How To Use Clients’ Testimonials on Social Media
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How To Use Clients’ Testimonials on Social Media

– Hey I’m Angelique Binet,
founder of Social Media Love, and today I’m going to show
you, how to get the most of your clients’ testimonials, and make sure that you
watch until the end, because I made something special for you called a testing manual request template, that you can use right away. So let’s say first, you
could ask your clients to write a review on Facebook, or you could send them to LinkedIn, and ask them to write a recommendation. So that’s the first step. Now you have your reviews,
you have your recommendation; you can create an image overlay, with a quote from those recommendation. Or you could screen capture, actually, the quotes, and then put
it on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, wherever you want. Now let’s crank up your game. You asked your client to go
live in your Facebook groups, and share her or his testimonials with the rest of the community. What do you say about that? No, no, no, no, no – you could
go to your Facebook page, and have a guest. You could invite your customer
to share their testimonials by interviewing them
about the experience they had working with you. And finally, which I love,
could you ask your customers to record a video, actually, and then you can use it everywhere, in any social media platforms. Now you know the seven ways to use your customers’ testimonials. But do you know how to ask for them? Well, no worries. I get you covered. Download right now on my
testimonial request template. It’s all ready for you, right there. Click in the link below, and this is where you’re gonna get it. And if you liked that video, make sure to hit the like button, share with your friends,
leave me a comment, and subscribe to my channel
for the next tutorial. Ciao, ciao!

10 thoughts on “How To Use Clients’ Testimonials on Social Media

  1. Short. Sweet. Complete. LOVE IT!!! I do ask for testimonials from my life coaching clients, but the bigger ones want NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements). That's OK. They pay for that! $$$ LOL I've subscribed to your channel! Have a great day!

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