How to Put GIFs on Instagram STORY
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How to Put GIFs on Instagram STORY

Hey everyone. In this video, I want to show you how you add gifts to Instagram stories. Previously, I made a video about adding gifts to Instagram post. The link to that video is in the description if that’s what you’re looking to do But this video is about adding GIFs to Instagram stories, so let me jump in and show you how to do that So let’s go to Instagram stories here I’m just gonna click this logo here, and as usual we have to take a picture so I’ll just take this picture here and to add a gif we need to press the sticker icon here and the same way you add location or temperature or hashtags or polls, there’s a new option called gif right here if I press that it’s gonna give me an option to add a GIF to my Instagram story here, and you could also search so for example Let me just search puppy for example, and it’s gonna pull a lot of dog photos. Let me just add this one here and just like everything in Instagram stories, you could resize it it works just like any other sticker, so I’m just using my two fingers here on my phone, and I’m just resizing it and You could type on it. You could write on it as usual you could even change the type font here I’ll do that and I’ll just move the dog up here, and you could even do multiple gifs here So if I wanted to add a different one I could add this one on the bottom And then I could resize it just like this and it looks like if you tap it it changes directions So I’m just tapping on it to change it from left to right and that’s it so now if I press send I’m posted to my story It’s gonna post to my story so now if I tap my story you could see the gifs animating They’re both moving here the top one and the bottom one are moving and you could also do this with boomerang you could do this with superzoom, so if I use boomerang for example I Could go ahead and add a gif to this one. Just the same way. I did to the other one I could resize it I could send it to my story again. It works the exact same way if it’s a normal mode boomerang mode Superzoom any mode that you have on Instagram story the gif will work the same So that’s how you add GIFs to Instagram stories, and if you’re looking to add gifts to your post check out the link in the description. I hope you found this useful. Please like and subscribe to this channel I’ll be posting a lot more videos Just like this one on social media and Instagram, and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks for watching

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