How to Share Facebook Page Posts to Instagram
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How to Share Facebook Page Posts to Instagram

On this episode, you’ll learn how to share
Facebook page posts to Instagram. I’m Christian Karasiewicz from Social Chefs. Welcome to
Social Snacks, where you’ll learn social media marketing tips to grow your business in under
five minutes. So one of the questions we often get asked is how do I share Facebook page
posts and have them automatically go to Instagram? Well, for starters, there’s not an official
way to do this, but there are some work arounds, which we’re going to go over today. So the
first way is to create two separate social media posts, and this can actually save you
a lot of time. What we like to do is open the Notes app, or Notability, type out the
social media post that we wanna post to our Facebook page, include any hyperlinks, and
then go to Facebook Pages manager, add our update, include any images we wanna include,
then go over to Instagram, paste the same information that we’ve copied from our note,
and include an image. And that’s it. So the second way is to use Hootsuite to share
Facebook pages to Instagram. To do this, simply launch your Hootsuite account, create a new
stream. In our case, we like to call it something such as Facebook page and Instagram, so that
we know what it is. Within this, we add a scheduled stream for Instagram and a scheduled
stream for our Facebook page so that we can see anything we’ve scheduled out. We also
then go and add the home and timeline options for each of these accounts. And then lastly,
all we have to do is type out our message in Hootsuite. Now we can actually vary these
if we want to, but once we do this, we can also then choose to have it post to Facebook
and to Instagram by simply clicking on the account we wanna post to. Now, as I mentioned,
you can vary it if you like, and schedule one for your Facebook page, and schedule a
different update for Instagram. The third way is to go to your camera roll.
Now this one is how to post Facebook page posts, specifically photos, to Instagram.
Very simple. If you have a post on your Facebook page that you want to share on Instagram,
and it has a photo, simply head to that post, press on the photo – in this case we’re going
to tap on it, and then press on, and select Save Photo. Or, you can click the dot, dot,
dot icon and select Save Photo as well. This is gonna save the photo to your camera roll.
Simply head over to Instagram, select the photo from your camera roll, add your update,
and share it. So that’s it. That’s three ways to share Facebook page posts to Instagram. Remember, there’s no official way to do this.
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34 thoughts on “How to Share Facebook Page Posts to Instagram

  1. The title should be "how to copy and past content from facebook to instagram", don't waste our time with a misleading title please

  2. How to share a FB post on Insta is not that same as "how to make two identical post and post them separately" Not helpful

  3. There is a way to link a facebook page with an instagram business account, but I can't remember how. This was soooo not helpful. Completely useless video with obvious answers.

  4. Dude come on how can you post a video like this and truly not accept expect people to tell you that you are like retarded how to post Instagram and Facebook same time it's not explained nor showed at all this video epic fail so for those I want to know how to do it from Instagram it's easy post on Instagram like you usually do in hit the bar on the bottom that says post to Facebook at same time unfortunately you can't tag anybody

  5. Yes we know there isn't "Official" way to share. If there was we wouldn't be looking at this video.

    What I am looking for is an automated way to share all posts from a facebook group/page to instagram. IF anybody has a way to do so I am ready to PAY for you to show me.
    Feel free to contact me.

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    We've also added some additional ways that weren't mentioned at the time.

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