How to run a Zero Budget campaign on Social Media
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How to run a Zero Budget campaign on Social Media

Really want to welcome everyone in today’s
webinar on “how to run a Zero Budget campaign on Social Media”. Those of you who don’t know
me My name is Kapil Nakra and I am one of the co-founders of Digital Vidya, today we
have with us Prateek Shah, Prateek he is runs a Social Media consulting,consulting cum agency
by the name of Green Spidans and he is also a lead trainer with Digital Vidya just a word
of caution for everyone who haven’t heard Prateek before, his sessions are hugely filled
with fun and learning so in case you want to do something in parallel you will not be
able to manage it and so make sure that you are making yourself fully available for next
one hour, so the topic of today’s session is it’s very interesting how to run a zero
budget campaign on Social Media before I handed over to Prateek let me share my views about
it you know on social media there is no relationship with between what you are investing in it
and the returns that you get out of it, it all depends on how creative your campaign
is and there have been lot of tweet through out the week on this topic lot of you were
asking is it really zero budget or is it zero media budget what does it really means so
I leave it to Prateek for answer all those questions, so logistically how we have set
this session is we have an half an hour of presentation and during this session if you
have any question just write it down in question panel and we will take up the question once
the presentation is over and you can also tweet your question with the #ask_dv and so
we try to ensure that all the questions will covering up in this one hour session so that’s
it for my side, Prateek over to you, you can start the session now, sure thanks Kapil,
hi everyone thanks a lot of foe being here starting it’s begin right away, so zero budget
campaign on social media it’s been interested one side lot of question I also saw on twitter
how can we campaign actually run on social media so let’s find out from let’s see engaging
with other people hardly managing for that and let’s see how they use some basic ways
and some curative ways to go about it. so this is on the social media space looks to
me is like Jungle looking for campaign everybody sees that and then you have budget campaigns,
campaigns with 100 likes here and tool different where and just wondering out it more visible
really seen by more and more people so before we carry on I think it’s quite fare for me
to understand what kind of problems are you facing for your business campaign or campaign
in general and the strategy to question related to budget or not so you can just typing some
of the problem with you facing it is for me is also to relate those problem with write
to me, so yeah so the problems are can’t gets likes and no engagement, so as Kapil get the
point is can’t get likes and there is no engagement so let’s look at what kind of problems you
will face when running a global campaign, what is the kind of thing that you can save,
likes are not increasing the biggest problem, now have you did the likes are our own friends,
relatives and we must to like my page but this not doing app, there is no branding,
don’t know how to make my branding more visible sale are not happening I think that is the
most important function for most organization eventually the they wondered social media
marketing approach to results in sales visibility is not good it will not be able to reach out
to too many people and then hiring as we all understand by now and it’s a very important
function at social media not just being done for out ways as well so these are some of
the problem that people usually face let’s look it how some companies when individuals
are been able to addressing, so before we move on you know there are three important
C of social media the fourth very important one is cash but we are talking about no budget
a zero budget campaigns so let’s take the cash out and let’s look at the ideal three
3C which we really need to making use of paranoma campaigns most importantly Ideal creativity
and not creativity in terms of fancy pictures and fancy content but generally just need
to be very creative whatever you doing for social media and then nurturing and again
content not just in terms of what you write or the way you write or how good your copy
writing but then in terms of the kind of pictures you share videos you post or other PPT’s will
be and the third most important C which I think we most often forget to all campaigns
social media and other is common sense, I think most campaigns missing that part of
common sense seems to be lacking a little bit so moving on how are other companies is
use this three areas and y need the campaigns let’s have a look. Social Media usually keep
talking about Facebook Facebook Facebook I think most important when we talk about campaigns
there probably mentally also think that Facebook campaigns so the bit of twitter and LinkedIn
don’t throwing that but ideally if you ask I think Facebook is one part of what point
doesn’t social media but more importantly there are so many other portals and so many
other places that you can present ourselves and you can show there what you do so we also
we focusing on these portals and how companies are using them. So first of all most importantly
for ensure that you present everywhere intartless of that you are wanna be talking too many
things there or whether you gonna be asking for people stuff there whatever just is be
everywhere this is a example of health care consultancy called just for hearts talking
about this organization it started it’s social media efforts through three four years ago
and what it has done over the years is that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, there is You
tube, Slideshare and anything else more important they manage to york the keyword everywhere
just for hearts so they have blog, for Facebook they have
and so and so for what is enable tend to do is you do just for hearts online they tried
parallel if you won’t do more or less all the results comes on first page belong to
them but doing this not just are they managing to do better SEO for brands but also they
are managing to ensure that whenever somebody searches for just for hearts they control
all the conversation on the first page which is quite important we are talking about zero
budget campaign and campaign with no money so how does one go about it,so when you don’t
have the money you got to use the other resources you have let’s now look at one search company
and even ideal company for your free camps what it did over the years they acclimated
lot of email data base and and collecting email id from different places and eventually
when they started of their social media campaign they simply ask everybody on their email data
base to join them and get social networks be at LinkedIn, be at Facebook, be at other
places and as a result what happened is that the people who have been in touch once upon
a time happened to get touch again and eventually as you can see on the screen when it started
coming in for projects and then also other conversation started happening so that’s how
what help them in the business way. Now LinkedIn, LinkedIn is usually there are on LinkedIn,
everybody has a lot of contacts some of us even more than i don’t know, some people have
have close to 5000 contacts and so but I think we don’t need to use LinkedIn as we are suppose
to we address use as just to show case our achievement or probably talk about change
in job or change in career path or some other related things but all these people that you
have on your LinkedIn profile now can you use it in some other way or all these groups
that you have joined can you use it in some other way so groups and let’s talk about a
real estate company are using groups now you know usually are told that you know go ahead
make a group for yourself invite everyone to join in and then concession will happened
engage and will happened try but let see don’t have post on the network let say don’t really
be communicative so what I am saying is that why just make out the groups, why don’t use
the groups that already exists so for example this is a real Estate company which is talking
about one of their recent property that are available for sale on LinkedIn on a randomly
real estate group now single misses like this a 5 to 6 replies on one case it self on one
group itself and get out multiple other replies on different tools what happens with the process
is that it’s not necessary that I have to first attract everybody to enjoy my group,
I can see the other part of the other groups and then post my queries and requirements
there and similarly when we talk about hiring quite importantly let say Ugand a ford a recruitment
consultant so what do you do just get out ample number of career job related groups
there in LinkedIn you just need to join them post your queries and for example you can
able to this one which specially for as a result of your posting through LinkedIn people
then reach out o you and that really be also benefit more what kind of a background do
they have and data base check who for all now Twitter, twitter again I think people
just ignore it, people are there on Facebook but don’t know what to do on twitter and even
there lead they don’t even know how much to create, so e commerce as we all know E commerce
has high breeds big of troubles in general,anything any knows the E commerce industry well so
let’s talk about some companies which are doing rather well in the online space company
they using E commerce without a game much for a budget one company called sheepstop,
if you heard of thread less which crowd sources design and sells them online on its poll tool,
SheepStop is again Pune base company which out sources design all over India and some
good organic t-shirts so just look at this tweet I mean it just began from Anish right
at the bottom he says we can call India super power only I can order online thread less
3C’s online and we showed they will be delivered so now what sheepstop interestingly does is
it probably has one of the platforms like tweet decor or something else installed they
keep searching for when people in India are looking for from fearless how well people
are looking for good online and when it happens they end up replying Anish telling him that
why don’t you ordered from my side and we also delivered them so that he thought goes
on to tweeted to all his followers that this is the only smart way of marketing cheap you
compliments them ans then actually one result is one customer required second lot of good
word spreading out their and thirdly one that we can count for like again sheepstop they
have been doing interesting engagement conversation online on twitter so these are some of the
tweets which are about sheepstop or reply to sheepstop and there then favoriting them
you can bookmarking tweets and other want to see about you you can speak them linked
and people are saying and you just quickly look out the kind of tweets that are there,
Sheepstop does some awesome social media encouraged, there sheetstop receive non courier today
through message and so on and so for just as look at kind of good word they are splitting
despite being on one brand or despite being a big brand. another interesting that they
have actually doing something called twitbid so what they do is that they ask people to
come together for contest where they allow them to bid for a t-shirt starting at rupees
1 so then it this process gone for a day and eventually let’s be the t-shirt sold for 200-250
bugs which originally would be the price at 500 rupees, now what happened is that as the
result of this they making sure that twitter virality because if I tweet my friend will
get to know and they tweet their friend will get to know so it just to make you to have
some fun and let them get become a part of the process and let them know from there.
so again as on sheepstop is doing pretty well just example to show the same one of the coverages
found video and publication, 24hourloot, this is another t-shirt company sufficient as based
out the company, I wanted to ask while they have revolus of that they sell on the website
every day they offer one new t-shirt at a loot price and what they say is that just
come follow us and re-tweet this tweet and one of you end up getting this t-shirt as
a price so if you can see some other tweets last two hours for graphic t-shirt at loot
price RT so RT is re-tweet as all of you would know so just very simple way to get more people
to know about your brand now what are they doing in the process probably gifting one
t-shirt away everyday which is nothing you should talk about marketing valid and if you
are running a campaign for your commerce store or your products why not start gifting it
for free to people other then if they have very expensive chances so this is all companies
can use their own products to market themselves, now lot of you create content and lot of you
posted on you blog or your Facebook page or at twitter account but it really doesn’t reach
out to people because you just need that is coming to see the content, so how do you reach
out to people so let’s start posting content at places where people are want to notice
for example Wikipedia, Wikipedia is again a social platform we all be using it from
our college days for working projects but now heavily use Wikipedia I mean I hope most
of you know that Wikipedia is pretty much you can even I get activate get it but have
you try making an article spread company not all companies can try articles on Wikipedia
but if you have let say close to 4-5 news efficiency about online anywhere online not
even in dream you can actually make a Wikipedia page yourself so just go to Wikipedia go through
their process simple process not that difficult and why don’t take a page yourself just the
way this company called designtech system for them a very important platform just past
in last 6 month back is Quora in terms of being relevant in as Quora, Quora why it was
I mean suppose to be just a question and answer site originally now it is also come out with
the feature of blogs now if you probably seeing this story in the newspaper and it was then
and hopefully you read it online and just look at this blogs which has been liked by
2 to 7 thousand people and just talked about the student word hacking into the Indian Education
system, have into the result of ICSC and ISE and another related things and you were just
keep published findings and they were quite srprising finding so them newspaper also do
noticed and then published just results so if you have a blog and not too many people
are coming to them coming to it why not try blog from Quora not that word option that
I can say right again Slideshare, usually people forget to use slideshare they don’t
even know about slideshare all about and even if they use slideshare they don’t know how
to them probably reach out to more people so this is the simple two years ago happened
to uploaded on slideshare share with the entire network and eventually it got 15000+ views
and you can see the number likes and tweets and share and anything else they also worked
quite high so I could not all imagine this to happened on my own website and my own portal
but this happened on slideshare and that’s how these things do the job also what happenes
because of slideshare is slideshare helps you get their very important part of virality
which everybody asking and wanting for, so for example some of your PPT and then trending
on twitter its see the one on left is slideshare and at the same time what happened in my case
is that one of my PPT’s called braeaking 10 myths about entreprenouship ended a trending
on LinkedIn today if you see LinkedIn might have noticed that on your homepage there from
the stories which are there and everyday and which are the trending story basically most
of the story about LinkedIn so my happened to trending the technical section, technology
section but big feat asset eventually reached out to a lot of people, community building,
lot of people build communities and then sell their products and then do things that they
can do now the only thing that this is required in this places or one natural or definite
skill which is different from others secondly dedicated efforts it doesn’t this happened
one night not even 5 months and more even years and most cases so last and important
thing is time let go back to very interesting communnity which also all of part, first one
was being a cartoon I think we all are grew up with Chacha Chowdhary. tingles but no body
has been able to really do sometning anything about I mean cartoons shift in India the way
Garbage bin has done on Facebook Simple cartoon, simple charactors talk about everyday happening
with kids in 18 and 19 and just look at how bigger it has become many Id I don’t really
know the last come but I think we more than 2 lakhs ads could be own what is garbage been
done now they are come out their merchandise they have been heard this website later, they
are selling more and another thing infact they came out with their book which is infact
published by good publishers and now it is available on lights that’s how you actually
becoming so big that it has reached this stage same for community called viral fever to seen
what we do and all this again faking view, faking views I am sure that all likes faking
news very funny satire website based on onions now what is the faking news recently, faking
news actually got acquired by network by networking group it’s now part of FirstPost now I don’t
remember and I don’t know a blog coming so big but it actually got required by amused
folder before faking news that’s a big big big achievement from a thing of it, it’s single
blog at ways of work place in fact and this guy Rahul watching as been posting content
for I don’t know 2 to 3 years now very active on twitter and very active on Facebook because
now my section website but without any but it’s been now quite outsources, things to
happened just as today lot of time now getting we needed social media as broadcast media
channel social media is not just about getting more likes and getting more followers or getting
more connections but let see how else can we use this with the connection and with the
followers, so there are many portals out there which are to call social media platforms in
themselves for example for start-ups there is the roonhoods where people come and talk
about different things and similarly there are portals for the HR community for any other
digital queries now what for example I did is I uploaded the single PPT about how to
make social media lot for single starter from the rooinhoods now what it not here is on
my own blog only because actually this will be more visibility to reach out to more people,
as the reply from company which actually saw my presentation of this blogpost on rooinhoods
and wanted to do some business I am just saying that you don’t only have to restrict your
self to your own network and what you are doing where you are doing but let’s reach
out to more and more place similarly on LinkedIn we all have lots of connections but mentioning
there most of us I think won’t be entering at that end of reaching out 1 or 2 people
we never really Most of uses as a broadcast medium or so an so then we mailer campaign
on LinkedIn can do a similar campaign on LinkedIn so I did this I have sent out the message
to all my contacts again a couple years back about some social media related general message
not trying to sell too many thing but happened as other things I got a reply from a journalist
and she said that I work for magazine right now and would you like to contribute to it
rather then to my sending out a message to my contacts on LinkedIn this article appeared
online so what happened is that if you really use LinkedIn rightly and reach out to right
kind of people and you ad different people to different networks and key interacting
with them somewhere on the other ways sending a message or community that they doing there
is rate a chance of you do need that becomes more time to come, now what happens in offline
meet ups and when you go to the conference what do you want to insisting do you want
meet more and more people so you end up usually exchanging your visiting card with different
people booking with theirs in return and thus you build a network but have really try to
do that in online space have you really went out and just started asking different people
from LinkedIn on their network or participating in different groups that there are on Facebook
or Twitter, so many groups are there on Facebook which not be covering to your particular coming
to your industry why not become part of it, why not start talking to people their, why
not start discussion there similarly for twitter there is something that called #tag and there
are some community that build across #tag from #tag so you start participating in them
that is the good chance to you to not just connect with more like manual people but also
connect people who are probably same industry as you are and also potential customers and
times, very small tip a times we are on face with the problem of not being able to ad somebody
on LinkedIn because you are not frank with them or we can say we have been asked for
email id just like that small good idea what we can do is we can just go to their profile
checkout the groups that we are part of join the same groups and then LinkedIn gives an
option you of joining them because you part of the same group, by doing that you have
been able to connect with them and generally what are personally recommend is that then
LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with people it has a custom message which
gives you by default but we can ideally do is we can actually just customize and message
for your self for your field and then probably just send it out that’s a much better way
to actually go, So I mean you may not be able to do everything that you want to do but if
you really do the resources effectively you definitely do a lot so ya with that we can’t
do a end of the part where hide every things now we can open for questions.
Let’s take it from Twitter first then we will take it over here, one of the question that
I have is a this was I think has in the similar way by lot of people out there when you talk
about lot of you assets that one of the concern is increase the lights on Facebook and this
is the topic is zero budget is it realistick think about increasing your likes to some
significant number through zero budget marketing have you seen that example any where and I
mean there are some that I have seen but what are the various ways once tweet is adopt to
make sure that you to get likes at zero cost I mean without spending anything on ads, sure
so I mean for sure you invite last everybody know build through email list or leads to
personal contacts be a part of page it might look quite cheap and sales but I mean what
is okay to began with but after a point other then if you are not funny or too engaging
something like a faking news or if this is not easy to reach out dare to many people
visit your specially the rate facebook are seems towards but now Facebook wanting you
sell out more and more coming participating everything it not really easy to reach out
too many people with zero budget but yes there are campaigns where the very limited budget
or likely zero budget they have been able to reach out to the right kind of audience
it’s not about getting a million people on that people online page it’s all about getting
the right number of people, likes Sheepstop doesn’t have too many people on their page
and this is an important way to look at, so Sheepstop probably has around 3000 likes on
their page but still you see it has been able to reach out to the right kind of people they
have online so one thing is you saying is that every likes is not of equal value like
it relevant then it different but in terms of the number what is the maximum that you
have seen that people have achieved I mean I have seen businesses reaching to half billion,
million and the clean that’s they haven’t spent even a single rupee, so what are the
maximum numbers that you have seen

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