How to Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook
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How to Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
meeting innovation and today I want to bring you some great content if you’re
new to the channel it’s full of digital marketing tips
ecommerce insights and really step-by-step how-to content for any
aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make money online so if you’re new to the
channel go and hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss anything and with that
being said we’re just gonna jump right in all right guys so I’m gonna make today’s
one a short video here now I live in Philadelphia and there’s been a big
snowstorm here today and so my power is a little bit shoddy it keeps going on
and off for some reason I don’t know you know maybe power lines or getting hit or
something I’m not 100% sure but I did promise you guys to try to put a video
out every single day and that is still the goal and so I will try to get this
one out very very fast just in case the power goes off I want to get a video out
to you guys but today I’m here to talk to my content creators out there and
those of you that want to promote your videos and stuff in a different way so
if you’re on YouTube you’re creating content and you you know maybe you post
your videos to facebook this is really really gonna help you now there’s a
bunch of other ways to promote your content and I talked about that and a
lot of my other videos on my youtube tips playlist and I’ll actually drop
that as a card up in the right-hand corner right now if you want to go ahead
and check that out but I’m here to give you a just a tip a
friendly tip and trick today that’s gonna help you you know not maximize but
definitely not minimize so you won’t be shooting yourself in the foot so to
speak when you’re posting your videos to Facebook you can kind of have that
chance for it to go viral on Facebook and also you know not have Facebook kind
of what’s the word I’m looking for just kind of like Nick’s the the
visibility of your video so this is a mistake I was actually making until it
was brought to my attention and makes total sense and if I were actually using
my common sense I would have known this but this just goes to show you that we
all still make mistakes even when I’m you know doing I do marketing clearly
across the board but I just was not promoting my videos on Facebook very
well they still don’t get that many views you know people like I don’t
people don’t really follow me to too much on Facebook it’s more so you know
Instagram YouTube udemy stuff like that but uh you know I do post all my content
to Facebook and Twitter obviously as well on top of that just because it’s a
great social media platform and you know maybe one or two of you have found me
through those those mediums and and then you know clearly it was worth it so I’m
gonna touch on this today and this is something I used to be doing
so I would post my video to Facebook this is a bad example it clearly doesn’t
have you know any any other descriptions here so you probably want to put like a
good description in here so you get a couple more keywords but the thing that
you don’t want to do is you don’t want to post your YouTube
links so before I would literally just post my YouTube video and then I’ll post
the link so people that come to my and find me on social media in this case
Facebook would then click my link potentially and come to my youtube
channel because I wanted to generate traffic to my YouTube channel I wanted
the subscriber I wanted the viewer I wanted the person to be captured on
YouTube not necessarily Facebook so what the the reason that this is bad is
because Facebook doesn’t like any outside traffic and I know this from
doing cpa marketing and affiliate marketing on facebook and i’ll show you
another example i literally do this across the board on pretty much all of
my videos so facebook was pretty much you know killing the visibility of my
video videos not just with the people that follow me but also with the people
that you know don’t follow me that might be searching for some of the tags or the
keywords on facebook that i do post you know that are relevant to those videos
and so what i went ahead and started doing is i stopped putting the link in
there and like i said i know this personally from doing you know after
running facebook ads with cpa marketing and an affiliate marketing youtube does
not like outside traffic and so it’s really gonna kind of hinder your
visibility if you post outside links so what i do instead is i don’t then post
the youtube link when i post my new videos now instead I do like CTAs which
if you don’t know our call to actions so I’ll post my my title obviously let
people know what it’s about and then I’ll pretty much say you know head over
to the channel and let us know you know your thoughts on and whether or not you
have any tips of your own and this is clearly on you know five ways you know
tips to increase ad revenue so for this specific example I was talking about how
to use hashtags on Instagram and the new Instagram algorithm update and I asked
people you know what do you think of new Instagram algorithm update you know will
it hurt your page blah blah will hurt you head over to the channel and share
your opinion so I don’t necessarily need to give them the link common sense would
tell them that BG media innovation has a youtube channel as well and I’m
prompting them I’m calling to action them going over to the YouTube channel
to actually go ahead and comment themselves so I get a little bit more
visibility obviously hopefully I intend for that to continue to grow we will see
obviously I’m not logged in because I don’t want you to see all the stats if
I’m in my business manager you’ll see all my you know my stats on my
visibility and stuff and trust me across the board it has definitely helped
when I don’t post my link there so with that being said I’m gonna end the video
here I hope that you guys really really liked it I wanted to get a short one out
out there for tea today because I know that it’s important to get that content
out to you guys I really really love helping aspiring entrepreneurs like
yourselves but I just really hope that the power doesn’t go out as I’m
recording this so I’m gonna end it hit that like button and obviously helps the
channel grow and I genuinely appreciate it comment because today’s the first day
that you’re basically in tight well I apologize actually today’s the second
day that you are entitled to you know another free entry or entries into that
you know 400 dollar giveaway so if you’re not familiar with that it was
yesterday’s video and I’ll drop that as a card up in the right-hand corner
really fast before we end it if you want to go ahead and check that out
so you know and you’re on the same page as everybody else with the give way you
can win courses you can win cash like I said check that video out but I man
ended here and I hope to see you guys tomorrow

56 thoughts on “How to Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook

  1. I posted a youtube video that I upload yesterday to Facebook using the VID IQ Syndication tool and it showed 30 views in 24hrs on Facebook but my overall view count on Youtube was only 5 views. Is there a reason those views aren't getting counted on Youtube?

  2. Definitely good tactics and advice here! Don't spam your links ('cos no one looks at links without context anyway)!

  3. I found that not posting my link on Facebook from my YouTube channel keeps in compliance and I'm not being restricted. I didn't get this from Bryan but what he is saying is true.

  4. Are you fucking kidding me? The video is 6 minutes long and the first 3 minutes is just blabbering. Get to the fucking point! Christ, I don't care who you are or that you want subscribers, just give us the god damn content.

  5. I tried a lot this . People on facebook want everyone sub 4 sub. Dead on facebook. Sub 4 sub are temporarily. They can unsub after some days usually

  6. i think you will still get hardly no visibility because you are still telling people to leave facebook. i think embedding the video and getting that view is better, sure leave your heading and say what the video is about and don't tell people to leave facebook….. if they want to check out your other videos they may just do that for themselves anyway.

  7. What I have seen that really works for my videos is that I also post the link as a post, but rather as a comment. Stating in the description to click on the link that is in the comment section. Also post a short teaser video of your YouTube video (no more than 10 sec) so that people see what it is about, Facebook actually promotes these short videos much better than a normal post.

  8. i would really appreciate if you check out my fortnite channel i need to get a gaming pc to run it better

  9. Sorry, but this is longwinded and not clear. How do people know "head over to the channel" means YouTube, and you show an embedded video, so how did that get there. This is not clear.

  10. I'm confused. Did I miss the part where you say you've actually uploaded the SAME video into facebook that's over on Youtube? Or is that just a screen grab?

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  12. The funny thing is that I was litterally trying to decide whether or not to post my youtube link along with my video on Facebook. And you directly answered my question. Thanks for the content💪🏾💪🏾

  13. can i upload a video on facebook and then write the name of my youtube channel? or a link to the channel or will that kill my visibility as well ?

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