98 thoughts on “How To Remove Second Facebook Messenger Account iPhone

  1. Man i was so desperate to log out my friends account from my iphone and there were no solutions anywhere! Thank you so much man!!! I've never thought it might be that easy to remove, for crying out out why don't they make it more obvious.. Thanks again a thumbs up, relly helped me out.

  2. Can you please tell me how to deactivate messenger?i want to delete all the accounts from messenger…thank you

  3. my friend's account on my phone is not removing. I tried your method but it is removed just for a while. When I log in again I could see the 2 accounts there itself. What could I do now?

  4. This video made me fucking stunned!!! Those other videos instructed me to clear data or delete it from the facebook directly. But this really works as easy as it is.
    Thankyou so much you saved my life😂

  5. Bruh, it doesnt permanently delete the account, it just removes the account and people still can view your account or see you…. Was not helpful!

  6. Hello 👋 thank you for helping i need it soo much ❤ i delete my second account 5minute ago but it didn't remove.. what should i do? Maybe i should wait i little bit???

  7. Omg I even uninstalled and reinstalled the messenger app to remove an acct. shits it wasn’t removed! Thank you so much finally I knew how, and it worked. Such a Big help mr. Thanks so much!

  8. Woww sooo helpful I’m so amazed it’s so simple to do it but my last brain cell is dying😂😂😂
    It’s so hard to use iPhone when you’ve been using Samsung for years🙄😂😂

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