How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business For Beginners – $0 to $100k/Month In Just 12 Months!
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How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business For Beginners – $0 to $100k/Month In Just 12 Months!

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I want to talk about how to start a social media marketing business completely from scratch I want to lay out some of the things that I did so you go from zero to over a hundred thousand dollars per month in the last twelve months and Give you guys some steps to start taking so you can start growing your social media marketing Digital marketing internet marketing type of business right so I’ve got a few notes right here, so if I’m looking down I am referring to these notes right here and just really quick if you guys are brand new to the channel my name is Jason Wardrop
And I launch a video Every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so if that interests you if you guys like This video make sure you subscribe to the channel also like this video and leave a comment down below What I actually do is I will pin The top comment my favorite comment of every single video to the very top so you guys won’t be able to get some more exposure And to your youtube channel as well so anyway guys let’s talk about the five simple steps to Starting your social media marketing business your agency whatever you want to call it alright So key number one and guys. This is really important This is something that I struggled with for a long time, then that is going through and picking your niche alright, now it really gets it gets really tempting in the very beginning of if somebody comes to you and say oh you got a Social media marketing agency hey will you work with me? I’m a real estate agent or I’m a fitness entrepreneur or I’m a chiropractor or dentists, then you just want to say yes to everyone Because it’s like obviously new business coming in right now There is not a quicker faster way to fail then just load on way more work than you ever want or even need Then to go through and just like pick any and all niches all right the thing that you want to do Is make sure you niche down and get focused for success right so I was going through like fur And I’ve showed you guys on previous videos kind of my numbers so last summer. I was like it I
Hadn’t even hit fifteen hundred bucks a month right and that was because I was saying yes to everyone I was doing network marketing real estate Chiropractic dental I was doing all these different spaces And then I through and I think it was August or it was August of 2016 I went and nailed down I was like I’m just gonna focus on real stages. I had some success And I’m gonna say no and everyone else okay And it was it was tough because I started that in August middle of August and by October People saw my success that was having all his real estate agents and I had all these big like insurance groups reaching out to me with hundreds of insurance agents and I had to say no right. I told myself. I was gonna say no I was gonna niche down and get focus okay Cuz then I don’t have to reinvent the wheel and reinvent new campaigns for every single business I’m going I find real estate agent campaigns that work And I just stay in thatin that with that niche right where mortgage brokers or dentist or chiropractors or fitness entrepreneurs And I use basically copy and paste those same exact Campaigns and then use them for the next chiropractor or the next dentist or whoever you’re working with alright Step number two okay guys this goes along with picking your niche, but pick your focus okay? Are you are you a website builder like do you go and build out websites for people? Do you do SEO? Do you do YouTube do you Facebook as do you do lead generation to youth female marketing, okay? You can start out start out being very Specific of what you offer and then from there you can expand and offer more things, right? But you want to be very niche with this as well, so like me when I first started It’s a hundred percent in real estate, okay? And then I was teaching real estate agents how to go through and generate leads Using Facebook Ads right not Instagram not you – not any of these other sites But using Facebook Ads right now since then we’ve been able to branch out we offer some more services But that was after like ten months of focusing specifically on Facebook Ads right okay so number one pick your niche number two pick your focus of what you’re really gonna Get good at and really do step number three. Okay, once you picked your niche. You’ve got your brand your positioning all done You’ve got your focus what you want to do is start posting to your Facebook page Maybe your Instagram account maybe LinkedIn to go through and acquire clients And if you guys have no experience whatsoever Then obviously you guys these are some freeways or some more paid ways at which we’ll talk about a little bit later But what you want to do is go through and post to your Facebook or LinkedIn, and if you’re brand new And you don’t have any results whatsoever you can say hey guys I am starting out to go generate leads for real estate agents or chiropractors or fitness entred whatever it is And I’m gonna be using Facebook Ads And if you guys want I will go through and I will set up your campaign No charge whatsoever for the first two weeks? All you have to do is pay for ad spend and then if it’s going well Then we can continue to work together all right, so it’s like a very low risk no pain all that stuff Just be able to go through and get your first clients and then Once you get some of those clients and start seeing some really solid results and this is something I still do today guys, and it works amazingly well I’ll go through and I’ll post those success stories those Testimonials on my Facebook page right and then I’ll like have a little call-to-action like hey if you guys want results like this click here Go to this this link or reach out to me or whatever the call-to-action is and I am still driving tons of business that way because Results speak very loudly right and so instead of meeting on camera to having to say like hey How this how awesome my end is all things? I’m gonna can do for you if I have like a real estate agent or mortgage broker Or whoever it is talking about the success that they’ve had with my system It just goes crazy right so that’s where you want to get to so first how the initial post going through your saying hey You know I can go through and set up your ad campaigns do a hundred percent for free And then you should go through get testimonials you keep posting those, and I have now a library of testimonials They look kind of just filter through. I’ll just go through and post them, and then I’ll just I go the more I post the more people I get reaching out to me to go through and help them build their business right okay? So number four okay. I kind of hit number four and number three, but this is posting successes Okay Once you have somebody if somebody goes through and if they have a success and they shoot a video for you awesome if they go post on Facebook, or if they email you about the success awesome you want to go through and screenshot that and Post it on your Facebook page your Instagram account LinkedIn wherever you’re branding yourself or if you have an email list that you’re starting to The email list she got an email to everyone say hey look This is how awesome like Sally or Joe or whoever it is? There’s some awesome results they’ve been getting lately if you guys want to get results like this hey reach out to me shew reply to this email or Post below and let me know and so I can reach out and we can be set something up, okay So posting those successes it not only builds your credibility your authority and make people believe you But it just brings a ton of people in and especially on that the social platforms You can bring in a lot of business right then number five. We’ve gone through we picked our niche. We picked our focus We’ve gone through We’ve got our few first couple of clients and now once we go through and get our first Maybe 10 to 15 clients you want to be running all these yourself because then you can go through and Learn how to go and interact with clients how to bring them on right how to set up those campaigns You can know the ins and outs of your business once you get about 10 or 12 clients or so you want to start outsourcing you want to start hiring other people to do the client work and start teaching them because Where you want to spend most of your time is sales and mark you want to bring in more business Right so after about I think four months. I hired my first employee Brought them on and they’re now they were starting to go through and do everything and then a couple months later I had another person a couple months later another person and now about to hire another person and They’re doing all of the client work of going through setting up the ads doing the lead generation Set up the emails all that stuff, but all I’m doing is focusing on the marketing and the sales is bringing in more people Okay, so now I can focus on that I don’t have to go focus on sales and marketing and then go totally revert my focus And go and it starts setting someone up, and then go answer support tickets And they go to sales like it just you just were wearing so many hats that you’re it’s a big recipe for disaster Big recipe for failure alright so hire out and scale what I like to do is when you’re about One person can handle about 30 clients, okay, and once you get to about 15 new clients I like to start training and hiring that next person So then I by the time we get to 30 they can fully take on those clients And then we can have somebody else be able to go through And we can hire someone else to handle the next round of clients right so then you know let’s say I’ve got two people that are doing all the work and they can handle 30 clients each well one’s gonna be doing 30 clients and Then once the other one gets to 15 clients We want to hire the third person so they can go through and start managing even more accounts and help out with more things Right so anyway guys Those are the five quick steps of getting started with your social media marketing business your social media marketing agency If you’re looking to go through and start one at 2018. I actually have a course They walks you through step by step of how to get clients a hundred percent for free and I walk through a lot of different Strategies even more than I talked about today, and then I’d walk through the exact lead generation campaigns to set up I have a lot in real estate. I’ve got a lot in mortgage I and how to get those specific clients, so those are some of the easiest clients to go through and get results for It just works amazingly well with Facebook Ads so anyway guys There’s a course right below in the the description here you guys want to check that out. Go jump on it It’s gonna really help you build your business And then I talked about some scaling advanced strategy of like once you get that core base down how to go through and run some ads to be able to grow your own agency your own your social media marketing business alright So anyway guys just quick recap First you make sure you pick your niche stay in that niche say no learn to say no to other people right Step number two choose your focus is it Facebook Ads to Instagram marketing is an email marketing What is your focus right the number three right here post on social media to get your first clients 100% free its organic It’s great and then four posts about those successes once you start getting Successes post those case studies post those testimonials let everyone know So you can start building your credibility your authority your brand and start growing things in a step number five Once you get that process down start outsourcing Hiring people so they can take care of a lot of the work that you can go and focus in on the sales and marketing And bring in more business and go through and grow your business right guys That’s it that is what I’ve done over the last year or so to be a to grow my business from zero to over $100,000 per month using these Exact steps all right so once again guys if you guys want to check out that course I put together step by step how to get your first clients how to run the campaigns for those clients how to scale This down in the description. Also if you guys like this video make sure you guys hit like and leave a comment guys I’d love to read through the comments and hear your guys thoughts where you guys are struggling how it can be helpful Then also you guys our brand of the channel you guys have not subscribed yet make sure you subscribe because I launched a new video Every single day helping you generate more leads make more money and grow your business right so with that said guys Thanks so much for watching today, and we will see you all tomorrow

8 thoughts on “How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business For Beginners – $0 to $100k/Month In Just 12 Months!

  1. Comment below if you’d like my free Facebook Ads Mastery Mini Course And I’ll send you the details! 😎💰

  2. Jason, good tips on growing an Agency! When you hire outsourcers, do you have them come to your place of business or allow them to work from home? If work from home, how do you handle the training and work quality? How many hours a week does your outsourcer(s) work for you?

  3. Jason, your you-tube videos are really incredible !! I find myself looking forward with incredible enthusiasm to viewing the latest one you post.

  4. Hey Jason just subscribed. Love the tips you shared especially how niching down was what let you scale your agency. Would love to get your thoughts on niching down from fb ads specialist for medical practices to only focusing on dental practices.

  5. Thanks Jason, supper informative, thanks a lot for sharing.

    This is gold… Being a business consultant for years, all I can say, people should pay attention to all your points, in business small is big , many small niches are big enough to get you to financial freedom and to your goals in business, we just need stay focused, and grow.

    Very well said Jason, will be following all your new videos.

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