How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for FREE with Social Media
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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for FREE with Social Media

100 thoughts on “How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for FREE with Social Media

  1. OOTD ⚡ Do you have a question you'd like me to answer in a future video? Post it here. 👇 **** Learn my 4-step social media framework and start growing your following faster in this video ➡️

  2. Great feedback. I started an Instagram account and it was growing pretty well. I would post various things and every once and a while direct them to my youtube. I think right now I'm at 696 followers, but I've stopped posting over there because I'm so tired of the daily DMs of guys trying to hit on me. I'm a 43-year-old happily married mom trying to help other work from home parents get ahead. There are family photos, business photos, inspirational photos etc. There is nothing about "hey… what's up" posts. I decided for my niche, Pinterest and linked in might be a better fit and there have been far less "what's your name, where do you live, you're cute, lets meet" posts lol. Has anyone else had this problem on Instagram or other social media channels? I know there is a tinder-like community on the Instagram platform according to my husband. I guess my question is, how do you avoid this when you don't post provocative or inviting posts and you simply want to use this platform to grow your business without the pickup artists? Here's the challenge, social media is about being social, so when one of these guys, or ladies (because I've had both) message you, your first thought is to respond because you're making social connections and social media isn't about the product so much anymore, but about the people, but now, every time I get a DM I pause and wonder about the motivation for the connection and then, I reduce my posts over there and stop my growth. It seems like a great platform for business growth, and I'd love to continue on the platform. I thought about posting a video on the Instagram channel regarding these types of DMs, but I don't believe these guys are watching or reading my posts/videos either because if they were, they'd see a happy family and business-like vibe on the profile.

  3. My question is since we are both in Vegas is there a way I can get your help other than just watching your channel. I’m a Real Estate agent here in town looking to blow up on YouTube. DM me your answer Thank you

  4. Awesome tips as always! You inspired me to finally start me channel. I’m only on week 2 but we’re growing.. also
    $1,000 giveaway when we hit 1,000 subscribers!

  5. Hey Sean and ThinkMedia Community! I have a big problem and I might need your help!

    My channel grew pretty fast in a short time period from about 50 subs to 170 but then something changed:

    In the past I got striked for stupid reasons like the algorythm not beeing satisfied with the words I chose ore the topics I talked about. I was recoomendet next to other videos and that was the main source of people visiting my channel. BUT!

    Nowadays if you type in my name in the search bar, I dont even show up. And I did show up when I had way less subscribers. Sometimes channels with simular names show up or channels that have the identical name as mine (but were created 3-4 years later) that only have like 9 subscribers!! I dont get recommendet next to videos anymore and even my subscribers with the bell activated dont get notifications if I upload a video!

    In the past I made videos every week, sometimes 2 and I have/had great watchtime, lots of comments and likes(/dislikes).

    I really dont know what to do. I often get told that my quality is very high and better than the quality of some top tier youtubers in germany (concidering video/sound quality, video editing…etc.). And I invest/invested a lot of time and money but My growth declined apprupt. I made more videos for months and months and recently decided to stop because its very frustrating.

    If you or the community has ANDY IDEA what I should do, PLS tell me!

  6. Ive seen you in different channels, your speeches inspired me to revive my passion of having my own YouTube channel😍 thanks a lot Mr Seancanell

  7. some great advice..but i loved the other video where you should not force or beg so much for subscribers..cause when you upload there is a high chance they won't see your just getting started and i have 15 subs am targeting 50 subs in a month

  8. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL !! You have inspired me to creat my own Channel And I have Been Loving youtube so Far even With 30 Subs my goal is 100k but i have god has plans for me ! If you guys could support me and hit the sub button that would be great Thanks 💚

  9. Interestingly enough I found that for a brand new channel in my case Reddit works better than any other platform in promoting the channel (still a small portion, but much higher than other social media)

  10. Thanks i really enjoy your feeds your contents..I am also a nervous Novice for this giant social media platform. Good points

  11. At this point I'm thinking the only way to get views and subscribers is to make videos on how to get views and subscribers loooool

  12. Thanks Sean!! I absolutely love your content, I like that you brought up Quora, I think it would be very relevant for the niche im in!

  13. Awesome n valuable video keep it up.
    Does anyone wants to grow together. Type done once you subscribed mine💪💪

  14. Thanks man, you are really the man.

    I really appreciate your video and your effort sir and i am really learning a lot from you.

  15. good video is it to late for my channel to grow as i have been doing youtube for 5 years haven't had a breakthrough video and only have 332 subs with less views every week i just feel like my channel is in limbo and iv tried promoting everywhere also i comment on how to grow videos like this but nobody seems to help

  16. Woow! I'm a huge fan of yours! Been watching lots lf your vids when I started my Youtube Channel and ao far I'm loving it.

    Can I ask for support for my fellow beginners? Will support back!

  17. Wow!
    I want like that the most.
    I hope that here will help my channel to get more subscribers.
    I will be thankful for someone who support me from here.

  18. I'm a Music Producer/DJ & I've just started on YouTube ( like just 1 video) and have planned on the next 10 videos I'll be making but I've like 140 followers on Instagram. Any tips to grow as a content creator?

  19. I just started a channel and this was helpful for me on promoting my channel on different platforms! I have learned so much!

  20. My question is : I am an artist and art instructor from İstanbul, Turkey and i started creating videos 7 months ago about art painting and illustration related to fantasy — my goal is to create a platform for people see real answers not myths in Turkish language because i think there is a need for it.— but most people around me says to create a english version. Is it worth it? Do you advise for a new starter to create videos in 2 different language?

  21. This is my channels first animated motion graphics video please watch like comment subscribe and share to maximum friends.

  22. I started my channel yesterday 😅, so am I eligible to comment "SMALL YOUTUBERS, LETS SUPPORT EACH OTHER!!!!" yet???😂😂😂

  23. Hi there. Thanks a lot for the info. I try to grow my channel but it goes sooooooo slowly. Anyway, I like what I do so will keep doing it 😎

  24. Never used IG before, I just use Twitter, linking and hashtaging my stuff so more people see them. Got a good few subs from that. Posting bits of art and clips from my videos really gets me some also.
    The bad thing is the Twitter algorithm doesn't like links to other websites so it won't let as many people see in.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested in seeing digital speed drawings or mobile gaming videos, just click my profile pic, or the link!

  25. I have a dance tutorial channel and this video helps me a lot…thank you so much…I’m growing slowly but I’m happy …I hope everyone here will be successful in YT…have a nice day

  26. Thank you for this video…. I just started my channel so I will definitely take these tips you have gave 😊😊🌹🌹

  27. I’m trying hard to get subs but a lot of people on YouTube don’t support others especially small channels it’s a shame!! I tried giving nice compliments but it doesn’t work because nobody responds back I can’t afford the right equipment right now so can you all please do me a favor and sub to my channel it wouldn’t take much or long thank you and have a bless day 🙏🏾

  28. My content is all about Lightroom Tutorial .. Hope you'll visit to my YouTube Channel and find it useful too 😊 Like and SUBSCRIBE and I will his you back 😊

  29. Hey guys…thanks for the cool #tips and look forward to seeing some growth on my youtube channel as I finally dive into this portal that I've been wanting to use soo much, but never made the effort to make it happen! =) Happy Holidays and let's keep in touch! Tom~

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