How To Self Publish Your First Book
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How To Self Publish Your First Book

– So first of all, let me say I had zero interest in being an author. That, at a time when I
was doing copywriting, I was getting clients and I was transitioning
beyond just copywriting I was doing consulting for some people. And because I was 22, 23 years old I just found that
credibility becomes an issue. And I didn’t like to
go to networking events and hand out business
card and meet with people. I just find that that’s very
challenging for my personality. And so, understanding marketing, understanding positioning, when you look at the word authority, what’s the first six letters, it’s author. So I thought, “I need to be an author.” So I wrote my first book
called “Quick-Turn Marketing” which is also, at the
time, my company’s name. I still have that company today. And it’s not a very good title by the way. It’s a very bad title, because when I talk to people at the time like, “What is Quick-Turn Marketing?” like, “What the hell is that?” I thought it’s like
marketing that quickly turn, you’d be like making
profits, it was a dumb idea. But I came with that title and I self-published that first book. So it’s supposed to gold
foil, shiny, luxurious, turns into a matte, dull, brownish shit color. That’s how bad it was. I didn’t know how to do publishing right, but I self-published the book. And I think I ordered, I don’t know, a few hundred copies, I used
that as a business card. I think a book is a
ultimate business card. It’s for you’re a professional, for you are a service provider, instead of giving people a business card. Here’s the thing because when you give people a business
card, they throw it away but people don’t throw away the book. It has staying power. And you have 150, 200 pages to be able to demonstrate expertise
and tell your prospect who you are, what you’re about. That’s why since then
I wrote my first book I remember an incident,
’cause I still don’t know if this works or not, right? So I was meeting with
people and people would say, do you have business card, I would hand them books and stuff. So, one time I was traveling
to, I believe Chicago. On the plane I was talking to
a gentleman, a business owner next to me and we’re just talking. And I say, what do you
do, where you going to, I’m going to a conference, cool. And it’s like, so what do you do? Oh, you know, I’m in marketing. You know, I write copy
and this is what I do and oh, that’s cool and he was asking me about different things and he asked me do you have a business card? And I said, well I don’t
have a business card, but then I reached in my briefcase and I pulled out my book,
but I’ve got a book. And I see his face,
’cause his face was like you got a book, you’re
younger, you got a book? I said, yeah, I got a book. And he was kinda looking at
this he was flipping through. He was not even reading the book, he was just, hm, that’s
cool, well, thank you. Well anyway, we kept talking. By the time we landed the plane he wrote me a check for 84 gig. Now, would that have happened
if I gave him a business card? I don’t think so. So, sometimes the power
of the book is not even if people read it or not. Just by having it, the weight of it carries so much more
power, authority versus, well here’s my flimsy
little business card, right? So, that’s when I learned and that’s from then on why I published more and more and more books over these, almost one per year for number of years. Every single time I finish a book, every single time,
including the first one, I say to myself, I swear to
God, I’ll never do another one. Because it’s too much work. It is a lot of work to
write, to edit, to publish. At first I self published, so you can use nowadays there are lot of print on demand services. And even this is before ebook was popular. Nowadays anyone can publish an
ebook on Amazon very easily. Like, you want, you can buy. And the great thing is people don’t expect an ebook to be that many pages. You can write a 30, 40 page, something, a book, a manuscript about whatever topic, you can publish it on Amazon through Kindle Publishing and
you’re an author, right? And if you want you can go to or some of these other
print on demand sites where you could have a physical book, if you wanna, when you
are meeting with people, you wanna give the book
away, that’s okay too. So you can do it. It’s so much easier today
compared to back then. So, I didn’t have a publisher so I would just do self publish. Nowadays it’s very, very inexpensive because it depends on how many you order. So you can sell me your
manuscript, even on Amazon, you can order depends
on how much quantity. You can just go to a local printing house. I print books paperback
as cheap as like $3.50. So before the first book, everything I did before copywriting, it was all a complete disaster and failure. Every single time I had a business card. So, from then as a copywriter
then I had my first book. Then this business was kicking off so I don’t want to jinx it so from then on I never had a business card. From then on it’s always a book. So that’s the kind of the history there. So I think over the years, the book either I was writing the
book to get more business or I was writing the book for positioning or I was writing the book for exposure. If I’m co-authoring with other people. Or I was writing the book
to generating a profit. Selling it on ClickBang or on
sites, right, on the internet. “F.U. Money” I wrote
it almost back in 2008. For this book you can see the tome of it. It’s much more like, I have made it. Here’s what I think, it works. Here’s what I believe in. Versus those kind of trying to promote something so “F.U. Money” is definitely my signature work. And people get on Amazon and even this ’cause I offer for free
on, right? This book has been
downloaded probably like a million times at this point. A million times, we give it away. And that’s summarized by
a lot of the philosophy up to that point, like my late
twenties by my late twenties. The “Unlock It” book,
so because this book, it’s one of those books where the title, the message, it just works,
it resonates with people and I wrote it in my late twenties. And after this book I
really I had no interest in writing another book
because it’s just so much work. And to do another book I just felt like It’s just, I didn’t have the time. Because I’m focusing on my companies, on my businesses, I didn’t want to do it. And it’s only recently, last year, that because of my social
media, my following online. You know, now we have
millions and millions and millions of people around the world really study our work that and every, almost everybody
knows I have this book. That this is the kind of the go to book. People refer to it again and again because so many downloads
and people know me and things like that. The challenge is I wrote that
book almost 10 years ago. Just like, imagine if you’re watching this or if you’re watching this who you are today
compared to 10 years ago. You’ve grown, you’ve matured, you’re a different person, right. If you’re mom, you’re a different mom. If you’re a dad, you’re
a husband, you’re a wife, you’re different, you’ve grown. So, I almost, as much as I love this. This the “F.U. Money” book
is not a good representation of how I think and who I am today. But because I don’t have this. So all people can refer to is this. So I just think it’s, even
though I don’t really want to do it, I think it’s necessary to do it. That when people ask me all the time “Dan, how can I be more successful?” I felt it’s time to
have an updated version, almost like a Dan Lok 2.0 to be able to say okay, now read this. This is okay, you can see the kind of almost like the evolution of like myself. But you will see this is
what I believe in today. This, these are the philosophies, the principles I think you should follow. Which is, if you look at “Unlock It” book, really the subtitle is the master key to wealth, success, and significance. This book is all about
success, “F.U. Money” this book is much more about significance. And also how to take success. But it’s just I want people to know that this is kind of the Dan Lok 2.0. Something that they can refer to and that’s why I wrote the book. I think to avoid is in the beginning when if you are not well known. Like, you are just getting started, you don’t have a lot of credibility then self-publishing is
nothing wrong with that. Then later on when you
are a little bit better, you have kind of a base,
then you can consider finding a publisher. Like, this book is published
by a publisher, “F.U. Money.” “Unlock It” is published
by Forbes, Forbes Books. So, like I didn’t get to
Forbes Books overnight. It was self-published back in
when I was my early twenties until to this point, so. I would say the mistake to avoid is don’t feel discouraged
that oh, I’m not publishing with like some major like Wiley
or like a major publishers. It’s okay, it doesn’t matter as much. It’s more getting your
ideas, your expertise, your message on a book and
share it with people first. Share it with the right people. I have students who are entrepreneurs that they’re books, you
don’t find it anywhere. It’s on Amazon, doesn’t sell a lot of copy but they use it as a business card. And it generates a lot
of business for them. It’s a very niche kind of book. But it works perfectly fine. So it doesn’t, it’s not
about how many books. Unless you’re writing like, “Harry Potter” like fiction or certain types of books that you will sell a lot of copies. So don’t expect to make
money from the book. Like, this book makes me zero money. It actually costs me a lot of money. Don’t do it for that. Do it for the for other reasons. Maybe for me it’s this book is for legacy. If you’re doing it for marketing
and promotion, that’s okay. Knowing that the book
is not a profit center, it’s what’s after the book. Maybe you get you sell your products. Maybe you have consulting opportunities. Maybe you have speaking opportunities. Maybe it’s use it to get
through the gatekeeper, right? Imagine if I am running
a, a recruitment company. To recruit talent and
so me co-emailing CEO and say hey man I can find
you the talent you want. Instead if I wrote a
book, if hypothetically I wrote a book on how to find top talents for your company and I send
this FedEx to the top CEOs across the country which
one’s gonna get more response? It’s very simple. Now I go into certain CEO conference and say hey, I wrote this book
on how to find top talents for a company blah blah blah and boom. Then you’ve, it’s a
totally different strategy. So I think for beginners, don’t expect to make money from the book. It’s gonna cost you money. But done properly, it’s gonna
open a lot of doors for you and it’s, still doesn’t matter
how much digital marketing we do, it’s still one of
the most powerful thing you could do in terms
of marketing, I think. That’s why Richard Branson writes books. Bill Gates wrote multiple books. Yeah, a lot of successful people, they don’t need to write the book. But they write it for a certain reason. Legacy, exposure, PR,
storytelling, whatever it is that you know, you might be going after. Yeah you get on unlock
it, You can get it on Amazon. Also this book will be available across North America in major airport. Also you will also be
able to get that as well. So this is kind of the my first book. Probably my last book but I
said that when I wrote this. Who knows when I’m 60
maybe I’ll do another book. But this is the book
where it’s now mainstream. That you can get it from bookstores, you can get it from Amazon,
get it like in airport. Everywhere, so this is
kind of my, I would say, my proudest work to this day for sure.

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