How To Solve Viral Facebook Intelligence Test (6 + 4 = 210).
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How To Solve Viral Facebook Intelligence Test (6 + 4 = 210).

Hey this is Presh Talwalkar! Can you figure out a pattern in these numbers? This intelligence test has been shared on Facebook more than 3 million times. It’s also gotten popular on Twitter with the tagline that if you understand it, you have the genius IQ of more than 150 points. There are many reasons to question these claims, and perhaps the most startling part about this intelligence test, is that you never have to prove you understand the rule. You can simply pretend you solved it by sharing the post or sharing the tweet. I often get people who watch my puzzle videos and tell me that it was so easy, they figured it out. When I ask them what the answer is, they often tell me a result which is the trap answer. I think in order to have an intelligence test, You should always prove that you understand what is going on in a new situation. So, I want to pose this problem to you, If you understand the rule, you should be able to solve this problem. Give it a try and when you are ready, keep watching the video, I’m going to explain the rule of the intelligence test and then solve this problem. So, when we are looking for patterns in these numbers, we might just start by adding up the numbers and seeing if these numbers show up anywhere. In fact, it turns out that the sum of the two digits will be the last two digits or the last digit in our result. Now we need to figure out where the first number, or the first two numbers of our answer comes from. While we can do the other operation, we can just subtract the numbers and we will quickly see that this is the first number or the first two numbers come from. So, we figured out the intelligence rule. We want to add, combine two numbers, x and y we’ll take the difference of the two numbers and then append it to the sum of the two numbers. So now let’s test our knowledge and see if we can solve a new problem. One way we can interpret this problem is that we want two numbers to combine so that the two numbers have a difference of one, and a sum of 23. We have a system with 2 equations and x and y If we add up these 2 equations, we can eliminate the y variable So we have 2x equals 24, which we then solve that x is equal to 12. y will be 1 less than that, so y equals 11. So we figured out 12 and 11 combine to be 123. But if we were to truly have an intelligence test, we need to look for all solutions. There is another way we can interpret our problem. We could have two numbers combine so they have a difference of 12, and a sum of 3. We can solve these equations similarly, and we will get that x is equal to 7 and a half, and y is equal to negative 4 and a half. So this is another answer to this new problem I’ve suggested. I would say, this is a little bit more of an intelligence test than the original problem. And now I’m going to ask you, share this video if you solved this new problem. Be honest. Thanks for watching this video, please subscribe to my channel, I make videos on math and game theory. You can catch me on my blog, Mind Your Decisions, which you can follow on Facebook, Google+ and Patron. You can catch me on social media at preshtalwalker And if you liked the video, please check out my books – there are links in the video description.

100 thoughts on “How To Solve Viral Facebook Intelligence Test (6 + 4 = 210).

  1. Here's another challenge. The original test had these equations:

    6 + 4 = 210
    9 + 2 = 711
    8 + 5 = 313
    7 + 6 = 113
    9 + 8 = 117
    10 + 6 = 416
    15 + 3 = 1218

    Are there any other ways to get the same result? For example, we can also get:

    10.5 + -10.5 = 210

    Solve for the other cases.

    9 + 2 = 711
    ? + ?? = 711

    8 + 5 = 313
    ? + ?? = 313

    7 + 6 = 113
    ? + ?? = 113

    9 + 8 = 117
    ? + ?? = 117

    10 + 6 = 416
    ? + ?? = 416

    15 + 3 = 1218
    ? + ?? = 1218

  2. if we substrate first numer by second ( 6-4,9-2,8-5,5-2…)and add them with sum of these numbers (6-4=2 +6+4=10)=210 we r answer

  3. One thing is if ? And ?? Doesn't mean single and double digit then This problem was a crap. It means the main thing to understand was not the problem itself, rather it was to understand that ? meant nothing. Conclusion: The guy who wrote this problem was stoned

  4. If you're stumped, these are the answers (possibly):
    6+4=10, so we put 10 in the back. And since 6-4=2 and 2+4=6, 2 gets put in the front.

    9+2=11, so we put 11 in the back. And since 9-2=7 and 7+2=9, 7 gets put in the front.

    8+5=13, so 13 goes to the back. 8-5=3 and 3+5=8, so 3 goes to the front.

    5+2=7, so 7 goes to the back. 5-2=3 and 3+2=5, so 3 goes to the front.

    7+6=13, so 13 goes to the back. 7-6=1 and 1+6=7, so 1 goes to the front.

    9+8=17, so 17 goes to the back. 9-8=1 and 1+8=9, so 1 goes to the front.

    10+6=16, so 16 goes to the back. 10-6=4 and 4+6=10, so 4 goes to the front.

    15+3=18, so 18 goes to the back. 15-3=12 and 12+3=15, so 12 goes to the front.

    Have a nice day!

  5. The answer for the question at 1:07 is 12+11=123 I have commented this to u by pausing at this time so now can u guess my I Q level ????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. The difference between the two fragments of the answer always equals double the second number on the other side of the equation… this is how in knew the 11 and the rest is history…

  7. I understood it really quick I solved for (12+11) – after proving that ?? and ? have nothing to do with the number of digets- but I haven't thought about the other solution

  8. 1:05 i paused to think i found a pattern. I did. the numbers on the right are the sum of for example 7+6 while the numbers on the left are the subtraction= 113 7-6=1 7+6=13 = 113 btw all of this is incorrect because 7+6= 13

  9. I got baited by the number of (?)s in the thumbnail because the only number i can think of were the two answers in the end but i got confused when i thought it asked me for single digit and double digit numbers

  10. So then If you can solve it by just looking at the thumbnail, does that mean you have IQ of 180. oh boy can't wait for MIT to contact me :)))))
    It was a guess from thumbnail but come on if you can do that just from that it's definitely not genius lvl

  11. Not gonna lie i got the first part but i kinda knew there was more, but knowing that i'm lazy i didn't want to think too much, and no i didn't realize at all the second part

  12. I understood the pattern in literally seconds and even got the answer right with both 12+11 and 7.5+-4.5 but I questioned myself a bunch cause the ? + ?? part. Btw i dont think solving this means i have an IQ of 150 or higher lol, its literally something a middle school student could figure out.

  13. yeah. the first digit is the first number minus the second, anf the second/third digits are the first number plus the second

  14. This is not simple question because you have to find two pairs of numbers: 12 & 11 and 7,5 & 4,5 .

    Many answers just find one pair: 12 & 11, because they don't use algebra.

  15. Pattern: first digit(s) are subtraction from the numbers on the left, last digit(s) are addition of the left so i would say answer is 12+11

  16. before watching explanation: first number(s) is/are formed from the difference. Second numbers(s) is/are formed from the sum.

    11 + 12 = 123

  17. And here I thought it will be 5 + 0,857142(857142…), as I only saw this main frame and thought :
    If 6 + 4 = 210, then 1=21 and so 5 (as 5 x 21 is max that can fit in 123) and 18 out of 21, so 6/7th.
    This way I came out with overthinking, as usual…

  18. I don't think the second answer is right, because the former equation should be x+y=100*(x-y)+(x+y), so the only solution is 12+11

  19. i took 0.0000…..00000..000 n seconds. where n : number of your subscribers. this means the less time i took to think of answers , the more u will get the subscribers.

  20. You subtract the two numbers, and join it together with the sum of the two numbers. Example: 6 – 4 = 2, 6 + 4 = 10. Hence forth, 210

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