How to Set Up a Shop on Facebook: Shop Tab on Facebook
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How to Set Up a Shop on Facebook: Shop Tab on Facebook

Hello, my friend, it’s Marika. I know that growing your
business can be a full-time job. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Today, I’m gonna walk you through how to set up a Shop section. Remember that having a shop
helps you reach more people and save time by letting
you sell your products and manage your orders right on Facebook. That can leave you with more
time to grow your business. Start by making sure you have a Shop tab. If you don’t see one on your page, that means you might not be
using the right template. No problem, to switch
templates, go to Settings, click on Templates and Tabs
and edit your template. If you’re a retail business,
select the Shopping template and a Shop tab will be
automatically added to your page. Don’t worry, if you’re not
strictly a retail business but you’re say an Italian restaurant that also sells retail
products like cookbooks and pasta and tomato sauce, you can always add a Shop
tab to other templates. Keep in mind that there
are different features depending on your location so not everyone’s process
and page will look the same but your shop will be
designed to work for you. Next, click on Shop then Get Started. Follow the prompts as necessary. Now, set up payments and
agree to the merchant terms. You’re almost there. Don’t forget to add a description of what your shop is selling. Make sure you set up your shipping policy so your customers know when
to expect their purchase. Add at least one product and once it’s reviewed and approved, your shop will appear
to your page’s visitors then they can start buying. That’s what I call being
in business literally. Here’s a pro tip for you. Create a unique page username so that people can find
you and remember you. This username will appear
below your page’s name and in your page’s URL. A username could be @MarikasMittens if I sold cozy little hand warmers. Wouldn’t that be so cute? If you’re an admin, create
a username for your page by clicking Create Page @Username on the left side of your
page, enter a username and if it’s available,
click Create Username. Nice job. Time to go to your page and
make your shop come to life. Keep watching for some
special tips and tricks. (calm music)

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