How to STAND OUT on Social Media as a New Entrepreneur | Grow Your Brand with Social Media Marketing
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How to STAND OUT on Social Media as a New Entrepreneur | Grow Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

91 thoughts on “How to STAND OUT on Social Media as a New Entrepreneur | Grow Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

  1. 1.Create amazing content
    2.Opt out your most suitable platform of providing content.
    3.Make your solid presence on social media.
    Awesome as always Neil 😊

  2. Thanks Neil, watch all your videos, got to be honest I dont execute on all of them, Im working on it. All the best, greetings

  3. Hey Neil,

    I am Mufeed VH, a 15-year-old boy from India. I run 2 blogs and none of them are getting fair views. I work for some other blogs and my articles are trending and it gets a lot of views. The blogs that I work for, are getting good views because the blog is having a lot of workers and it's been years grabbing views. The 2 blogs I said are getting 1,000-2,000 views per day but I think it's not enough. I have done some SEO works on them and that made a lot of difference in my growth.

    One of the blogs is all about Blogging Tips and the other is all about Tech and Reviews. As I am young, I am studying and attending school so that I couldn't get much time to work on my blogs and now exams are going on so no posts for many days. As I stopped writing content, I am only getting a 20% of my blog visitors. I am using Blogger (Blogspot) platform for blogging and I know it sucks but never tried WordPress and I will switch to it after my 10th grade.

    As you know, there are tons of tech blogs on the Internet and there is no need for any extra blogs to publish tech updates. As I write technology articles, no one will come to me because they are satisfied with famous tech portals like TechCrunch, GSMArena and so on. So, I think technology is not a good niche for 2018. I am so passionate about reading new technology updates and programming. I am so passionate about blogging and software development. I have done many works like website designing, search engine optimization and so on for my friends (social media friends such as bloggers and such). As I have learned these things, I decided to do freelancing but no one is coming to me as I am only 15 :(.

    The SEO works I have done for my friends have made a lot of growth in their traffic and I really thank you for teaching me such tips. I learned SEO and Blogging from your blog, Thank You. Now to the question, I am passionate about writing tech updates, blogging tips and programming and you know there are many blogs publishing articles on these niches, so which topic is the best among these?

    With the reply, please answer: "Are you an Indian citizen?" 🙂

    Waiting for your reply.

    Mufeed VH

  4. Hey Neil, how much profit would could I roughly make after 50k visitors a month if I'm selling tech products through amazon FBA on my tech blog?

  5. Hey! I know you are very kind man! Love you so much! but I'm still waiting for reply on email. I really need that. if you reply me you will make my day!

    Great Respect,

  6. Neil, you have good content and presentation. Just a suggestion if you can do little sound proofing of your production area it will be of great quality.

  7. Neil, what did you learn from your Youtube channel growth? Best posting time, how to drive traffic, since you wear the same clothes(anything particular with white and black T-shirt), does having a plain background helps, etc. etc.

    And thanks for the great insights, as always!

  8. Hey Neil, thanks so much for this awesome video. I've been following you since a while and love your tips. Can you pls suggest on how to go about social media marketing using these tips for my clients, as every client will has a different niche and is in a different line of business, so how can I do social media marketing for different clients using one social media account (like a master social media account for handling client accounts)? Or do I have to create new social media accounts every time a client signs up with me? Pls suggest, thanks.

  9. Cheers for the video Neil. I have a question, what are your top 5 tips for hitting 100k in organic traffic with no money in a year?

  10. Hello sir i dont have any experience but i know little bit about internet and i want to do something good on internet as well all i want to build carior on the internet so how can i start to build my carior please helps if you read the comment

  11. I know my comment is bad but i dont want to do job i want to do my own work please guide me. I wnat be successful under 4 years

  12. Hi Neil, How do you keep in touch with your subscribers especially if you have nothing to sell? Do you get someone to write those emails? Where do you find copy writers?

  13. Wait.. you've own buzzsumo, and so you've been promoting in every single video you get chance for. Great!! Your the best marketer and the great helpful person aswel. Keep up the good work sir.

  14. Is Pinterest members dead? A few months ago or last year huge followers follow back and engage all time. But now decrease follow back, remove pin like option. Any tricks about Pinterest.

  15. Just a remark: 4hww had its 10th anniversary on july 2017. That means that Tim creates ruckus for over a decade.
    Thank you for the great video!

  16. I just started a blog. I am learning how to do all the social media networking now. I am finding it easier and harder than I thought it would be to integrate social media into a business. I am happy I am learning now before I really look into starting my dream of a brick and mortar bakery.

  17. Hey Neil, I like your videos. I'm planning for a new website on marketing software products. Sorry i couldn't disclose much of website details, But would like to have some tips for how to start with its initial marketing in social media inorder to create an impact.

  18. Hi Neil, looking for your ideas and tips on Facebook marketing specifically but not paid ads. Can you help me, please? And for a new business with no budget, how can I go about it?

  19. i have seen so many articles of yours,they are the content oceans.I am new to blogging how to get that much content.con you suggest any tips to increase my content

  20. My popularity on instagram went up significantly when I started asking questions and engaging my audience. Definitely aways "like" every comment. Break the ice with your ideal customer by replying to their stories and sending DMs to build a personal relationship. Ever since I've started doing that, my confidence went up, I made friends around the world, and most importantly.. my sales went up too. Thanks for sharing Neil!

  21. Everyone keeps asking Neil Patel questions like he's gonna answer them. He's famous, not gonna answer questions for free.

  22. Thank you for the videos,. I would to get videos on how to charge your clients for social media marketing. Thank you.

  23. Hello Neil Sir, I want to ask that can I put the HostGator affiliate links below MY – youtube video's: Thanks.

  24. Great advice Neil. I recently looked into older blog posts and making them bigger (whilst holding back on new posts). As another of your videos mentions. This way I can improve organic search traffic.

  25. thanks for the tips Neil! I am currently on facebook, snap, instagram, and youtube. I love youtube and fb go lives best because video is my favourite medium. Thanks for the advice! I am learning how to grow a following by building community on my various social media platforms.

  26. Hi Neil, i am very happy to discover your channel and your work. As a beginner on instagram, this is really helpful… 16 years ! Wow that's awesome

  27. Hi Neil! Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage the engagement on all different platforms. Can you please suggest some engagement management strategies and tools. There are tools for managing social media platforms but it would be better if you can guide us.

  28. How about Hastags #'s on Twitter for letting certain individual know that, "Hey, I covered you on my article."?
    I mean, does it really help?

  29. Your videos are part of my waking up routine. I always get a reminder from you on what I need to be doing. Thank you for sharing.

  30. All you Indians. Quit trying to get him to speak Hindi. He's a global citizen on a global platform: The Internet and the rest of us from other countries of the world don't speak Hindi. We benefit greatly from following and watching his videos. Stop trying to restrict Patel to just the Hindi audience. You guys are trying to deny us all of these informations. Just be happy that he has Indian roots. That's okay to know. Let's us not continually dwell on that.

  31. Hi Neil, if you post the same photo across multiple FB pages written in different languages is that considered duplicate content? also will you get some SEO juice by only sharing (not engaging) across different social media platforms adding your website link over the course of many years? thank you!

  32. This video was very helpful. I started my channel about three months ago and I hit a walll. The growth of my channel is extremely slow, but after listening to these tips, I will definitely make the necessary steps to increase traffic. Thanks

  33. Você é o cara. Aqui no Brasil ninguém da dica de graça como você.

    Me indica algum advogado gringo…bom de marketing que eu possa me inspirar?

  34. Thanks Neil. You are giving such a valuable information at free of cost. OnlineSteer has great respect for you.🙏👍

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