How to set up Gmail delegation
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How to set up Gmail delegation

Whether you’re
someone’s assistant, or you’re just stepping in
for your manager for a week, you might need to
compose and respond to messages on
someone else’s behalf. In this short video, we’ll
use delegate Dave and manager Meredith to show us
how Dave can become a delegate of his
manager’s inbox and send a message to
their coworker, Frank. To set this up, Meredith
must grant Dave direct access to her Gmail account. Once Dave has been
granted access, he can view Meredith’s inbox,
send messages from her address, and respond to messages
for her as well. He will not, however, be
able to chat on her behalf, change her password, or modify
many of her account settings. Let’s see how this works. To grant access to a delegate,
the manager– in our case, Meredith– must first
sign into her inbox. She clicks the gear icon, then
picks Settings from the menu. Under Accounts, in the
section for granting access to your inbox, she clicks the
link to add another account, and enters the email
address of her delegate– in this case, her
assistant, Dave. She then goes to the next
step and clicks the link to send Dave an invitation
to access her mail. Dave’s name and email address
appear as the delegate with Pending next to his name. All right. Let’s have Dave sign
into his mail account. Dave needs to accept
Meredith’s invitation to manage her mail before he
can send messages for her. Once he accepts, Pending
turns to Accepted in Meredith’s settings,
showing that Dave now has access to her inbox. This may take up to 30
minutes to complete, so don’t worry if you
don’t see it right away. Now when Dave
clicks on his photo, he sees his basic
profile information. Below it is Meredith’s
email address, which she has delegated to him. To switch from his own inbox
to Meredith’s, Dave just needs to click her photo. Looking in Meredith’s
inbox, Dave sees that she’s received
a message from Frank. Dave can reply to the
message for Meredith. Then when Frank
receives the message, he can see that the
response is from Meredith, but sent by Dave on her behalf. If you have any questions,
please check out our Learning Center at

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  1. alguien sabe por q en mi movil no me aparese la ruedita de configuracion ?es q sin eso no puedo poner foto de perfio 🙁 plis,alguien sabe???.

  2. How does this work if you are using Google Apps? Wouldn't it make sense that small businesses would need this feature?

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  4. Well seems great only it Doesn't work! After clicking the "Add a mail account", entering the email address and clicking "Next step" it comes up with a window that required me to put the password of the mail account owner (for their original mail account that was added) which is not like shown in this explainer and doesn't make any sense either (if you want to allow some access to my gmail address why should I need their password/why would they even give it to me). Can't understand how Google makes such a complicated procedure for such a basic feature.

  5. I tried to add a friend with an AOL email address as a delegate (a die-hard Apple and AOL fan. Oh well, what can you do?), so he had to create a gmail account.

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