How to Take the Perfect Instagram Photo
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How to Take the Perfect Instagram Photo

(upbeat jingle) – Welcome back! – I have not been on
Instagram in over four years. – Yep – And, I’m not proud of it,
but apparently in my absence, Instagram has continued,
it’s still a thing! – Yeah, I’ve been havin’
lots of fun over there (laughing) for the past 48 months. – Well, I’ve decided
that I wanna come back. Here’s the thing, when you’ve been gone
for as long as I have, you just can’t come back, you just can’t post a picture one day. I’ve actually thought about that. – There’s so much
anticipation at this point. – I can’t, it has to be special. It has to be like, “Whoa,
it’s a big comeback!” – Right. – I have some candidates. I wanna run them by you, so you can help me pick the right one, because this is a big deal, or at least you guys will
hopefully make it into a big deal. Because I think you want me
to come back to Instagram. – Now, but let’s see where you left off. Let’s just see… – Okay.
– Let’s go back four years ago to see where you left off
– That’s a good question. – [Link] Alright, this
is one of my last photos. That’s me with Lando. – [Rhett] That’s the old Link, man! Look at that! – [Link] I got the wings! – The wings, the camo
shorts like you always used to wear! – I still have those shorts! They have a big gaping hole
in the back of them now. I think it might’ve happened that day. – Nice black border. They don’t really do that
anymore on Instagram, that’s not cool anymore, just so you know.
– So that’s a good one. Here is my last photo though. – [Rhett] Is this the other
view of the same photo? – Yeah. – The same place?
– Yeah, I took the phone, I turned it around, I took a
photo of the vista and said, “Look where I’m at, I’m having a mountaintop
Instagram experience!” – But why are they posted
like, three weeks apart? The last one was like,
November 9th and this was November 30th, 2013. Why’d you take two
pictures at the same time and wait three weeks to post them – (laughing) I don’t know
how to use Instagram! Your Instagram game was pretty weak, man! Well no, I think I knew
that I was trailing off and I was like, “I gotta trickle out”. But like I said now, I do
have a couple of photos that I think could be my comeback. – Alright, let’s see your candidates. – Alright, this first one is just simple, elegant, high-angle selfie. – [Rhett] It looks good! New hair, new Link. – Yeah! This could be it.
– But what’s that… What’s that book in the background? Can we zoom in on that?
– What? – [Rhett] “Urinals Are For
Pee-Pee: The #1 Guide to not going #2 in a urinal”. Now I remember five years ago
when I gave you that book. (laughs) Because you were having
an issue, repeatedly, with the urinals. – Yes. – I didn’t expect you to leave that out when I gave it to you. – But I’m constantly referring to it. – Oh, okay. (laughs) I don’t think you can use that one, you gotta have something else. – That’s fine, I’ve got another candidate. I don’t know if you knew this,
but I went to a Beyoncé show a few months back. – I did not know that. – I went solo, feel like I
had some quality time with the Queen Bae, and I don’t know if this is
too braggy to post this one as my comeback, because I
did get a picture with her. – [ Rhett] So, it this when
she was performing on stage? – [Link] Yes! – Man, she does go out
of her way for her fans, but I never knew she did this kinda thing. This is great man, this
is really, really good. – Right! – But what’s going on with your teeth? Can we zoom in on those? (laughing) Why are your teeth corns, man? (laughing) – Well… ‘Cause I got my teeth corned! (laughing) You didn’t know about that? – Must’ve happened really quickly because I don’t remember that day! – Well, after that concert,
and getting some feedback from Beyoncé, I got my teeth uncorned. – Beyoncé don’t like corned teeth? – She did not like the corned teeth, and you know what, I didn’t either. Take that away, I don’t– – Yeah, that’s gonna be a problem, that one’s not gonna work.
– That’s not gonna work. I didn’t know, I didn’t know
you could zoom in like that. But I do have one more. I actually went skydiving;
I got a really good picture. – You do so many things that
you don’t tell me about. – It’s a solo experience. – Okay, I respect that. Alright, I’m okay.
– You weren’t invited. I’m not rubbing it in.
– I don’t wanna skydive. – I was floating through
the clouds; a convocation of majestic bald eagles circled
me in formation as if to say, “Welcome home, flight-Link”. Nice, huh? – This is the one, put that
on Instagram right now! – Yes! – But what is that… What’s that little dot in the background? Can we zoom in on that? (laughing) Is that Jared Leto
eating one of the eagles? (laughing) That’s gonna be a problem. – I thought he was vegan. – You post that, I mean Jared
Leto’s gonna make you look real bad. It’s all gonna come down on you. You can’t post any of these. – No, that is not gonna go over well with the bald eagle community. – I think the solution is the Mythical Beasts need to help you. Why don’t you guys comment
below with what you think Link’s comeback Instagram photo should be. No idea is too crazy. It’s gotta be a good one. Post it below, we’ll pick
our favorites and do it. – I will make it happen. Help me in the comments below. Thank you, and I wanna thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing! – You know what time it is! – I’m Laurie. – And I’m Sabrina. – And we’re in… – Asheville, North Carolina. – And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! – And click the bottom link to watch the episode from the beginning. Click the top link to watch
us eat an enchilomelette in Good Mythical More, and… to find out where The Wheel of
Mythicality is going to land!

100 thoughts on “How to Take the Perfect Instagram Photo

  1. Mythical Beasts-
    Thanks for your constructive feedback on the show. We want you to know we will be sharing our thoughts in Wednesday’s Good Mythical More!
    Talk to you then,
    Rhett & Link

  2. the last time I watched gmm was last year. now I am watching it and it is really different and I may not like it but I still support this channel

  3. Comeback photo: Have you guys seen where people stand in front of some type of background and get painted to blend into it? Rhett can paint link into a background!! That would be so cool 😱😱 And then the picture of that would be the comeback photo

  4. The less than 10 minute videos aren't worth watching it's like their creativity went away no time to trail to other stories or be comedic it feels so unnatural

  5. How about a picture of a sunrise, since the last one was a sunset. Even better, have it shining on Link to symbolize his "new beginning" on instagram.

  6. 2 things I want to say.
    1: Your instagram comeback picture should be an image of your back, with the caption just being "back", lowercase, no context.
    2: I don't know about the 4 episode thing man…I really don't…Even though the total daily amount of Rhett and Link increases, it feels like less…I hope this doesn't decrease the originality and charm your videos have later, or your cause most of your fanbase to leave. Personally, if you guys want to have these 4 episodes daily like this, I think you should do it, but keep your fans in mind too! 😀 Maybe, you could have a Sunday special (like comics) where on sundays it plays the 10-15 minute episodes we're used to?
    By the way, my biggest complaints would be:
    1) Where's the Wheel of Mythicality? WhERES THE WHEEL OF MYTHICALITY?!?!
    2) Still slightly upset that Link's hair goes up, upsetting the balance of hair YinYang, as you stated in your video "Does your hair go up?" it's a very important life decision, he shouldn't take it lightly. However, i've grown used to it, so I guess its ok.

  7. rhetts shirt is on POINT. even though I'm 23 I still make a xmas list for my mum and dad and I have asked for so much of your merchandise!

  8. Post a picture of your self in boxers made of cheese while being shirtless. And Abraham Lincoln is in the background sitting on a pink poke-dotted bear with a too-too and as Lincoln is playing the piano with his left pinky toe

  9. This is making me so sad you guys. I've loved this show for longer than I can remember and have never missed an episode. What happened?!

  10. I think for your first post back on Instagram you should sit in a kiddie pool of jello until it solidifies and post a slow-mo of it jiggling. Specifically green or blue jello!

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