How to Schedule Tweets in Hootsuite – Season 1, Episode 14
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How to Schedule Tweets in Hootsuite – Season 1, Episode 14

While it’s good to be active on Twitter
and engaged in the conversation in real-time, it’s also wise to schedule key tweets in
advance as part of your content strategy. I recommend that you set up an account with
Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck to get started. Today’s demonstration will be in Hootsuite. Now the NAD has a paid account, but the basic
version is free and allows you to manage up to three social media profiles, which is plenty
for most ministries. In Hootsuite, go to ‘publisher.’ Here you can view what is currently scheduled,
and schedule new tweets. At the top of the screen, compose a message,
upload an image, set the target, add location, and shorten any links. On the left, choose which profile the tweet
should come from. Once you are happy with your message, click
on the calendar icon, and choose the date and time. Then click schedule. Generally, tweets perform the best between
1 and 6 pm on weekdays. Another option is to choose the date and select
autoschedule. I highly recommend this option because Hootsuite
will then determine the best time to send your message for optimal impact. Click on the gear icon next to the on/off
button to select parameters for your autoscheduled Tweet. Select ‘Autoschedule’ and you’re set. Ask your questions below or tweet with #DigitalEvangelism.

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