How To Turn On Instagram Post Notifications On iPhone/Android

alright let’s say you’ve bumped into my photography Instagram feed somehow and you fell in love with what you saw, actually you will! you should check it out! at “epic aperture” and now you want to be notified every single time I post a picture. How would you do that? That’s what we’re going to see in this video. Alright, to turn notifications on Instagram, you have two ways to do that; let’s say like I said you bump into one of my posts from epic aperture and you want to turn the notifications from that particular post you all you have to do is to click on the three dots there and click on current post notifications and depending on your settings on your phone you might have to give access to your phone to turn on the push notifications I’m just going to say dismiss here for now and the other way you can do it is directly go to that particular profile you want to turn the notifications on for and click on that three dots there on top right hand corner and click on turn on notifications from there since I already did turn on the post notifications you can see that I have “turn off post notifications”. So that’s how you turn on notifications on Instagram and this works the same for iPhones and Android devices as well even though the layout is a little bit different, like the three dots will be in a vertical position on Android devices and as you can see for iPhones you have the three dots in a horizontal position that’s all the difference there is to it other than that you’re welcome to follow me an epic aperture here follow me and turn the notifications for my profile here and I’ll see you alright I really hope that you’ve got to turn on your Instagram notification and make sure you follow me on instagram at epic aperture and I’ll see you next video. Bye

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