only

  23. Hei Jason , how i can learn digital marketing, seo etc is there any i hv to do. Im from india. I really like ur youtube video they r very helpfull..

  24. Hey Jason! Thank you for this video, so helpful! Where I always get stuck with objective & targeting my audience. I have an online and in person strength & nutrition coaching program (I'm assuming 2 separate ads) for busy moms and I want to advertise the sign ups. I have a landing page for the online program however not the in person one. I'm thinking that I should create a landing page for the in person program as well even if it's just an email sign up/wait list as opposed to check out? Should my objective be – conversions? Is setting a bunch of filters (women's fitness, motherhood, etc) help or hinder?

  25. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed, straight forward and quality information. I don't use Facebook and I need to promote my book and felt totally lost and stressed. This helped so much. + 1 subscriber.

  26. Jason You Should Make a Facebook Ad Course If you don't yet have one. There are So many FB courses out which makes Beginners overwhelmed and Confused , But You are a great trainer!!!

  27. Thanks, Jason. You really helped right there. I am just starting with this and I felt really overwhelmed and had landed on some other videos that were driving me crazy and totally confusing me. This was a very good overview, I like how you structured it and how clearly you speak. Perfect. Really thanks a lot. Now I feel like I can do this!

  28. following this along looks like FB changed there income in demographic to say stuff like : Household income: top 25%-50% of ZIP codes (US) what does that mean?

  29. Great video Jason……..Super videos King Comm….I have a real headache of a problem!!! When i set my FB ads i exclude INDIA along with about five other countries. Indians do not buy products like westerners do.

    All i get is is likes & comments from indians. This is after i excluded india as a country in my locations. Its driving me mad as all i am doing is wasting money because as i said Indians wont buy.

    Has anybody any ideas or information that might help me before i go insane!!!!!!!!

    Someone please help me…….thanks.

  30. Why does my ad manager page not look like that? When I click the campaign tab it looks completely different. I don’t have the three tabs, awareness, consideration and conversion?

  31. Hi there, great video. Thanks. How to stop ad and not have it on going until budget is blown?

  32. Hi Jason. I am newbie in tech and am impressed with your video. My question is how do i create business manager for someone who has no personal facebook account?

  33. Thank you Jason. I found your video really valuable. I liked the way you presented and included all options. Also for the explanation of aspects that are often not covered in other videos.

  34. I have a cleaning service in las vegas, what would be a good ad to create after 9k impression 5 click and no calls

  35. You channel and community engagement is great!
    You give awesome advice. 😊

    Thanks so much for this video! x

  36. Hi, this was a great tutorial! I've set my first ad to have a click to messenger but I can't figure out how to change the auto message people get when they click to send message. Could you tell me how to do it. I can't google it as it just keeps coming up with setting auto reply in my normal messenger not associate with the ad. Any help would be appreciated! 😊

  37. I did an AD just for a short period of time a long time ago and discontinued. However, I just found that Facebook continuously charged for AD up to now. This really ridiculous. I never said I wanted to continue the AD. How dare they do such dirty business. Please teach me how can I refund the money back. Thank you.

  38. Okay I have a few questions the video was awesome for someone like me who's has no idea what they're doing so basically I started my store I'm trying to figure out for somebody new who just starting I have over 200 items on my store I'm trying to find out any information of how many items I should start with so I can take some down if there's too many or whatever the case may be and I cannot find any answers for that and another thing is where can I go to find like a mentor I need to find a mentor somebody who is willing to dedicate time and basically take me under their wing and show me everything I don't have money to attend these thousand dollar events in all that stuff I was in a very bad motorcycle accident and my career is down the drain so that's why I started this business and my accident was less than a year ago so money is very tight I'm just trying to find somebody that would be willing to Mentor me and talk to me about things that I'm having trouble with leave me and right directions all that good stuff because I have nobody to turn to right now what's this business that I started so if you can leave me in a direction that would be awesome I appreciate it in the video was awesome thank you

  39. Thank a lot, Jason for uploading this video, it is very informative. I'm just wondering how does facebook detect audience's location, does it base on that person's profile information or where they are logging in on the facebook account on their phone.
    Thank you.

  40. Pls cover baby step by step how to make ad for Your produckt with all info collection until conversion and make it successful pls pls pls im a newbie…

  41. Hi I was trying to create a facebook page like ads… all setup and after payment I am getting this error

    "Account is not qualified to create a CPA ad: This account has been created too recently, or spends too little to be eligible for CPA ad creation."

    I have selected engagement and page like

    Can anybody help me on that why that error is coming and how to resolve it.

    Thanks in Advance

  42. Anyone got a suggestion for additional resources using Facebook ad's but with National Corporate Facebook page for overall company, but then subset or sub-Facebook pages for local branches/offices, that can be very locally focused?

  43. Hi Jason: Great stuff on your video. Just coming back to Real Estate after 7 years of being a referral agent. I have been licensed 27 1/2 years . Your video is a real energy booster for me, If I put an ad out with my designated budget and I don't see the results from my campaign or single ad, how would I cancel that ad with Facebook? Look forward to your response.

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