How To Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications
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How To Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications

Hello and welcome to KahindoTech. In this video, I’ll show you how to turn off Facebook Messenger notifications You might think that to do it you have to go through the app But that’s the wrong way. It usually doesn’t work and I can show you like what I mean So I’ll try turn off notifications through the Facebook app.. the Messenger app. And I’ll open it Then to go to the settings where you can turn off notifications to the app, is go home If you see at the very top. The very top corner, top left corner click on your profile picture This will take you to your profile. And then scroll down to you notifications …ok. And I’ll turn off notifications right. And I’ll go to notifications and I’ll turn them off But then let me show you something. I have another account opened. I’ll try to send a message to myself and you will see that it actually comes through it will say “test fail” as you can see, it does notify you that you got a message. So doing it through the actual app doesn’t really work. The right way to do is through settings And I will go the…through the iphone settings. And to do that, go back home Find “Settings”, and that’s my settings right there Once you get here, settings. Go to notifications, scroll down and you see “Notifications” Once you’re there, find messag…the messenger app. Scroll all the way to the end, okay. So here’s the Messenger app …okay. Now this is where you actually turn off notifications. And… there’s like different steps of…there’s different ways of turning off notifications. If you just want to turn off the sound notification You can just turn off the sound, and that would turn off the sound when like they send you messages. Or if say, you want to turn off the alert. Which is like the…when you get messages, there is like this little ah… banner that comes down. If you see at the bottom here, this little banner that comes down and it shows you the message. You can also turn that off Otherwise if you really completely want to turn everything off Just go all the way up the top. And you see where it says “Allow Notifications” Turn that off, by clicking on that. So I’ll turn it off Okay, now when I try to send a message. You will see that it will actually not come through. And this…the message will be “test fail” I mean “test success” Meaning as you sent the message and it was successfully blocked. I send it, but you don’t see any notifications right? but I when I open the actual app And I go to my messages There it is! So the message did come through, but you didn’t get notifications. So that is how you are Block Facebook Messenger notifications. So again, go to settings. Find your settings, on your iphone. Click on it once ah…let’s start over again Once you…open settings Click on notif…find notifications. Here it is at the bottom Go to the Messenger app You see that, and then turn the…that off. The part that says, “All Notifications”. Now that it’s grey means that it’s turned off. That’s how easy it is to turn off your notifications. So if you liked this video, please subscribe to my channel. Or if you have any other questions regarding how to turn off Messenger notifications, please leave them in the comment below. Thank you for watching

31 thoughts on “How To Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications

  1. I don't want to receive any messages via FB Messenger on my computer. How can I close that feature so no one can reach me that way? Your method doesn't work. Thank you.

  2. Thanks – this really helped because i did not know all these methods to tun off notifications. Best wishes and keep posting !

  3. My messenger only vibrate when someone is calling, no ringtone, only vibration, I have checked all options and everything looks OK, I even reinstall messenger and still only vibration, any ideas?

  4. Works like a charm! Thanks bud. I been annoyed that I get a glut of messenger notifications when I turn on my mobile data, this stopped it. I use android.

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  6. if I do this, the message that will sent to me will be delivered? or just sent?

    Delivered (Blue colored check) Sent (White colored check)

  7. JUNE 27,2019 method done, FB ALGORITHMS NOW OVERRIDE my phone settings!!!
    Getting calls via messenger all hours day night. Have also shut off mike and video access to messenger. Still get calls, FB messenger notices shut off on laptop works but not iphone… HOW DO WE SHUTOFF MESSENGER CALLS IN 2919?

  8. Hi, I recently joined Facebook I have the opposite problem, I receive all notification but messages. I have an android, can you help?

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