How to Sell Anything on Facebook and Instagram | 4Ds Consultation with Gary Vaynerchuk
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How to Sell Anything on Facebook and Instagram | 4Ds Consultation with Gary Vaynerchuk

100 thoughts on “How to Sell Anything on Facebook and Instagram | 4Ds Consultation with Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. This guy is disgusting. He thinks he's so cool with all the cussing and ranting. There's a kid in the room. Have some class. You're gross, man. I don't care how much money you made.

  2. Who is the Youngblood in the under armor hat and does he know how much of an advantage it is being in that room?!?!?

  3. I watch every single one of your videos Gary! I have my own YouTube channel on a different username. Learning so much from you constantly.

  4. Wow!!!! Gary is a full grapefruit, and I'm going to sqeeze the fuck out of it….this is literally the highest concentrated content at its fullest potential!!! Take advantage ladies and gents….

  5. I dont understand how these vids only have 400k and 800 comments
    this is like 10000 dollar value in this

    like for real I have been following him just recently but only from flóllwing his free advise I feel like my ROI is going to go against infinity… cause 0 dollar put in and getting 10.000 out is insane

  6. Gary Vaynerchuk- I have what I think is a great idea for a invention, patent. Havent seen any on the market, so is it selfish or a good choice to ask for money through GO FUND ME?

  7. GARY V! Your an Inspiration! I grew my agency to six figures and seen the struggles and ups and downs from the beginning! Now I want to hit 7 figures and build a big brand as well! Thanks for everything you have done. Hope everyone is hustling! 🔥🔥🔥

  8. It looks like my comment went to spam on your channel Vee. I dont see them when i log in other device. Great video bud

  9. Love this!! Especially the taco franchisee coming from that guys group of loyal employees. Low how organic these ideas are 💡

  10. I drive Uber and yesterday I had the Facebook Marketing Editor in my car. I showed her your name and gave her the 411 on your message. She was shocked and excited.
    I am really grateful to have found your content. #gamechanger #ifuckwGaryVee

  11. Guys i want to say this, Gary vee really is a blessing to us all. I recently attended a free marketing internet bootcamp day conference which promised to show us techniques and improve our digital marketing skills. The day consisted of 30% selling our their course, 30% testimonials and 30% mindset shit. I joined because the advert the company used for the event kept popping up on my feed on facebook. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY I WENT TO THAT EVENT!! Now heres gary vee, giving us this for free and it is so much valuable than the one i attended. Im now of the belief that i know a lot more than i give myself credit for and all i need to do is work hard, hustle and execute on my ideas with the advice that gary vee gives us. so from the bottom of my heart thanks gary vee and team gary vee!!! i appreciate you all and hope to meet you soon

  12. Everyone who isn't Gary: "Gary, how do I achieve blah blah…"
    Gary (before they've finished their sentence): "Eat shit for twenty years".
    … Silence… 😀 🙂

  13. First dude wants to sell 100k + artwork on IG and FB. I don’t think the 1% live on social networks. Im probably wrong

  14. Seeing people asking what businesses are present in this meeting. Only one i know of is the guy talking about audio samples and drum sample packs is the owner of "Cymatics".

  15. GaryVee when you said no one should a buy a house till they are forty I’m fixing to buy one at 20 but now rethinking it from your perspective but what do you do where do you live during that period just rent out and throw money away to a renter or what’s the next step during that period

  16. “People get so emotional about it going away, they don’t take advantage of it when it’s there” – summary of this video

  17. Hey, GaryVee Please let it be you that will reply this. I work at a company that sells medical equipment online, I am the digital marketer of the company. I would like to know what do you think that I can do to get a huge huge amount of popularity and more customers to purchase from us.

  18. Gary provides with the best advice out there, he really inspired for me to start my own Amazon business and Youtube Channel

  19. I love the Content, however…..if we could hear the other people in the room it would be very helpful.

  20. Interesting, I am uploading video footage. A story about music, my music. I’m doing it all. Learned #Logic soft-wear, I took a year to study it. Then I went further..learned the guitar, I have a tendency to digress and dart off…but I forced myself. I wrote 15 songs, then again learned how to edit video on a small app. Bought lights, prepped script. I uploaded videos on Your Tube (take a look) I presented, knocked on doors, sung praise. You see I recognised we have one life. I figured huge stars from millions of miles above our heads can’t recognise successful people from unsuccessful ones. So why if I occupied the same footprint wasn’t my song on the end of every ones tongue? I needed to utilise my tongue, air my thoughts, embrace rather than yell for attention. There’s a story here. Maybe someone reading this can make sure it doesn’t go amiss? Or write a review on my tracks, go take a look. We all need praising to success, I got off a treadmill to say I hear you Gary. My story is a testimonial and you know what the music ain’t bad either…about to upload the special results..people don’t write on You Tube …I did. Be the change you want to see! Peace out and google Lanza Martineta @shootfromthehiplanza . Perhaps I can help with some music? Perhaps your a producer? Perhaps you wanna know how best to do stuff I know. I’m here for yah. Attitudes are contagious, mines worth catching!

  21. Thanks for the content. Please provide a GaryVee certified agency program. A franchise or a partner model. We'll pay you to teach us to be ambassadors of your wisdom.

  22. Yes audio could be better so could camera work BUT ITS FREE SO SHUTUP! learn, be grateful and appreciate the insight and thoughtful commentary you can hear. So many valuable tips here its incredible. How much do these sessions cost? and we get to sit in for FREE, Thank$ Gary..

    PS great hearing about a day in the life of Gary and his dad back then.. Any chance you can make some more vids about the your dad and helping him and exactly what happened daily?

  23. but my question is how to sell it better ? I put my Stuff on Ebay, Shpock, Facebook for selling but nothing happens. Any Advise for this ?

  24. Running ads for my music YouTube channel killed the analytics for the two songs that I promoted. I got a lot of cheap views, but no new subscribers and it lowered my audience retention (#1 YouTube metric) from 50% to 12%. I do much better organically and by farming individuals on my original music channel. I do not recommend running YouTube/Google ads for original music.

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  26. I am so grateful for your channel. I’m a portrait and headshot photographer and my work has been published in Los Angeles Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Seventeen, etc. I even made the cover of a (now defunct) magazine with an iconic shot of an LA mansion. All of those accolades paid me little to nothing and did zero for my brand. Landing half a dozen magazines, and a cover, would have made my career in the 80’s. Now they are meaningless facts on a resume I don’t even use. But it did teach me a lot. I’m fascinated by the way things have changed so much. It’s scary, but also exciting, and you are a great compass. I’m 48, hustling like I’m 28.

  27. Today I went to my manager and shared what I have been learning. I also shared my vision on the boat that’s sailing and we’re missing I’m posting content every day now. I firmly believe that in my industry my competitors are not taking advantage of this. My manager said “I’m glad someone is finally paying attention to this.” I would have talked myself out of this by now in the past. Because of you Gary I wasn’t afraid cause honestly I was gonna do it anyway and I really didn’t care what he thought Thanks again !

  28. Gary offers phenomenal advice, which I plan to utilize in order to propel my business forward. #Onward #Success

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  30. What’s your advice towards female club dancers? I want your perspective on this industry. Girls make money but some of us invest in different businesses and sometimes I think that we spend more than we should what would advice me to invest my money in now. This job has been an easy way up the ladder in regards to getting the investment money that I need For my Ravewear shop but I don’t want to get used to it. I think this would be an amazing topic for you to discuss.

  31. Great video, but you need more microphones, 1 for each person in the room, can't hear a lot of the content…!

  32. I try here in Quebec and stop it, I was loosing money and time trying to sell some shit when I could make more on an hour of work

  33. This is awesome, FULL of value. Thanks for sharing!…but don't eat with a mic on, the noise drives me crazy

  34. When Gary says he would have ppl DMing influencers full-time, does anyone know where there's more info on what he means? Is he DMing them to ask them to promote his stuff, to send them samples, to ask them to mention product? Has anyone seen more info or heard him explain this better?

  35. Sound of your chewing is so disgusting,you should not eat or chew any shit while recording such a videos !!! Are you a sick hungry cow ???

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