How to see who viewed your facebook profile the most?

Welcome everybody, my name is Dzsorni Weak
and today I am going to show you how to check who is watching your Facebook profile the
most. At first, sorry for my English, I know I am
not an expert, but I will try to do my best. So what you would like to do is, open an internet
browser. Unfortunately, you cannot do this hack with
Opera, because of some technical issues. That is why I recommend you to use Internet
Explorer or Google Chrome. When you open it, you should go to your Facebook
profile and when you are there you should looking for this grey section at the left
side. Just take a right click, ups sorry, it is
Hungarian but it is not a problem. You should looking for a word source, view
source page or something like that. I am sure you will find it. Once you click on it, you will get a window
with thousands of words and numbers. But your friends between are these numbers
and letters. How can you find them? You should looking for the word Initialchatfriendslist. Don’t worry, you don’t have to type it, you
can find this word in the description under the video. Once you copy it, you want to appear a searching
box. It is really easy to do, just push CTRL +
F. There you go, here is the window and after
you paste the world and click on next, you will find the world in no seconds. And you will see that after the word, there
are hundreds of numbers. And actually these numbers are the identificational
numbers of your friends. Furthermore, these numbers are in order. What does it mean, that the girl or boy, I
hope girl, behind this number is visiting my or your facebook profile the most. And the man or woman behind this number is
looking after me the less. So, let’s check it out for example who is
behind this number. How you can do it? Just right click and copy it, go back to your
facebook profile, go to the URL section, and replace the number instead of your name after Right click and paste. Alright, then hit an enter. There you go! It is really easy, don’t you think? So, that is it guys, I hope you enyojed the
video and if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask it. And don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy my videos. So that’s it, I wish you a nice day, bye-bye!

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