78 thoughts on “How to transfer your purchased Google eBook to your eReader

  1. hmm, well you cant do this with the chromebook, can you ? you didnt really think about that google, did you ?

  2. @runehigh1 No, but it works fine if you have an Android instead of an offline e-reader. As a matter of fact, it should work fine with just about any internet enabled device.

  3. I'm curious – I often lose track of whose competing with who in the market, but are Google and Amazon competing or something? I have a Kindle and I was a little disappointed to find out it wasn't supported.

  4. @BrandonC3 If I've understood correctly, Kindle's format is proprietary and Google wouldn't be allowed to use it without paying royalties to Amazon. As is often the case, the user is the one to loose.

  5. This should work like Kindle, on click, download automatic to device… Now there is too much steps 😀

  6. My eReader? I didn't think I'd ever have to use that device ever again for anything. Nintendo sure was ahead of their time.

  7. Jezz, that girl sounds like she's a junkie or like she's so sick she can't speak very loud, no breath 😛

  8. @torkelrog A ChromeBook doesn't allow programs to be installed onto it, and there is no way the Digital Editions is on the cloud…

  9. for googlers this video is fun, fun, Ffffffuunnnnnnnnnn, with the choice of style presentation. everyone else is left wondering why it seems they're trying to communicate to a 3 year old!

    come on google – get a grip.

  10. i just like listening to her voice, maybe if i get bored one day i'll strip the sound off this video, put it on an mp3 player (no, not an ipod please) with her voice on loop for 24 hours, and see 'how' i wake up .will probably have nightmares, specially the piano. that piano on loop, think about it.

  11. Loving the comments about how easy it is to download books on iPad. Your Google ebooks are available instantly on Android through Google Books app. You can download them or read them from the cloud to save storage. This video is for cross-platform downloads, something you can't do with iBooks.

  12. All I got from this video was "bla bla bla I'm a hipster with curly hair bla bla bla please to buy hipster books please bla bla bla"

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  14. I've just bought an acsm-extension file e-book on an online bookstore. I had to install Adobe Editions software into my computer so as to be able to read the contents of the book I bought. Unfortunately I expected to be able to read it in my android tablet but I can't. It seems that this kind of file is not suitable for my tablet's operation system.
    Is there any way in which I can convert acsm files into doc or at least pdf file?
    Thank you

  15. Why does Google books require a payment method for free books?

    It would be more personal if you allowed customers to choose payment methods for items that have an actual price.

    Can you fix it?

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