How to schedule tweets

Hi, my name is Nic and this is a tutorial for scheduling tweets. Scheduling tweets allows you to spread news or information at a giving time. An example is the scheduling of tweets during a presentation, so you can send out parts of your presentation for others to follow along without being there. So, what do you need for scheduling your tweets? 1. A Twitter Account. 2. A Twitter-Client that allows you schedule tweet such as TweetDeck, which is freely available for Mac and Windows. The first thing you do, after you created an account and installed a twitter client of choice, is to open the twitter client and log in with your twitter account. Next you click on this little fountain pen and start writing your tweet. You can also insert links, hashtags, and mentions, or add photos as usual. Afterwards click on “Schedule Tweet” and specify date and time. Now click on “Tweet” and your tweet will be send out at the exact time specified. I hope this tutorial was useful to you and I thank you for watching.

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