How to Sell Products On Instagram
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How to Sell Products On Instagram

93 thoughts on “How to Sell Products On Instagram

  1. This is the first time I heard about Spreesy and Penny. Thanks so much for sharing these fun Instagram sales tools @Susan Zimmerman

  2. Great video, We do paypal and like you said we have to keep checking. Since we have two different stores we will try on for each of them. We will keep you posted.

  3. Looking forward to hearing how it works in your store. We sell on Etsy with Etsy Direct, and also use PayPal there. Wondering if Penny has an option for PayPal. Thanks Sue.

  4. Hi Sue. I have watched your videos for the past week – and you do give great advice and I'm trying to take everything in but there are 2 things I'm really confused about.

    1.) On one of your other videos '8 common Instagram mistakes' you say 'I don't want to see what you're selling" so " No Catalogue shots". Should people create a separate account then if they want to sell their products? And should this only be related to clothes? 

    2.) You also say 'Humanize your brand". But you say you don't post any personal shots on one of your accounts so what should I do? Do I need to create 2 or 3 separate accounts? The product I'm trying to sell would suit family's, young mom's, kids etc so I wanted to create an account which would show my personal life as well as the product and my business. 

    Thanks for all your great info so far! 🙂

  5. My favorite tool was pay with penny. I have a Spreesy account but I have not used it. I am an independent distributor for a company so I don't think it will work for that but I do want to set up an boutique selling clothes, shoes etc… Similar to what you showed. I currently pay 20% to sell on other sites so like you said if I can get more business this way and it's easy. I am all for it. Thanks so much. I love your energy and your enthusiasm. You are a fabulous teacher.

  6. I didn't know about those last two. Many sellers are looking for other places to sell their products. I wonder if those companies work with inventory management tools. Great video.

  7. Thanks for this Sue I was Torn between Spreesy and Penny but I will let you know what I think once tried both!

  8. Thanks for this wonderful video. This information is very helpful. I had never heard of Spreesy and Penny. Will have to look into it.

  9. Thanks use for sharing this info. I am 2 weeks new to instagram and YouTube how to go about it and you came up. Very helpful to me. I want to sell on Instagram and will check the two of them out. Is there another way to talk with you directly thanks sherry

  10. Hi Sue! Thanks for this post. Do you think there's a price point limit for selling on Instagram? It seems that this would work better for "impulse buy" price points and would be difficult to sell things that are more expensive i.e. more than $50. I'd love to know your thoughts. Thanks!

  11. As well as tools there's also lots of tactics that can net you sales on Instagram. Do your research and find influential Instagram users, follow them and engage with them. Celebrities and big brands are the obvious choice, but a great idea is to identify influential bloggers. These are people who often have hundreds (thousands, and even millions) of followers who trust their opinions.

    Get one of these guys to feature one of your products and you’re in luck – you could tap into a huge base of potential customers. You could send them products and hope that they like them enough to review them, in which case the will most likely share their pictures on Instagram.

    Another quick tip – try making your Instagram a little more exclusive than your other social media sites. Make some images unavailable on Facebook and Twitter so your customers have to go to Instagram if they want to see your cool new products.

  12. Hey can anyone help me? I am editing pictures for people and I want to start selling them to make a bit of money. How would I use paypal to sell my edits?

  13. Is there a link to a site you can create that lets people interested in a product etc put there emails into that you can receive to be able to send them a proper email on the product and more if they are interested? Thanks!

  14. Hi dear <3
    Is that available for people around the world?
    Can I, for example, sell products although I am living in Morocco?

  15. Tried to access Penny right after watching your video and this is what I got:
    Says connection is not sucure. Help.

  16. I was able to visit Spreesy and found out the payments go through PayPal. Spreesy only charges 3% per total sale, but the PayPal charges their fees as well. So what us the point of Spreesy, when I can sell directly with PayPal using emails from customers.

  17. This video helped a lot! But when i went to go onto Penny… it said that there was viruses and hackers trying to get personal information… I recommend not using Penny, but it is your choice

  18. Wow had no idea….. You have a new follower … About to start working on this !!! Thank You Verry Much !!!!!

  19. Thanks for the video.. Quick question is it best to start a Instagram store, as a business PayPal account or should we create a basic account? I'm just thinking about taxes and payment limitations. Does PayPal freeze most basic account if the online store earns around 1500-3000 a month?

  20. Thanks. I made Sprees you account. In fact, it's extra time consuming but it's not big deal if it brings more sales. I hope it works

  21. i have Instagram for my shop..I got spreesy to sell my products..been on a few months no sales. now the spreesy app will not upload photos to list my ad…I uninstalled spreesy and reinstalled still doesn't work..I can only edit my old ads but can't list any new ones

  22. Hi, thank you for very informative video. I'm a jewelry designer and I have an Instagram account @matana Jewelry. I'd love for you to checkout out Andrea tell me how I can start selling injmstagram. Im not so tech savvy and could use your help. I also have an Etsy shop at I'd love your input in it too. Thanks you and looking forward to be working with you.

  23. Hey Sue! Looking into opening up an tea art shop on instagram. I found this vid very helpful! I know it was from a year ago, so any news on which you liked best? Spreesy or Penny?

  24. Don't want to be a negative nancy, but just a thought: maybe you should double check your sound settings. your footage is super quiet and your intro is SUPER loud. scared the bejeebers out of me…

  25. i want to reproduce vintage tees and sell through instagram but im having trouble promoting or getting people to follow me…do you offer a course ?

  26. Thanks for the videos, Sue! I'll check out the two and compare, as you are! Looking forward to your findings on them.

  27. I'm going to start selling slime with Spreesy and Penny. Thanks for saying PayPal isn't the only option. I see way too many videos showing how to sell stuff online that say "Use PayPal! It's the best!". In the selling game, Spreesy and Penny won.

  28. I call this social media network pimping (akin to parking lot pimping). It's dangerous because instead of the seller having their own site, driving traffic, collecting emails, creating conversions on the site 1st and secondary, the buyer is dependent on the social network. Just last week, Instagram went down for hours in the U.K. If you're a seller, that's a disruption for your business.

    Also, over the past year, paypal has had to change how it does business and end it's green dot card due to social media scammers. Again, these scammers don't have websites. It's hard to track down sellers who take your money, but don't give the product and vice versa for sellers who buy and claim that they never received the product, thus keeping the product and getting their money back.

    I'd suggest that people not be lazy and still get a site. Sell some items, and don't just spam your own feed with items to sell. Mix it up with relevant news and info on your site! That way you won't look like you're pimping your goods out over social media. You'll end up looking like every other consignment or whatever shop that's on Instagram if you do.

  29. BRAND new ti Instgram and my head is spinning! I have a lot of items to sell…so I guess I will check out Spreesy…I sue PP right now for sales…. Thanks for this!

  30. What about Square? I have found it much easier to use with Instagram, I need something low maintenance. You can even do inventory control if you have multiple of an item & payments are automatic when the customer orders.

  31. Hi, good video! Good work! I had a question. I put up a organic health 7 day program on my health and fitness instagram from clickbank. It's been 11 days and no sales. Is it the product or that I don't have a sales funnel? Thank you so much if you can help! Very desperate! I have 1,700 followers also is this too low to start affiliate marketing on instagram? Thank you again!


  33. Instagram has made it so you can no longer comment on posts with an email address. After you post the comment, the email address is not visible.

  34. You have amazingly described how to sell your products on Instagram using tools, especially Spreesy and Penny. Looking forward for more videos!

  35. So mam what you're basically trying to say is that this Spreesy makes our Instagram business work automatically like we're creating a store in shopify. Is'nt it ??

  36. Interesting. You think jsut posting the shop link would be better. Never heard of Penny or Spreesy though. Good info. Esp since IG just starting allowing shpppable links

  37. Im new to drop-shipping and selling online there is so many ways its just got me frustrated. Right now im using to sell on ebay but they mark everything up to high Grrrr. Wish there was somewhere to go and talk to people that know what there doing.

  38. Curious if you have any updated ways to sell on Instagram since this post is two years old. Would love to see a new video! 🙂

  39. Putting an email on post gives it to the world! Even if you have one just for this purpose you'd still get lots of spam? Or am I missing something? Deleting it after would be a necessary step. Thanks great info.

  40. How can I do this beautiful cover picture that she have that it’s changing after couple Seconds to a different photo, on Natalie‘s business page?
    Thank you

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  42. @ Sue B. Zimmerman. Trying to connect my Spressy account to my Instagram isn't so easy anymore. As of this month, it seems that some changes have been made regarding privacy policy and the use of user info. You will receive and error (or at least I did) linking the two sites, that will lead to you having to generate an APi Token from IG after registering your Spressy account with IG. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to do it, but it's definitely time consuming.

  43. Ok, so for anyone having trouble connecting Spressy to Instagram due to the December 2018 changes here is a Youtube Video that will help. I'm connected now, but have hit another minor road block. I will update as I go with this.

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