29 thoughts on “How To Schedule Instagram Stories With Planoly 2018 (PLAN AHEAD SO YOU CAN TAKE A BREAK)

  1. I really like your set by step instructions on how to use Planoly. I’m a visual learner and this is great for me. Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Great video!! I love specific, effective, fun – loving videos!!🙏🏽❤️ I love the polls!!! Planoly is AMAZING!!!

  3. What great information, Sue! I'm looking forward to using Planoly! Will make me a more consistent poster. I am a bit confused about when you hit "post now" for a post or IG story…(2:25 in your video) if you're scheduling for later on planoly. Is that how you get it to post later at the scheduled time? Hopefully I'm making myself clear. Thank you and have a great vacation!

  4. i use buffer for planned posts! Free for 3 accounts!!!! My favorite instagram sticker , hmmm is probably the poll, i tried questions, but dont have as much response!

  5. Great video! And thank you Sue for all of your great information!

    I am thinking of getting started with Planoly, but I am a bit confused. In this video you are talking about planning posts and then having them post per the schedule and yet when I go to the Planoly website, they refer to Push notifications. So my question is, does one still have to do the actual post when the Push is received at the actual post time? Many thanks!

  6. This is the #1 reason I have a difficult time being consistent using Stories… even though I know it's super important. Great tips!

  7. Great video! But we still have to approve the stories content and copy and paste the text right? That's still not automatic yet? I'm waiting for that! 🙂

  8. Hi Sue,
    nice video – I just discovered a new better solution, I wonder do you know: https://storrito.com/ it lets you create, edit and schedule your posts via your desktop pc. So no more hustle to do this via your phone. Test it out, really awesome tool.

  9. Couple questions. Say I have 5 slides to my story and I want to post them in the correct order at the same time. How do I do this? I don't see an option to post multiple at the same time. Or do I schedule post one for 7:00 and the next for 7:01 am and so on?

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  11. I love this so much and you're doing so good keep this stuff is awesome 👏🙌💪 (this is exactly ehat i love ) i hope meet you some day and see you in reality 🤗

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