How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile in 2 minutes
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How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile in 2 minutes

hi Guys, This is Harish Bali from Most of us have our Facebook profile to connect to our friends and family but do we really
know who has seen our Facebook profile. Watch this video to know more. How to see who views your Facebook profile works only on Google chrome. I am on my Facebook
home page. Keep your cursor any where on the grey portion and click right. Out of all these
options that you see you need to go and click on view page source A new window will open like this. This is my Facebook page and this is the new window. It has thousands of complex
codes, so please don’t worry about the complexity of these codes. All that you need to do is
do a Ctrl + F from your key board and type InitialChatFriendsList. Oh yes i can spot
it here. So it has got bunch of codes immediately after this. Each code is a Facebook code that
represents your Facebook friend. So if you have 500 friends in Facebook so there will
be some 500 codes out over here. Now the codes that you see at the top are of the people
who have close affinity with you. These are the people who have seen your Facebook profile
the most and the codes that you see at the bottom are of the people who have seen your
Facebook profile the least. So bottom you can see all these Facebook codes. This person
surely has seen my Facebook profile the least versus the ones that we saw at the top. So what
am i going to do is copy one single code without the last digit that appears so i am not copying
the 2 here. So what you need to copy is only this part of the code and copy. Go back to
Facebook and paste it. The moment you click enter, you will see the Facebook profile of the person who has seen your Facebook page the most. I hope you have enjoyed learning
about recent visitors to your Facebook profile. I would like to hear from you through a comment
why this has exactly interested you. Also don’t forget to like and subscribe to the
channel. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile in 2 minutes

  1. Dude the initial chat list displays the initial order of friends which are displayed on the right hand side chart bar when the page is loaded…. no the profile visitors list..

  2. i have tried every mean to send a mesg to a non friend in fb without letting the mesg go into the '' other '' folder….but nothing works

  3. The list is not limited to your friend list, and it certainly is not your "most recent visits". What it does represent has to do with some inter-action in one way or another. But it is not your profile visitations.

    Idiots will argue on this, just test it for crying out loud.

    Make two new profiles. Visit the one with the other. And see if it is listed, as described in this video.

    Send a message from one to the other, and see if its listed.

    Test, and find out for yourself.

    I can say with certainty.

    1) It is not your friend list only
    2) It is not your chat list
    3) It is not your most recent chats
    4) It is not the people you interacted the most with

    And the initial flaw in this is that you want to retrieve the the profile visitation data from the FB news feed page.

  4. This script does not tell you that Who has see your's facebook profile most ……… This script only tell us that Who chat most Or who has more affinity with you .. Thats it ……………. Fake video ………. Waste of time to see that video ..

  5. u r wrong….. 1st learn how to check people who viewed your recent profile…. just waste of time….

  6. Thumbs down. This information is very wrong. These steps only allow you to see the profile of people you have chatted with and interacted with. It doesn't allow you to see everyone that has visited your profile.

  7. WRONG…..this is the people you have chatted, it's not people who have visited your profile, and it says: InitialChatFriendList.

  8. Hareesh Bhai me from Pakistan and i am big fan of you and your page, what a wounder full and 100% LEGIT information conveyed to your page followers by your side, really impressive work bro, Allah Almighty bless you & your family with health, wealth & prosperity…!!


  9. Hì could you help me with something my Facebook says I have 21 friends I can only see 20. I think someone's hiding on my friends list how can I see the person that s hiding can u get back to me and please help me if you know how I can delete the person that's hiding thank you.

  10. sir please tell me how to haid my Facebook profile and all images. not one by one i check out but only one one .i need all images haid. pl……… pl……… replay

  11. To those who thinks its just those in your message chat. I did this, it comes up with people iv never heard of or spoken to, so go figure and tell me ; )

  12. What shows that part of the code is the chat order. Not the last visit or the one who has visited you the most.

  13. Posts from unknown person that is who is not in my friend list use to come that y i like to have this search. Its really useful.
    Thank you sir.

  14. Thank you very much Sir! But, the information you are giving in video is not working. So, will you please discard this video immediately?

  15. These hacks work for short time before Facebook patches. Never post these hacks on a public forum. Private profile you will have check their hompage daily look for owner only any changes, that means a recently login. If hide their friend list, look for and comments on post, make it so it drops down and then print sceen it. then paste into word or photo edit software. Look for friends especially Boyfriend/Girlfriend profiles to see if they are public, if they are then search for any post they made.

  16. when does initiated chat with your friends is the same as who spied your profile? Stop lying people dude

  17. 100% NOT TRUE. This is BS. Don't listen to this guy. I tested out the code and the person who saw my profile most and most recently was on the bottom. LOL> Also he types in "InitialChatFriendsList" that is just your chat friends!!! SO DUMB!

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