100 thoughts on “How to Stop Hackers on Facebook!!! – TUTORIAL [2019 UPDATE]

  1. This is a wealth information Ian. Thank you. I use two factor authentication for everything. I will definitely set up my alerts.

  2. HACKED I keep seeing photos I didn't post and when I delete it they still add the same photo is it some virus or some bot I don't know I change my password and it still posts the same photo

  3. Ive been hacked a many of times. The hacker hacks my facebook to get my personal information and to pretend to be using my facebook to verbally hurt people that someone i know.

  4. Ahmm hi magandang umaga in Tagalog it means good morning we experience to hacked my account actually almost 1week that we can't open I'm so very sad you know but I'm still finding what we can do to get back again in me , thank you ser I'm came from Philippine's

  5. I had two friends that said they had gotten a friend request from me and another friend that got on my friend list saying we are now connected on facebook. I did not send a friend request to her . Does this mean my facebook account had been hacked ? I went ahead and changed my password.

  6. I keep getting some stranger logging into my account. Its happend so many times in last 2-3 days can you help pleaseeeeeeee

  7. Everytime i try to do anything on Facebook, i get told i'm banned from doing this or on this site and i honestly haven't put anything out there that's bad or anything whatsoever to cause for me to be targeted like that….So is it possible i've been hacked?

  8. My Facebook account recently trying to hacked by Vietnamese person. He/she tried so many times to reset my password again and again. And me? I've always change and change it so many time but the hacker didn't stop! How could i handle this? 😭

  9. Facebook support hackers ..
    I reported so many vanadalism hackers and facebook say nothing wrong with the facebook page or account ..

  10. Hi! What will happen if I deactivated my facebook account but I have two-way authentication? Will my account will be safe? Or it can be hack?

  11. Hacked. I have a hacker that is deleting friends and posts from people they do not want me to know or hear from. I do not know who it is, but I do know who initiated it. I have recieved a "private" message to myself in my own account that only I could see. After I read it, it was deleted by the hacker. Lucky I took a snapshot and have the message saved. I would like to get rid of the hacker for good!!!

  12. thanks guys i just confirmed your $44,000 payment to my paypal account @ welfarehackers,wordpress,com

  13. My fb account has hacked the also hacked my friend's account he sends messages from mine to my frnd and from his to mine… What 2 do…

  14. My Facebook affiliate hacked 4 weeks ago. I have not been able to return my account in any way.

    I have seen many videos, I've submitted the NID and then mailed from Facebook, Send confirmation email to Facebook to recover the ID but the link they provided entered the link invalid।

    This message from facebook….
    Hi Ashfaq,

    Thanks for helping us confirm your authentic access to this account. To finish the account recovery process and regain access to your Facebook account, please click here: https://www.facebook.com/login/unlock.php?u=100007548669633&n=TkN

  15. I have a message that says “to help keep your Facebook account secure, well take you through a few steps to change your password and make sure any recent changes to your account came from you” then it had a get started button but it doesn’t do anything when I click it. Help

  16. Your video is one of the most helpful and clearest videos I have ever seen. Thank you and Keep Up the good work.

  17. Hey Ian, Great video!

    I saw a post on my facebook page that I did NOT post. Facebook gave me the option to say if I posted this or not.

    So I logged out > typed in the code that you mentioned > created a NEW password > FB sent me to a 'Secure Account' page. > Click 'Get started' to secure account… and nothing happened. Been trying for the past 24 hours to secure account and having major troubles, and facebook support is terrible.

    Now, I can't log in without securing my account first which is not letting me.

    Have you come across anything like this before?

    Thank you

  18. I've changed my facebook password soooo may times and I keep getting hacked, How do I stop that permanently

  19. Hi sir,
    My old Facebook account was hack few years back (2015) I already forgotten the Yahoo and the number that used to create the account. The account is not mine it's only given by my friend since back then i dont know how to create fb account. The hacker did change the profile and cover of my account and post some fake news.
    I report it to Facebook support and they just remove the profile picture of my account which is a naked guy. I repeatedly tell them that I'm the owner of the account and they dont believe me. I want that account to be deleted since I'm not using it anymore. Where should I come to file a report when fb support team cant help me and just give a same answer. I really want to delete the account sir.

  20. my messages on messenger keeps on being "seen" even im not seeing it already i chage my password 2 times and that thing still happens

  21. HACKED! Im not loggin into my account and I've tried to reset my password but it still wont let me access my account…help!

  22. Hacked ! Sir, this is a serious matter, please need your help, as soon as possible. Today in the morning I was using facebook and suddenly I got the message from facebook telling me the code for one time password change. When I saw the message I immediately tried to change the password of my acount. But when I entered the password it said the password is changed. I tried forgotten password through the phone number but it also didn't work. Then I used my gmail for reseting the password. ThankGod, I changed the password and chose to logg out of all other devices. Now I have changed the password and I am using my acount. But I am afraid the person would again try to hack my acount. I know him he's my friends brother, and he had warned me before hacking my acount, but I didn't believe he could. Sir, I want to know is there a way to disable this one time password change feature on my acout ? Can he again hack my acount the same way he did ? Sir, please tell me how I can completely secure my acount from hackers. It is urgent sir, I am afraid he might hack the acount again, he has severe feelings of enemity. He can sell my private family photos online. Sir please need help.

  23. My phone was stolen and i saw on my messenger that my account was open from unknown device on fb I log it out (I already change my password on fb) but when I used this gadget it says the name of this so is someone that stole my phone going through my messages but the same location as I already log it out it also logs out my messenger. So is that person really looking at my messenger?

  24. The link tells me to use an old password which was my main password before it got changed by the hacker so I used the old password and it tells me that I’ve used my old password and that I need to use my recent one which the hacker has set

  25. My facebook account has been hacked since last week and until now still on the process of facebook team.I cannot do anything to get it back the hacker changed all the settings and my personal information on it.It is very difficult for me to recover it.

  26. I never knew i need this😔
    Edit: I was just hacked about few minutes ago.. its from India and oof I can't open it now😭

  27. like done.. it's my 35numbers like fr utuve content.. so it's amz video☺☺… I'm just missing one concept..that's is 3/5 frnd trust . bt now I do it.💜💜💜

  28. I got two notification say I logged somewhere else On was in Orlando Florida & other was in Chicago, Illinois. It said it couldn’t verify my identity. I had change my password on Facebook 3 times in the past week

  29. Ian, I like you so much, and you're such a very nice guy to me! And my account just got hacked too, maybe because I kept myself logged in on my phone everyday and every night! But I know now to keep myself logged out all day safely, so that nobody can get in! Thank you exactly for your support!

  30. Sire u need to come up with a less complex way I have ADHD+very little AUTISM and I cant keep up with all this please help

    Also I did not make an account for facebook yet but I'm nervous about getting hacked

  31. Someone sent a video to all my friends. It dosnt say i was logged in anywhere else, but I changed the password

  32. My Facebook account has been logged into from someone in Joplin. I don’t live there. No weird things have happened but I’m worried to post anything. What can I do???

  33. my account was just hacked today.
    it was logged in somewhere in the middle east.
    they have changed my email and password to where i can not access anything from facebook and instagram. whats funny is i change my password on my instagram right away but they still manage to change it…
    I have contacted facebook and i have to wait 24hrs to see if i can even gain access again because facebook said i must wait 24hrs until they do some search. this is so annoying and i do not know what to do at this point hopefully i can log back in on my account..

  34. Hacket: Help me I don't have to log in to Facebook and I'm logged into Gmail Outlook and it shows that this Gmail was not accepted when I go under the changed password settings

  35. Thank you for the very informative video.. my messenger has been hacked by an unknown person sending disturbing photos to my friends. I have changed my password weekly to prevent this but still the person can access my messenger.

  36. Is it possible for someone to hack only the messenger and not the associated facebook account?
    My facebook account has not been changed nor any suspicious changes when i reviewed.
    I have eventually resolved to delete my account. While waiting for the 30days for my account to be deleted my messenger has been hacked again by the same hacker. 😭

  37. How else can I stop this menace to keep accessing into my messenger even when i have deactivated my account already?

  38. Hacked. Someone hacked my account and has changed my profile and posting annoying picture's that i don't even know and i will share this on my youtube channel and in my second facebook account thank you. Thank you and ive subscribe to your channel and shared this video.

  39. I am hacked. in the last few weeks my account send a messege but was not me. then last night there is a shared posted but again that wasn't me. How to prevent again that? PLEASE HELP..

  40. Punch your ex out of your way! make it count! Let them know your throwing them under a buss!😁🤣😂😆🤔🤨

  41. Oof my messanger just got hacked and sent my mother the same link that got sent to me right before I got hacked. Can someone help me? I do not know what to do.

  42. hacked the other day via video sent by a friend – supposedly – opened nothing happened then the hacker got in

  43. Thank you for this informative video. My messenger got hacked, created its own list of my contacts and sent out an inappropriate video to each contact.

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