How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages / Photos 2018?
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How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages / Photos 2018?

Hello everyone, I hope you all are enjoying
our previous videos about facebook secrets and facebook tips and tricks. Today, I’m here
with an another tutorial named How to recover deleted images and messages on facebook.
For that, you need to login to your facebook account. As I have already done here. You
need to go to setting tab for that click on this dropdown menu and click on settings.
You will find a link over here named download a copy of your facebook data. Click on this
link and this page will pop up. Now you need to click on this download button
and tap your password over here and wait for email from facebook.
As I have already done that, I have recieved those emails. First one is notifying me that
I have requested a download of my information and second one is providing a link to that
information. I will open that link. This is the page that will pop up from your
link and you need to download that and that will be a zip containing this folder. This
folder will have 3 sub-folders and a index.htm file. If you want to see all of the information
on facebook present now click on this index.htm . And if you want to see only your messages
and images. You just need to find that over here like if you want photos then click on
photos.htm and if you want messages then click on messages.htm and here are the messages
you can recover them copy-paste to your notepad. If you want to recover your photos then click
on photos.htm, and now you can copy-paste them or right click them and save them to
your pc or mac or whatever. I hope I have helped you learn how to recover
your deleted images and messages on facebook. Please hit like button, subscribe and share
this video. And check out these videos on your screen.
Thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages / Photos 2018?

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  2. A post of mine was somehow deleted, I don't know how it happened or who did it, how to find out???

  3. The reason I watched this video is to recover the nudes I've collected from the past years which ive deleted so that my mom wont see

  4. this is not recovering anything.. this is just downloading the archive of data you haven't deleted yet. if you deleted a conversation with some one it will fail to open it.

  5. Bro. I have some pic to delete from my facebook massanger. Its a old pic i try to delete but after some time its came again. So help me broo

  6. I blocked a conversation and i deleted all messages how to get conversion messages back????????? Through above process i am getting only the unblocked persons conversions. Let me know………..

  7. suspected my husband having an affair with some random chick down the road so i had David help me hack his phone and he did the job in no time. you can text him on (614) 669-2944..funny enough the hack couldn't be traced back to me

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  9. hi that is good ideas recover deleted message but sir don't recover photo plz call me new ideas recover deleted photo in messages

  10. Please do you know how to see ALL the shared photos in the facebook/messenger conversation? When I open “shared photos” window it only shows pictures max 2 years old and all the other pictures are gone.🤔

  11. Yes it works but cant recovet the pics i have shared wth my frndz throgh inbox… can i recover thoz pics???

  12. This is totally wrong. It will only show the present messgaes. It will not recover deleted messages. Once the messages are deleted from fb, then it is permanently deleleted and in no way you can recover it..

  13. This procedure while useful does NOT recovered deleted messages. If they're deleted, they're gone. Period.

  14. Meri Id par Setting ka Opetion Nhi aa rha hai to kya kre jo Quetions mark ke Side me option hai wo nhi show ho rha hai
    pls help kroye mujhe bahot jruri hai

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