How to Sell your Services Using Social Media
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How to Sell your Services Using Social Media

Hey Bosses! Today is all about how to sell your services
using social media and doing it totally organically. If you’re a social media strategist, a photographer,
a personal trainer, a dentist – what ever it may be, this is guaranteed to help you
sell your services, and your knowledge, online! If you missed it, I also have a tutorial from
a few weeks back on how to sell products on instagram. Click here to take a watch! Now let’s get into how to sell your services
using video online! This might sound like it’s going to be a lengthy
video, but it’s actually pretty simple. This is a two-step process. That’s it. So don’t overthink it. And be sure to keep in mind this – the number
one rule to selling your services online is generosity! The more you GIVE your knowledge and show
that you are an expert in what you do, the more people will think of you as the authority. Building an authority is how you sell your
services online. This brings me to step #1: Create Your Authority
Online. If you take a look at my business, the way
that it blew up over the last year is because I started making tutorials on YouTube. I started making these tutorials because my
clients kept on having the same questions over and over again, about how to use social
media and how to market themselves and their brands. So instead of answering them individually
every single time, I started making these tutorials. It turns out, that there’s thousands of other
potential customers around the world who have those same questions and are looking for those
same answers. By creating these videos, I’m not being found
all over the world, opening up my business to a whole new audience and a broader range
of customers. Imagine if you started doing that for your
business! You go from one-on-one, to having an audience
to, in my case, 3 million people in a year! Changes everything. So how do you build your authority online? I have two methods that I do this through. The first is through educational content. I’ve talked about this a lot in the past,
particularly on YouTube, because you have to think about the fact that YouTube is a
search engine. People are searching for solutions to their
problems and answers to their questions. The first step is making tutorial based videos. For example, there’s a local dentist, and
they have started making videos to a lot of their clients questions. They are now getting exponential reach on
their videos, which is driving a bunch of traffic to their website and a bunch of new
customers to their business. The other way to do it is to build your authority
through thought leadership. How do you do this? You need to jump on to timely topics! Whenever there is a new development on social
media, I want to hop onto it, share news about it, create a video about it, put it on youtube,
share a tweet about it ect. I want to do this as fast as I can so that
I’m the first to share it and I gain the most eyeballs onto my content. So the two ways you can build your authority
is through thought leadership and through search! Step #2: Provide a call-to-action: There’s
two methods for this step. You can do client acquisition, which can be
if you’re doing a live stream or a YouTube video, you just need to provide a contact
detail. Give people your email address, or your phone
number. Another way you can do this is to set up 15-30
minute private consultations with your audience. Let’s say your a graphic designer, you can
hop on the phone with a potential client who may be viewing your YouTube videos or livestream
and explain what you can do for them or for their brand. You can offer a mini audit of their brand
– this is one way to actually get those viewers to turn into customers. The other way you can share a call-to-action
is getting people on your email list. This is your best customer data base online! Get them off of just viewing your content,
and get them onto your email list. When you do have something to sell, or you
want to pitch your services, you need to have a place to do that. Algorithms changes on social media all of
the time, so you want to make sure you have an email list set up because that is not changing
any time soon. It’s really that simple! If you want to sell your services online,
build your authority through those methods that I mentioned, and give people a way to
contact you to become a customer. Simple as that. If you want to build your authority on YouTube,
make sure you download my ULTIMATE YOUTUBE SEO CHECKLIST – VIEWS WHILE YOU SNOOZE! See you in the next video, Bosses! -S

45 thoughts on “How to Sell your Services Using Social Media

  1. Great video! I totally agree with you. Having knowledge and sharing your information about specific topics WILL make you the "go to" on social media outlets. Great job, Sunny!

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  8. Congratulations for making the difficult way for entering the online business world  into an easy and inspiring way one more time!

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  10. I freakin love you! Your content is so informative. Thank you for all of your tips and tricks. I'm trying to grow/create an email list and have a hard time creating a "Call to Action" I think I have been struggling for over 6 months. I maybe overthinking it, but would love your advice on creating one. My audience includes Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads. (Work, Life, Travel are my topics for my content)

  11. I'm officially as fan! Thank you!!! But I would like to ask you..even when Gary talks about Jab Jab jab…What happens if you give to much of your content, then then your customers are in no need to your service?? I have given tooo much, and have receive no business from it. Please help!

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  19. Great ideas! Blogging is also key to reaching your target audience, making sure you always have fresh, relevant content so your site can be found by those in need of your services. More info here:

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  21. Instagram is such a nice platform for marketing, but it's so full of scam! I just hate it that I have to pay for additional services just to avoid my account being drowned in spam comments. helps a lot, besides it's pretty cheap compared to other services.

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