How To Turn On Facebook Messenger DARK MODE

– Facebook Messenger now
comes with Dark Mode, and in this video, I’m gonna
show ya how to activate it. The first thing you wanna do is make sure your Facebook Messenger app is updated. So go to the Google Play Store, go to the Apple Store, and make sure you have the latest version
of Facebook Messenger. The second thing you need
to do is send yourself or send a friend or a family member an emoji of the crescent moon. And I know that sounds crazy,
but this is how it’s set up right now because this is
still in developer mode, and this is the way
that you can access it. And when you send a message
of the crescent moon, one of three things is gonna happen. The first thing that might happen when you send a crescent moon emoji is it might actually rain down
crescent moons in your chat, and then you’re gonna have
a dialogue box on the top that says you found Dark Mode. Tap on that, or tap on
your profile picture, and you should see a toggle
option to turn on Dark Mode. The second thing that could happen when you send a crescent moon emoji is you don’t see the raining moons, but you have to go to
your profile picture, tap on the profile picture,
and then you’ll see the toggle icon to activate Dark Mode. The third thing could happen when you send a crescent
moon emoji is nothing. I have three phones, this didn’t work on two of them, but it did work on one. However, for all of my friends,
this is currently working. So it’s kind of a gamble because Facebook is still rolling this out. And by the way, if this does
or does not work for you, go down and leave a comment below, and let me know if it
does, and let me know what phone you’re using and
where you’re at in the world. I read all of my comments and I reply to as many people as possible. When this video’s over,
I’m going to go down there and find out if this is
working for you or not. And if you’re one of those people who love Dark Mode everything,
be sure to check out this video right here where I show ya how to activate Dark Mode on YouTube. Thank you so much for
watching, I do appreciate it, and welcome to the dark side. (heavy breathing)

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