How To Start An Instagram Marketing Agency (and scale it to $100k a month!)
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How To Start An Instagram Marketing Agency (and scale it to $100k a month!)

– How’s it going, guys? Welcome back to the channel. I’m here with Josue once again. And so, in the last video,
we were talking about three ways to make $100
per day on Instagram, but Josue’s making a lot
more than $100 a day, and you’re doing something
totally different than those three methods discussed, so that’s kinda what we’re
gonna get into with this video, is what exactly you are doing to make over $100,000 a
month using Instagram. – Yeah, so, what we
talked in the last video is still, like, I still do it, but not for myself, I do it for clients, and that’s how I’m able to
do more than $100 a day. So, what we have is an
Instagram marketing agency. – Okay.
– And it’s pretty simple. It’s literally to just handle the Instagram marketing for clients. The beauty about this, is that, and I believe that I mentioned it in the first video that we did, is that your clients
are willing to pay you 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000. In my case, my initial pricing is between four and five grand a month. – Wow.
– Right? So, they’re willing to pay that, because the value you’re
giving them is a lot bigger. So, anybody in their
right mind will tell you, if you tell them, hey, if
I get you 10,000 people in the next 90 days who are
interested in your stuff, and that you can market to for free, would you pay me 10
grand for that right now? – Right, a dollar a lead,
at that point, right? Yeah.
– Exactly. They’re like… Yeah, yeah. Exactly, so like, that’s super ballparking the price like crazy, right? – Right. – A dollar a follower is, it’s to most people pretty expensive. But it all comes down to, you can vein the value
that you’re providing. So, with the Instagram marketing agency, whether it’s local business, which are super super simple
to deliver a result for, and close them on deals,
or personal brands, like E commerce stores, it doesn’t matter, an Instagram marketing agency, I believe, is like, the next
thing that you can monetize, and build, and change your life forever. For those of you that do not know, and I didn’t mention
this in previous videos, I come from the Dominican Republic. My English is not perfect, you see me stuttering all the time, Spanish is my first language. And the Dominican Republic,
as much as I love my country, the reality is, it’s a poor country, like, I would go in the shower, water would run out, and I
would have shampoo in my hair. – Wow. – That’s how I lived, light will run out, so like, that’s where I came from, and I lived there, and I
didn’t move the the states, like, I was young. I had 22 years, I was 22, 23
when I moved to the states, I’m 26 now, so it’s only been three, four years in the states, and I didn’t start this
whole social media thing because I wanted to make money, I wanted to become a professional soccer player, which is funny. And now I’m an engineer, I
have a master’s degree as well, but I have all these
things, and I’m doing this. – Right. – So, it just goes to show you that the opportunity is online, and specifically with an
Instagram marketing agency. And it’s because it’s so, so simple. So, I’m just gonna show you here, and you’re probably wondering, okay, like, I get it, I believe in it, you can make 100 G’s, we’re
doing like, over 100,000. September, actually, we did over 400,000 in one single month. – In one month?
– Yeah which is crazy, right? – Oh my gosh, that’s unbelievable. – So, yeah.
– Yeah. – So, you’re like, okay, I understand it, I believe in it, then how do
I actually find the clients, how do I close the clients,
and how do I deliver results? And that’s what we’re
gonna cover right now. – All right, so we’re gonna jump over into his laptop, and we will
see you guys over there. – All right, so, this is the first thing I wanted to show you guys. So, all you internet detectives see that this is actually true. As you can see right
here, we are right now, in October 18th, and we
have done, this month, about $55,000 between
October 1st and October 18th. Last month, as you can see, it was $81,000 in the same time period. As you can see, things start
scaling out very very quickly, but let me just show you, and again, this is just Stripe and PayPal,
as you can see right here. And again, these numbers, you can start scaling up very very quickly. You don’t really need
to take a lot of time to actually scale this thing up. The agency, for me, I actually focus on the agency this year, it
wasn’t even two years ago, or whatever, it was actually this year in February when I actually just focused, and this results our profit, right? September was the highest month ever, $136,000 just from Stripe and PayPal, and then I have three
clients that are paying $15,000 each, and those
are wire transfers, they don’t show up here, that’s $45,000, and then I have big other clients as well, which, in September,
made us over $400,000. Just one sale was 300,000.
– Unbelievable. – Yeah, it’s kinda crazy. But just the Stripe and
PayPal transactions, you can see them right here. $136,000, and again,
this is just to show you proof that it’s actually true. These are not some screenshots, you can see like, the days right here, at September 7th, you can actually see I closed several deals on that day. Actually, September 24th, we
didn’t make a single dollar, but then September 29th, we made 14,000. And you can see all the numbers and all the things right here. This is the highest day, September 7th, was $30,000, and again,
this month has been $55,727, and you can see all the
numbers right there. Again, full transparency for all the internet detectives out there, that don’t think that this
is actually 100% true. Now, let’s actually dive into the value, because you know, numbers
are cool and everything, but you don’t really care about me, you care about yourself, so
let’s just drop some value bomb. Now, the first thing that I wanna show you is a really really cool strategy
that you can actually use, and this applies to any platform, like Quora, Facebook, any platform, and what I’m about to show
you is not platform centric. Like, I’m just showing you on
Facebook, ’cause it’s easier, and I’ve done it a lot on Facebook. So, what we’re gonna
do, actually find where your ideal client is congregated, ’cause one of the questions
that you’re probably having is like, where to find clients, and how do I actually close clients? And how to sell, people are scared of sales and things like that.
– Sure, yeah. – So like, how do you
actually make that happen? So, this is what that’s gonna help. So, what we’re gonna do right now, is find where the client’s congregated, where the audience is at, ’cause like, you don’t need to find the clients, you just wanna go where they are at, and just how you actually
attract them to you, and how do you actually find the clients that are ready to pay,
already have a paying point regarding what the
Instagram marketing agency is gonna solve, right?
– Sure. – So, the first thing, like for example, E commerce is very very simple. You join a bunch of, I would suggest, type E commerce on Facebook,
and you just find E commerce. I’m just gonna go to
this group for example that I’m already part of, and what we’re gonna do, is
type right here, Instagram. Right so, in the search
bar, we type in Instagram, and then we just search for somebody that might need something. – Help with Instagram, or anything, yeah. – Help with Instagram.
– Okay. – So, let’s see. Looking to hire somebody for
Google ads, Facebook ads, to print demand store
on my Instagram agency. Okay, like, this guy
has an Instagram agency. Okay.
– Yup. – This one is perfect, actually, is there a good way to analyze
Instagram influencer pages other than looking at
their posts for engagement? And here’s what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna provide free value to them. – Okay. – You’re like, but wait,
Josue, I wanna get paid. (laughing)
Yes, I know. But here’s the thing, if you wanna build, like, you’re gonna have a mango tree. What would you do? You will plant the seed, you
will take care of the seed, you will put water on it, you will make sure it has sunlight. Does it come overnight? No.
– Right. – But are you gonna build a sustainable strong mango tree that’s
gonna reap your fruits from years, and month to come? Yes.
– Mm-hmm. – So, this is what we’re doing here. We’re building you as the authority to go on this with an
Instagram marketing agency where people see you as the go-to guy in this specific niche. So, I suggest, for example,
if you’re gonna stick to E commerce, stick to E commerce. But in E commerce, you can choose beauty, or fitness.
– Sure. – I would suggest niche down, ’cause that’s where the riches are at. The riches are in the niches.
– Right, right, yeah. – So again, like for
example, in this case, in this case I would provide some value. So, is there a good way to analyze Instagram influence pages other than to look at the posts for engagement? Yes, I would suggest that you actually ask them for screenshots. oh, screenshots, can’t type today. Screenshots of their IG story views. Those are the only few numbers and metrics that are really hard to fake. – So, this is somebody
who’s looking to advertise on other people’s Instagram accounts and just looking to
like, sort through them, which ones are worth–
– Exactly. And this is a perfect example, like, you can run influencer
marketing campaigns for him. You’re like, providing some value, just telling them what you would do, and then he’s gonna like,
oh, thank you so much. And you’re just like, I
can actually do it for you. – Right.
– He’s like, oh, really? Okay, cool.
– Yeah. – So like, this is what
we’re doing right now. Those are actually the numbers
that are really hard to fake, and then I would say, on average, this is like, 100% true, by the way. – Sure. – On average, you should see… Between five to 10% of total followers… Watching stories, and then
five to 10% of those viewers doing, can’t type today,
viewers doing a CTA, like swiping up. Let me know if you have
any other questions. Would be more, and this is the key, more than happy to help, and serve. – Okay.
– Cool. – Makes sense. – I use the help and
serve phrase all the time, ’cause at the end of the day, that’s what you’re doing, right? And then, literally all you do, is you keep doing this. If you take, literally,
like, one hour a day, or like, two hours a day, and you do this, you’ll have amazing results. So, for example, you can
do it on E commerce group, but let’s say for example, you
wanna target dentists, right? You go and you look for
dentist people as well, like I just typed marketing– – So, like a Facebook group
that dentists are a part of. – Exactly, exactly.
– Okay, yes. – And for example, I’m
not part of this one, because obviously, I’m not– – Dentist isn’t your niche, right, yeah. – Exactly, well, see,
dentist is super super simple on Instagram, why? Because anything that’s visual on Instagram will perform well. Teeth are white, everybody
wants white teeth, a beautiful smile.
– Yes. – So, people want that, the
dentists provide that service, you can provide the
service of the marketing for the dentists to acquire the people. – Right, yeah. So, it’s a very simple
process there, yeah. – Exactly, and I have people, like, this works even in Spanish. Like, I have, for example,
a guy in Mexico, right? He provided for dentists
in Spanish, in Mexico, and he blew up, and he’s getting clients. – ‘Cause it’s a niche.
– Exactly. – He’s in a niche, yeah. – So, local business, this is
all local business for dental, like, you will go in here in
this specific Facebook group, you would join it, and
then you would begin to start search right here. Well, I can’t search
it, ’cause it’s private. – Actually it did let you, yeah. – Oh, look at that. I wanted to ask if you’re interested in joining a dental
oriented Instagram group, like, this is the engagement here I see. – So, that’s somebody who wants, he’s obviously trying
to build his Instagram if he has an engagement group. – Exactly, exactly.
– Right. And then like, for example, as a social media
officer, what do you track all comments and DMs on Instagram? This, again, another perfect example to provide to some value, and you, again, you can just go in
here and just provide value, again, for dentist people. But let’s say, for
example, I would suggest, for example, one of my favorite groups is the ClickFunnels group.
– Oh, okay. – It’s just like, golden. Again, if you type in Instagram, you’re probably gonna see my name a lot. But, for example, Instagram,
Instagram value bomb, like, people just provide a ton of value, and what you can do is, just ask, right? – How do you get more Instagram
followers, that’s perfect. – How do you get more Instagram followers, this one, 43 comments, right? Boom, value bomb. And what I do, for example,
if you search my name on the ClickFunnels
group, you’ll see just, massive amounts of value bomb. Like, for example, this post right here, I know it made me over 15 to $20,000. – Really?
– This post, yeah. And it was literally,
just a super long post, and it was just value, right? First off, blah, blah, blah, this will be a super long
post, around 3,000 words. – 3,000 words, that’s like
a massively long blog, even. – But here’s the thing, here’s the thing, if you provide value in
the long content format, you’re gonna sell. Why? Because readers are buyers. And it’s just like a sales page, right? – Right. – Literally, if you read this, pure gold, just absolutely gold. And here’s what I do at the very end. I link first to another post I made on the same Facebook group,
like it to another value bomb, so for example, if we go right here, you will see another
value bomb right here. Let me see. – Slow internet, sorry about that. – Yeah, slow internet.
– Yeah. – And like, another value
bomb right here, boom, right? Again, this one, 610 comments. – Oh my gosh, and this was organic? – Organic. – All organic.
– All organic. – Oh my god. – Here’s the key, at the end
you give a subtle closer, and you don’t wanna say,
comment like, hello, or you don’t wanna be super subjective, like, you want a super
subtle call to action. If you have any questions,
drop a comment below, if you love this one, just drop a gif. Like, I love gifs, and I just wanna see your reaction, right?
– Sure. – Super simple, super subtle. In this case, what I did was this, so my question to you would be, which one would you like to know first, influencer marketing
or growing organically. Comment below what you want, one or two. – Okay, and that gets people commenting. And then you can follow up with them, because all of these are leads. – Exactly.
– Okay. – Here’s the thing, this
was 15 weeks ago, right? 15 weeks ago, 15 weeks ago, this post was made, like, when was it? Over a year ago, yeah, over a year ago. And still to this day, I get
people hit up by this post. – So, it’s almost kinda like throwing out a fishing line, and then just being able to catch leads, and just putting
out multiple fishing lines. and kinda having all
that value added content, that’s genius.
– Exactly. And as you can see
right here, for example, this guy voted yes,
he’s actually interested in influencer marketing,
this one voted two, growing, one, and they’re telling me, hey, I’m interested in
this, this, and this, right? – And then you can tailor your follow up based on their interests, right? – Exactly, exactly.
– Okay. – What I do, for example,
obviously you cannot lead gen from Click
Funnel, so I personally, because in this post wall, this post got, like, over 176 comments, 176
people read the entire thing. Like, if I want to, I will follow up with every single one of these people, and actually close them, but
that’s what it can lead to. – Just more for you,
even probably, to, yeah. – Yeah, exactly, and for
people to actually like, why are you teaching this? It is exactly because of this, I cannot handle, the amount of– – And you had mentioned
in the other video, too, you were saying no to people
and turning them down, so there needs to be more people. Obviously there’s demand
for this, you know? – Yeah, like this is just one group, this is one.
– Right, yeah. – So, for example, I can keep going, I can keep just showing you stuff, right? In groups, Facebook groups,
it’s super super perfect, just because people are
congregated in that space, and just want to stop. Like, Quora, for example,
is another great source that I’m actually capitalizing on, I’m actually not even doing it myself, like, I just have one of my team members just answer questions.
– Yeah. – And Quora is another one, like, I’m just gonna show you
some stats in here, right? I just started doing this. In the last 30 days, I
have 74,000 views on– – Wow.
– Questions from Quora, right? And the beauty about Quora is, you can link, you can lead gen, you can do everything, and again– – So, basically, people
are asking questions. Is this like Yahoo Answers used to be? – Yeah, exactly. – Okay, so, people ask you a question, and then you can literally
just provide value, and answer that question,
but you’re getting this type of engagement from your answers. – Yeah. – And all of that is– – 18 votes, like you don’t need– – That’s crazy.
– You don’t need that many. – And this is all advertising
your services, too, in a subtle way, I mean,
you’re probably saying, like, hey, you know, buy, you know. – Yeah, if you wanna find out more, just let me know, I’m
more than happy to help. – Your answer questions is
serve, as you said, right? So, that’s your little subtle. – Exactly.
– That’s genius. – Exactly, and as you can see, I get thousands and thousands of views, this is on your Quora, you can do the same thing on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a gold mine
if you do the same thing. – Right.
– You can go on LinkedIn, just provide a bunch of amounts of value. And like, here’s the thing with Facebook, again, another Facebook ad. I’m just gonna search
my name in this case, so you can actually see what happens when like, for example,
somebody tags me on stuff. Like, let me just
actually search Instagram. Again, this one is another one. Like, I created, looking for the best social media posting tool for agencies. Again, managing multiple
Instagram accounts on the go, you can just provide mass, looking for Instagram bot, like, I’m a founder, blah, blah, blah. Business through Instagram and Facebook. What software are you using
to boost Instagram followers using the follow follow back strategy. – There you go, yeah. – In this case, I would say, don’t do the follow unfollow, ’cause– – Not a good strategy, yeah, okay. – Exactly, not a good strategy. Instead, I would just do this, right? – Right. – So, like, I would just
provide mass amounts of value, like this, again, another thing that you can do on Facebook
is as you’re providing value on other Facebook groups, you create your own Facebook group, and just start driving people in, right? I have this free Facebook group, it has 3,000 almost
4,000 people right here, and I just provide mass amounts of value. And again, it’s another way
of advertising your services completely for free. I have several Facebook groups, and maybe you’re part of it as well, like this one right here is another one. Like, 7,000 people as well. In Spanish, this works in Spanish as well. I’m part of the biggest one,
and 351,000 members, right? – Wow.
(chuckling) – So again, if I wanted to, again, I will advertise in these groups, they’re mine, obviously, but
whether they’re mine or yours, it’s about providing value. And here’s the key part
that people do not get. Yes, providing the value in
Facebook groups is important, but here’s the most important
part in order to do it, your Facebook profile. Why? Because when you provide value, people will go back to
your Facebook profile and check you out, and see who you are. – Okay.
– and this is what I would do, first, have a cover photo that’s, you can have something
that’s fun, like this, or you can have something
like, more design, maybe tell your story,
what you actually do. Like, we help businesses
with Instagram marketing. – Sure.
– And you have it in text, and you have a picture of yourself, right? Now, your profile picture,
I suggest you have– – Professional.
– Professional. – Okay. – Something that’s, you’re smiling, your eyes are clear,
like, something that’s, that’s not super formal,
you don’t look like. – Yeah, uptight, or
anything like that, yeah. – Exactly. In this case it was literally
just taken in the moment. – Sure, yeah.
– It doesn’t matter what, I just just laughing, right? And here’s the thing, intro. This thing right here is probably like, one of the most important
things on your Facebook profile. I help brands and
businesses reach millions of people on Instagram,
done it 30 times already, and I put a link in there, right? So, people wouldn’t go to my profile, they’re like, huh, who’s Josue Pena? He helps brands and
businesses reach millions of people on Instagram. I sell the result, I don’t tell them, hey, I do Instagram marketing, I have a marketing agency. Nobody cares about your agency. – That’s a very good point,
you’re showing them the results, not saying, like, I run an agency. – Exactly. – Because then you become
a commodity at that point, when you’re just the agency, but when you are results
oriented, yeah, absolutely. – And this is what I do, for example. After you optimize your profile, you have good clean
pictures, like, whatever, you start adding people
that actually engage and commented on the
posts, and all this stuff, and they’re actually
interested in your stuff. You start adding them. Why? Because then you can
advertise to them for free from your Facebook profile. – Right, yeah, that’s true. – Again, value bombs. In this case, for example, we did, this was again, a super valuable post. $71,000 between September
26th and October 6th, and this is all breaking it
down how it actually happened. 52 comments, three
shares, 44 likes, right? – So, that’s a Lot of engagement, yeah. – For Facebook, oh, 100%.
– Yeah. – And again, you can see,
I just drop value bombs and value bombs on my Facebook profile. And now, actually the posts
that I do for the agency, how do I pitch? Well, look, in this one right here, this one, like, help me help you. You’re going to probably
see me never do this again. Stop and read every single word, and again, super click baitey, and what. – Yeah, get people’s attention. – And again, I just tell them, yes, I’m being click baitey, but
it’s because I want you reading. – Right, yeah. – And again, it goes
with your personality, if you want that, right? And again, I just put
like, a little gifs down, just to get people’s attention, like, a little bit more fun, but this post was literally to have them pitching them my Instagram ads service for the agency, right?
– Right. – And I just say, like, comment down below if you want that, right? And people like, look at this. – Oh my gosh, so everybody
who commented a gif, that’s their way of kind of saying– – Exactly.
– Yeah. – I just said comment a gif if you want, for example, blah, blah. Don’t judge me, I love gifs,
I always say that, right? – Yeah. – Another one, like for example, I say like, burn the witch. This one, again, was the same thing. It’s a four to eight week commitment, it’s about 2,500 to
$4,000, yes, it is a cost, I have some level of experience,
blah, blah, blah, right? – Sure.
– I’m teaching them, right? Like, I need your help. And this case, you can
word, play around with words and things like that, people love to help, and people love to feel
like they’re helping, so I need your help, that
catches people’s attention. Another one is, stop
and read, people click. – Right, so you just gotta,
these things you learn with time, probably, or you just look at what Josue’s doing, and, yeah. – Just copy, I’m giving you
the whole entire blueprint. – Yeah.
– Feel free to copy. – Just do what he’s doing,
obviously it’s working. You see the results, so. (chuckling) – Yeah, exactly. So again, you wanna see
this again? (laughing) – Right.
– Internet detectives. But again, just go on Facebook groups, optimize your profile, and
it works really really well. So, literally, if I go right now, this is how I scale to $1
million this year, collected, with free marketing, organically. – Wow.
– This is how I did it, right? And it wasn’t like, I started
diving into other places like LinkedIn, Quora, and
things like that after, but I just used Facebook, that was it. And same thing, for example, on YouTube, which is funny, I actually
went on a Tanner Fox video, and he was talking on his channel, and dropped a major value
bomb on the comment section, the video has like, seven, 10,000 views, and from that comment alone,
I made like, 15 grand. – Really?
– From YouTube. – From a comment?
– From a comment on YouTube. – A YouTube comment.
– A YouTube comment. So, just go, where is
your audience congregated? – That’s unbelievable, yeah. – Yeah, and the thing
with YouTube is like, if you provide mass amounts of value on a YouTube video, right? People start, oh my god,
they literally tell me, this is the most valuable
comment on YouTube, period. – That’s actually, now
that I think about it, that’s how I found you,
was actually a comment on somebody’s video.
– There you go. – Because it was a super valuable comment, and I was like, who’s this Josue Pena guy? I didn’t know the asterisk on the N, but anyways, and then
I reached out to you, and I was like, hey,
what is it that you do? So like, literally anywhere
that people are gathering, you can essentially generate leads. – Yeah, exactly. – But it just comes down to not leading with your service of, hey, I’m an Instagram account
manager, or agency. Add value to people’s lives, and then, you know, they’re
gonna gravitate towards you. – Exactly.
– Yeah. – And here’s, for me and my case, Facebook is a social platform, so obviously you’ve gotta be social. – Sure.
– Obviously posts in here, just like talking about
my life, and whatever. These are like, two
different live streams I did. I was like, T minus 48 hours
for my birthday, right? This is literally just like, personal, like, this is my birthday post. And this is more of a personal one, right? – Sure.
– I just tell my story. But again, 323 likes, 85
comments, and six shares, like, people share this stuff. – Crazy engagement. – And you can see right here, janitor, cleaner, at my page. (laughing) – Oh, so that’s kind of a joke. – Yeah, it’s kind of a joke. – So, it’s a mixture of kind of, your personality, which is kinda funny, little quirky, you like the gifs, so you don’t have to like– – Super uptight, yeah. – make it so professional
and uptight, yeah, you kinda have to be open, and as somebody who’s involved
in something like this, you would need to be a creative type, so you kinda wanna show
that you’re creative and not super uptight, you know? – Exactly, exactly. And let’s say for example,
maybe you’re on LinkedIn, maybe you wanna be a
little more formal there. – Sure.
– Or on Quora, whatever. Like, just use the
platforms that you have. There’s tons of free traffic. If you actually just take, literally, like, for the next week, every single day, you watch the videos that we did here, like, literally, watch the videos, make an outline of what we said, and then go on Facebook groups, and see what questions are in there that you can answer from our free videos, take two hours for the next seven days. – Right.
– That’s 14 hours. Plus the videos that we watched, like, that’s it, and
then just go in there, and just start answering questions. You’ll be surprised by
the amount of people you get hit up back because of that. It’s crazy. But like, let’s say, for example, you don’t wanna do the LinkedIn, which I don’t know, LinkedIn is huge, Facebook is huge, Quora is huge, YouTube, I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but let’s just assume
you don’t wanna be known as the marketing, or whatever, you don’t wanna like, clients come to you, you wanna go to them, you
wanna work a little bit harder. That’s fine, too.
(laughing) I’m gonna show you how you can work a little bit harder, but still smarter. – Sure.
– This is like, you know. And maybe probably have
even faster results, and that’s using Groupon. Again, we wanna find where our audience is congregated, right? And this is a super super cool hack that I love, absolutely love to do. So, what we’re gonna do is
search for local businesses that are in a specific city, and that you can provide
your Instagram services for. Instagram ads are super super profitable for Instagram businesses, like, local, and growing a page, all that stuff, right? Now, what city should we,
Miami, San Diego, New York. – Well, let’s do Albany,
that’s kinda near me. So, Albany.
– Albany, what is it? New York?
– New York. Albany, New York, yeah. – I don’t even know, Albany,
how do you spell that? – A-L-B-A, yeah, there you go. – Is that a big city, or small? – Pretty big, yeah.
– All right, cool. I have no idea. (laughing) – Okay. – Again, I’m from Dominican Republic. – It is the capital of New
York, so it’s pretty big. – Okay.
– Not like New York City, where we are now.
– Yeah, okay, perfect. So, Albany, New York, Groupon threw us a bunch of local business. Personally, I love fitness and beauty, these are my favorite ones
just because they’re so visual. Again, you can do all
sorts, like, dentists, restaurants, it doesn’t
matter, it just works. Personally, I like anything that’s visual, food is visual, dentists are visual, fitness is very visual,
beauty’s very visual, right? Any of that. Now, let’s just pick one. Let’s just assume I’m just
gonna go to a beauty spa. And what I do in this case, for example, is look for the amount
of reviews that it has, because if it has low reviews, it’s probably not ranking in Groupon. – Okay. – And you wanna probably not buy, right? So, what I do, is I look for a Groupon, like for example, this
one has 4,000 reviews, they’re probably not
killing it in Groupon. So, let’s just see, da, da, da, dum. All right, let’s see, who has, oh, look, this one’s perfect. It has only two reviews. Let’s see. – Are you looking for low
review or high review? – Low reviews.
– Low reviews. – Low reviews, okay.
– Low reviews, yeah. I’m not looking for high ones. You can look for high ones, obviously, but more than likely, they
know what they’re doing, and they’re probably crushing it already. – Yeah, okay. – So, you don’t wanna like,
you wanna deal with the person who’s anxious to have results. – Yeah.
– They’re like, man. – Obviously it’s not
quite working for them if they have that few reviews. – Exactly, exactly. So, let’s just assume this
one, Beauty Bar Boutique. You can read the thing, I don’t
particularly read it at all, you can literally just cold call them. – Yeah.
– It just tells you. See open hours. – Stop in and talk to them, yeah. – Or you can just go to what’s
called the company website. Right?
(laughing) And here’s the beauty about this, you’re gonna see, and I
don’t even know what’s gonna, oh, gosh (laughing). I didn’t even know this was gonna pop up, like, this is literally winging it. First off, website not available. – Okay. – Go on Fiverr, like, look,
the first one who does it, send me the request on Instagram. (laughing)
You’re gonna go on Groupon, search exactly this business, then you’re gonna go on Fiverr, and gonna pay 200 bucks for a designer, a website designer, then
you’re gonna pitch these people 500, and you’re gonna make 300
bucks profit doing nothing. Thank you. – [Ryan] Just by selling, yeah. – You’re welcome. – [Ryan] Somebody else a service. That’s crazy that you can be a business, and then you not have a site, you know? – But look, it has company website, but it doesn’t have this up. – [Ryan] And then it brings you nowhere. – Exactly. So, obviously they don’t
have a Facebook page, they’re not advertising on Facebook, they’re not advertising on Instagram, there’s so many stuff you
can up sale these people to, and they’re like, paying Groupon for this, and it’s obviously not working. – It’s not working well for them, yeah. – And the thing with Groupon
that you gotta understand is like, Groupon’s business model is cool, but it doesn’t work for most businesses. The reason why, Groupon keeps the leads, they don’t give it to you. You discount your pricing,
so many of you have a discount pricing mentality that you’re attracting to, that is bad. – [Ryan] Right. – You don’t want clients like that, right? And third, you have to, on top of that, you’ve gotta give a cut to Groupon after you’ve made the revenue. So basically, this $53 that they spend, it was 95 normally, they sell you for 53, from the 53, they’re probably gonna give Groupon like, 10, 20 bucks. So, they’re gonna probably take home only 30, 40, maybe if that, right? Which is not the best thing. Again, you’re getting leads, yes, but, and you’re hoping that
they are repeat customers, but it’s not the cool thing. What happens if you actually
can sell for 95 bucks like they actually want
to, and keep the leads. – [Ryan] Yeah, and make
a lot more money, yeah. – Yeah, keep the leads. – [Ryan] Keep the leads. – And get more repeat customers, and get more higher
quality leads, because– – [Ryan] They don’t have
that discount mentality of– – Exactly. – [Ryan] Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. – Exactly, so again, just,
I just gave you it free. (laughing)
You’re welcome. Okay, now let’s just look at another one. All right, so Scentbird,
oh, Scentbird is actually a very good company,
so I already know them. They’re already killing it on social, I’m just gonna show you. – [Ryan] Yeah, actually
be good to see an example of somebody who’s doing it well. – Yeah. – [Ryan] Actually having
a website pop up, yeah. – I know this, ’cause I saw this from another YouTube channel. Again, we’re winging this, so we’re just popping results as they come. Scentbird is a really cool company, I actually use them, I actually buy their products and services. It’s a really cool kinda
like a subscription model for fragrances and stuff, right? Now, really nice website, as you can see, and probably a really
nice social presence. – [Ryan] Yeah, 120,000 followers, so they know what they’re doin’, yeah. – Exactly, and here’s the thing, I just found this winging
it, but let’s just do this. Let’s just go to another one, let’s just go to this one. Threading Expert, and there
was a couple ones at the top that had like, nine reviews. Okay, let’s just go to this one. All right, so what we’re gonna do is look for these people, 20 bucks, okay. Let’s just assume. And what we’re gonna do is use Scentbird, we can use Scentbird as the case study to show them somebody
that’s doing it right. – [Ryan] Their site doesn’t work either. – Oh, great, okay, anyways. (laughing) – [Ryan] Oh my gosh. – What we can do, for example, is go, for example, to the beauty one, the first one that we went to, right? And say, look, Scentbird is just like you, they suck on Groupon, they
had only five reviews, but they’re doing Instagram. – [Ryan] Right. – Look at their Instagram. – [Ryan] And their Instagram’s beautiful. – Exactly, they’re
obviously getting stuff. From their website’s nice,
that’s what you need. Forget about Groupon, not even, Scentbird has a Groupon just
because they threw it up. – [Ryan] Just to see what happens. – Just to see what happens. – [Ryan] They’re obviously
not investing much into this platform, you know? – They have five ratings,
and I know Scentbird, It’s a big company, and
you can do the same thing, just go to his one, and present
Scentbird as an example. In this case, this is a
horrible website, first of all. Yeah. – [Ryan] And they don’t
even have an Instagram. – Yeah, like, they have
Facebook, and Twitter. – [Ryan] That’s just the
sharing features, isn’t it? That’s just to–
– Oh, great, yeah. It’s the sharing thing. – [Ryan] So, that’s just for you to share the website link to
Facebook personally, but– – Yeah. So like, as you can see right here, this is a really bad website, again, another opportunity
for you to go on Fiverr, pay 200 bucks, and sell it for 500. (laughing)
Right? You just made money right there. But on top of that, just
sell your Instagram services, and that’s recurring income,
that’s the beauty about it. And they would be happy,
like, if you can get them. This thing, let me see, how much is this. – [Ryan] Their services? – Yeah, so 35 bucks, ah
geeze, this website’s so bad, it’s not even funny. (laughing) All right, let’s see services
if they have prices in here. This is so bad, this website. It’s bad.
(laughing) All right, so okay, so for example, hair straightening, $45, right? So, you can see the prices right here. You can build literally an Instagram page, like we show for example with my students, I’m just gonna show you
right now, Beautify.basics, Beautify.basics, right here, right? I actually built this page in like, about a few months, 600,000 followers. – [Ryan] Wow. – A student of mine, you can just share, like look, these people,
this is what they need. – [Ryan] Right, they
need to be doing this. – Exactly, this is what they need. And then you run Instagram ads for them. You build the page, and
you run the Instagram ads, and you combine both, and
you get organic traffic, and paid traffic, and they’re gonna make sales no matter what. So like, you just see the prices, okay, wash and wet, blow and dry, cool, let’s just run Instagram story ads, or Instagram carousel ads, or whatever, in the local business, in
the local area for that. They’re clearly not advertising,
they don’t have a website, this is just sucky, and nine ratings, obviously they’re not doing
anything with Groupon either. There’s not even a word for
that, let’s just say that. Now, let’s say for example, this one. 21, eh, a little bit better. Again, discount mentality, $11 versus 30. – [Ryan] From 30, yeah,
that’s kinda hefty. – Yeah. – [Ryan] I don’t know how
they’re making any money on 11 after they give
them their cut, and yeah. – Yeah. And for example again, it
has the number right there, you can see everything. – [Ryan] No website? – Oh no, there is a website. – [Ryan] Oh, okay, there it is. – I was looking for the same thing. – [Ryan] I know. – I’m like, oh look, another one, Fiverr. So, you can see, we’re at
Threading Experts, and. Oh, geeze. – [Ryan] Oh boy. – This is so bad.
(laughing) Like, I’m telling you. – [Ryan] We went through
a time machine, yeah. – What is this, like, 2005? – [Ryan] Yeah. – Again, this is the perfect
opportunity to jump on this. And again, I’m showing you stuff like, we jump on this not know
what we’re gonna find. – [Ryan] Right, yeah. – I didn’t even know we
were gonna do Albany. I thought we were gonna
do Miami, or something. But we jump on this not
knowing what we’re gonna find, and looking for people
to do only Instagram, and we found people to
actually do the website, Instagram, this is the
beauty about it, right? And for you that are like, I don’t know where to find clients, I don’t wanna do the Facebook strategy, which I don’t know why you wouldn’t. – [Ryan] Right. – But let’s just assume that you want to, Groupon is the perfect place to go to find clients, to get leads, and you literally just show them. You call them, and maybe
you can go to the place, like, say you live in Albany,
and you can go to the place, you check it out, maybe it’s
beautiful, I don’t know. – [Ryan] Right. – And you talk to the owner like, your website does not represent
at all this beautiful place. You wanna keep having the sucky website, that people go to, and
they think it’s 2005? (laughing) You’re insulting their
ego with their own stuff, it’s not even like– – [Ryan] Yeah, it’s not even
yours, it’s their stuff. – Exactly, exactly, so you’re like, oh no, I actually need it. Look, I’m actually gonna
give you a discount, only 500 bucks, and you also obviously need traffic to it, right? You want more people coming in. They’re like, yeah, I need it. Like, cool, so I’m actually gonna give you Instagram marketing as well, and include the whole website
development into the pricing, so maybe like, let’s say you charge 1,000, let’s assume you charge
1,500, or 1,000 bucks for Instagram management per month. You add 500 on top, and then
you call it the bundle, 1,500. And you’re like, actually
for yours, 1,497. – [Ryan] Right. (laughing) – 1,497, today only, blah, blah, blah, and they’re gonna take you up on it, just because they know,
they know the power of this, but the problem is, they
don’t know how to do it. – [Ryan] And they don’t have the time, ’cause they’re running
a business full time. – Exactly. A local business is a lot of time, they’ve gotta be invested in it. They’re taking, obviously they don’t have time for a website. – [Ryan] Right. – And the person they hired sucked, or they hired in 2005. – [Ryan] Obviously. Yeah, it’s been 10 years, 15 years, since the site’s been updated, yeah. – Yeah, so obviously they don’t have time to update this stuff, and
you coming in as the expert, they just see you as, you
don’t need to be an expert, you don’t need to have past results, and let’s Just assume, for example, you’re super unconfident,
they ask you for past results or past something, and you’re like, how about this, I will
do this stuff for free. Not the website, the Instagram ads, I’ll do this stuff for free for two weeks. This allows you to get your feet wet, to start practicing with their budget, with their money, ’cause
they’re gonna pay for the ads, you’re not paying for the ads. – [Ryan] Right, yeah. – They’re gonna pay for the ads, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to literally
just get your feet wet, practice, and get experience
from a real company as they’re doing this. And then like, if we have results, all I want from you is
a video testimonial, written testimonial, and
then we sign it as a client. – [Ryan] Yeah. – And for them, it’s like, okay. It’s zero risk, literally nothing, they’re literally losing nothing, and you do it for free. It’s a no brainer. That’s kinda like, the worst case result, in two weeks, you have
results for them, done deal. That’s it, and you follow the
videos that we talked here, you will have results
for them no matter what. So, this is super super simple stuff. And I just hope you actually implement it. – [Ryan] Yeah, at the end of the day, you can watch videos like this, but I mean, if you’ve watched
this much of this video, I think you’re at least
somewhat curious about it, so maybe check out the free training, or even just, you know, go
in some Facebook groups, try it out, answer some questions. – Yeah, if you say, for example, let’s just assume, worst case scenario, just take two hours of your day, just focus on one
strategy, I would say focus on one strategy first, right? – [Ryan] Mm-hmm. – This is just it, you
take one week for Groupon. Out of the four weeks of the month, you take two weeks for
Facebook, two weeks for Groupon, and you split test it, right? And on those two weeks,
you’re literally gonna take two hours a day, only two. That’s meaning 14 hours on Facebook, 14 hours on Groupon, and that is it. I promise you that by the next 30 days, you will not know what
to do with the amount of leads that you’re gonna get. – [Ryan] Right. – I promise you. I, right now, have on my computer, I think 70 leads that are worth, at the very minimum, each $10,000 a month, every single month, and
I cannot deal with them. – [Ryan] You can’t even
do anything with them, ’cause you haven’t gotten the scale. – Exactly. – [Ryan] Yeah, okay. – And I promise you, this
is why it is so so simple to scale from zero to $100,000 a year with an Instagram marketing agency. And first off, it’s the new thing. With Facebook ads you can do it as well, but the new thing is Facebook
ads, prices are scaling up. So, with the business,
their businesses are gonna pay more for the same results, so Instagram is like, you’re paying less for the same results, which
is beautiful for them. So, that’s the reason why
it’s so, so simple to scale, there’s so many businesses you can serve, and they need your help. That’s the thing, they need it. – [Ryan] I mean, look
at that, they need help. They need help, right, yeah. – Come on now, you know? So, they need the help, and
that’s where you come in. – All right, guys, so I know
that was a lot of information, but we gotta keep these
videos kinda short. But if you guys are looking for more information from Josue,
I know you had mentioned a free course, you also
have a YouTube channel, and your own Instagram page, and I’m gonna link all that down below, but can you just briefly mention
what this free offering is, the free course that you have? – Yeah. So, it’s called Seven
Days To Instagram Success. It literally takes you by the hand, and shows you, if you have no experience, growth, market research, in seven days, in just seven days, how
you can go from a nobody to actually know Instagram,
and actually doing what we said right here, and
actually closing clients. So, if you literally take, by the way, it’s Seven Days To Instagram
Success, I sell it. It’s not a free training. I’m giving it to your audience, just because you’re having me here. – Sure, yeah.
– Thank you so much. It’s an honor. – We appreciate it, I’m sure, yeah. And I’m giving it to you
because of that, right? It’s a starter Instagram course, Seven Days To Instagram Success. I sell it for 97 bucks, but
I’m giving it to you for free. So, just take that,
there’re probably links– – Yeah, links down below and everything, and then make sure you also subscribe, and check out Josue on Instagram, and thank him for taking
the time to fly out, and hang out in New York City, and do this collaboration, so. – And also, there’s training in there. It’s not a short training, I don’t believe in fluffy fluffy stuff. As you can see, I like just
hammering value on you guys. – Yeah. – And for you to understand stuff. So, that one hour, it’s
like one hour, 30 minutes, or something like that, the link is gonna be also down there. It takes you, again, from
growth, market research, and then it shows you how to monetize any Instagram account,
and then at the end, we also show you a little,
little pitch that we use to close any client,
regardless of where you live, ’cause that’s the beauty about it, too, because it’s online– – You can get clients anywhere, and you can live anywhere, right. – Exactly.
– Absolutely. Well, anyways, thanks so much
for coming onto the channel. – No problem. – And I will see you
guys in the next video.

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