How to promote your videos using Facebook? (Genius Talk ft. Mari Smith)
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How to promote your videos using Facebook? (Genius Talk ft. Mari Smith)

So smart marketers are riding this wave
and they’re right in there creating great video content organic
reach is so 2012 you get more than 6% organic reach on your page you’re an anomaly hey guys welcome to another edition of Animaker Genius Talk, a talk
show where we interview genius minds from the world of videos and transfer
some of their amazing knowledge to you today we have a very special guest in
the house I’m pleased to present to you speaker
best-selling author and the queen of Facebook Mari Smith welcome to the show
Mari I’m happy to have you here today thank you, Aravind I appreciate it I’m happy to
be here alright let me just give you a simple
glimpse of how this is gonna work today we have three amazing sections and
through these sections we are going to find out Mari Smith’s secret to Facebook
video marketing all right let’s get started the first section is what we
call “The Genius Journey” so Mari share with us your story of being just a
simple Facebook user back in 2007 to being crowned the Queen of Facebook. Thank you that’s very kind of you. I actually started on day one as a business user I got invited to be on a
beta test team of a Facebook app not one of those silly apps that you can play
games back in 2007 it was actually an app that you could take and teach
classes and so I was on from day one for business purposes even long before they
had ads or business pages or really you know business use and I just fell in
love with the platform and I just absolutely knew it was like a defining
moment in my life I knew that there was something extremely powerful about this
platform and within just literally a few weeks I would just became so passionate
about it and everybody I met I kept saying, are you on Facebook, are you on Facebook you’ve
got to get on and I was showing them how to begin utilizing the platform to
network and to build an audience as I say this was in ’07 long before
there was real like official business tools and I just have stayed extremely
focused from that day that’s been over eleven years and my passion for the
platform has never wavered I I’m just as passionate today as I was back then
alright that’s definitely an inspirational story now a question that
I have for you is there are a lot of Facebook gurus out there who are
teaching businesses how to be effective on Facebook but as you just mentioned
Facebook themselves reached out to you and asked you to help them train
entrepreneurs and business owners to be more effective on Facebook right that’s
correct but that’s amazing tell us how that happened. I was thrilled
to be able to team up with Facebook I had envisioned the day for a long time
that I would actually be working directly with the company and I’ve run
my own business for almost 20 years now in some way shape or form involved with
the internet and electronic commerce and email marketing and information products
so then you know fast-forward 2007 got on Facebook and then it was in 2014 I
had written a blog post for Facebook they had reached out and then they also
asked me to come they actually you know directly asked me would I be the to go
on tour with them and all throughout 2015
and be an integral part of their boost your business the U.S. tour so we went
to major cities spoke to thousands of small business owners and I was there
teaching and consulting and moderating panels that we had all these wonderful
local business business owners that had done really well with Facebook and that
was awesome because part of the part of the every event the attendees were
allowed to come and ask me a one-on-one question and I have to tell you it was
extremely educational for me as well because the the kind of questions that
we you know I got asked during that tour was it was like people saying well I
want a hair salon how do I get more clients I have a spa, I have a bakery
or I have a real estate business all these local business owners and they just
wanted more customers and it wasn’t necessarily unique to Facebook but
that’s basically what was happening and it’s just it’s just it’s just been an
amazing journey because that’s you know I work with major brands as well as
small and medium-sized businesses and I’m I’m always just as passionate about
advocating for these businesses as I am advocating for the use of Facebook. Wow,
that’s definitely an amazing experience all right Mari we’ve come to the end of
section one the next section is what we call “Picking The Genius Brain”. I’m going
to throw some questions at you and I’m gonna find maximum value from your
answers I’m going to pass on that value to my audience all right okay yeah
perfect let’s get started the first question
that I have for you is you started with online marketing a long time ago you
have seen the transition from email marketing to content marketing to social
media marketing but recently I see that you’ve been emphasizing a lot on videos
do you really believe video is the future of online marketing video combined with messenger chatbots and because we want to be able to have
the easy simple way to engage on the mobile device ideally if we can keeping
the video or keeping the phone vertical so so not you know a square format or
portrait format is doing really really well with video stories of course
stories is growing 15 times faster than regular feed content and so what’s
happening is we’re seeing this we’re right in the middle of this wonderful
sea change of the way that content is consumed and mainstream television
moving more to digital and more and more people consuming content on their mobile
devices and not just marketing videos of course but you know binge watching
series and miniseries and you know obviously got Amazon and Netflix and all
of these enough Facebook’s really an Instagram really positioning themselves
as a go-to platform for being able to consume video content
so smart marketers are riding this wave and they’re right in there creating
great video content that you know their audience wants to consume as well and to
get people to know like and trust them to want to not just watch passively
which Mark Zuckerberg said in January of 2018 earlier this year that they really
want users to be proactively engaging and creating meaningful social
interaction and so what actually what Facebook’s doing is bringing out more
interactive features while your live for live videos you can do live polls and
gamify your videos and so it’s just yes it’s amazing so now where we had
like the first screen used to beat the television the second screen was the
phone like a notepad of the laptop now it’s like they’re being fused and the
first screen the second screen are one and the same
plus it’s live and interactive which you could never do with television it’s
pretty exciting yeah it’s definitely exciting even for
me as a video creator right here all right
the next question I have for you is in your experience what are the three
biggest mistakes that you see entrepreneurs and business owners are
doing on Facebook right now okay so I would say the first one is hmm I just
was writing about this the first one is actually not integrating a bot a chat
bot because what happens is that we live in an instant gratification society
people are going to message a page more and more and more consumers are wanting
to interact with brands businesses through chat BOTS – excuse me through
messaging apps right so whatsapp and Messenger the two biggest ones and so
let’s say someone comes to message you and it takes you 24 hours 48 hours or in
some cases like some people like take days or sometimes even get missed and
that’s a hot prospect that could potentially be a prospect reaching out
to them but if you have set up really really simple chat bots there’s a lot of
different ones out there I use one called mobile monkey and and you know
people can very inexpensive for free actually even to set it up on their page
and to give answers and to automate some customer service not all of it automated
because people still want to talk to real people so I would be number one I
would say also because you can do that right inside of ads you can do what are
called click to messenger ads so people surfing through their Facebook and/or
their Instagram feeds and they see the call-to-action button is send us a
message they recognize a little messenger logo and they haven’t left you
know the platform and they just send a message the second mistake I would
definitely say is not not taking advantage of video it still absolutely
blows my mind of how many Facebook pages I go to for businesses and brands of all
sizes I love doing audits I love being assessment go to the page
and I can just give them so much valuable if you got right away and
especially now that the info and ads tab is available for everybody I can just
see what kinds of ads are running and you know where they’re driving traffic
but if they’re gonna take an advantage of video and all I see on their wall is
link post link post link post link post with zero engagement and I’m like what
is the point of that videos are gonna get you more engagement, live video for
sure if you can’t get 6 times the engagement while it’s live so that’s number two for
sure go to include live and I would say I’m just for sure that I’d include more
video including live and the number three is actually something that’s
missing in a lot of businesses is including a call to action somewhere
along the line there’s been this great myth that’s been perpetuated that oh you
can’t sale or you can’t ask people to do something and you know click or sign up
or buy but absolutely actually you should be put in a call to action on
every single post even a simple meme or an inspirational
quote make sure you say no what do you want people to do even if it’s message us
you know Facebook lets you know put a little messenger button
on your posts on your organic posts so thinking about I’m publishing this piece
of content but what action do I want my audience to take other than consuming
the content right they’ve consumed but then what because that might be your
only chance to capture that person in having them go to a website with the
pixel or message you or opt in or make a purchase. Wow three major pitfalls that
all business owners should definitely avoid alright the next question that I
have for you is about Facebook Watch what we are all excited about Facebook
Watch but how can business owners leverage Facebook Watch to grow their
business today okay so this is perfect timing because just recently Facebook
opened up Facebook Watch to the entire world up until recently was only
available in the US and I don’t sure quite frankly I don’t even know what
took Facebook so long to open up to the whole world and I think it they have a
little ways to go I literally was just looking at this morning and they used to
have a bunch of great categories it made it really easy to find things now it’s
just uh there’s no categories it’s just like the algorithm is picking videos
that excuse me to face with things you know you want to watch and so for now
businesses the cool thing is that two things here number one is just simply by
producing more video you have more chance of having your video featured on
the watch platform whether you have an official show there or not so number one
for sure creating more video content but number two you can actually apply to let
Facebook know that you would like to have a show on watch and in order to do
that start right away like you guys here you’re doing the series you’re doing a
show ideally publish video content let’s say on the same day each week list like
you know Tuesdays at 3 or Fridays at 4 whatever the time is you know Wednesdays at 10
and then you you you you can even put you create a playlist on your Facebook
page create playlist and you say this is the such-and-such show airs every
Wednesday at 10:00 weather sometimes will be live sometimes will be
pre-recorded but it’s basically episodic it’s called appointment television or
episodic and that is what Facebook’s looking forward to really optimize the
watch platform it’s an episodic content that will draw people in maybe even has
like cliffhangers and it takes people on a journey there’s a story to it yeah
around business and marketing you know including in the stories of your brand
or your customers of your team of your staff and so that yeah real human
interest stories it’s just wonderful to be able to draw people in and have them
want to just let that it just automatically goes on to the next video
anyway so yeah that’s what I would definitely recommend wow episodic
content is definitely an interesting perspective
all right the next question that I have for you is around is about a fear that I
see a lot of social media marketers are having today
is organic reach on Facebook really dead pretty much pretty much and I’ve been
saying that any time I do my talks all over the world every oh every other week
I’m speaking on a stage somewhere in the country and the world and people talk to
me about organic reach and I say you know I hate to be the bearer of bad news
but organic reach is so 2012 you know and it was 2012 that Facebook went
public and over those years between six years now but you can see that as
organic reach was slowly declining so the stock price was was commensurate
increasing and so you know Facebook basically they have this fiduciary duty
to make money for their shareholders and that’s the way they do it they squeezed
out their donek reach and they’re making us pay so fair enough it’s pay to play
however we can you know I seen marketers and businesses who just don’t get it
they just or not they just haven’t quite been educated properly I put it that way
in terms of the power and the benefit of being able to press a button and with a
nominal investment $10 right okay if you’ve got more budget great allocate more
budget always with the positive ROI but there’s no other platform that you can
place your exact message in front of the exact people that you want and the exact
devices and the exact where their eyeballs are and so unfortunately
organic reach yes it’s maybe you’re lucky if you get three percent four or
five six and you get more than six percent organic reach on your page
you’re an anomaly you’re now you’re an outlier you you’ve got a highly engage
community that’s consuming your content but for most business pages it’s somewhere
between zero and three and you’ve got to have an ad budget but if you have an ad budget
you’ve got to get a positive ROAS return on adspend
that’s definitely a bad news but as you said Facebook at the end of the day is
still a business and they got to make their money alright the next question I
have for you is a little bit of a controversial question so it do you
think Instagram is directly competing with Facebook I mean the Instagram
community is growing rapidly across the globe and do you believe Facebook is
unintentionally becoming its own villain oh that’s a funny question I
so another thing I’ve done in my slides and my keynotes over the last 18 months
is I have this wonderful slide with the animated Instagram logo and I say that
the audience that Instagram is becoming Facebook’s next Facebook and so you can
see by the extraordinary amount of effort that Mark Zuckerberg Kevin
Systrom CEO and co-founder of Instagram they’re
putting a lot of emphasis on Instagram but in terms of it is it directly
competing I would say it’s overlapping so you’ve got a younger
demographic 20s 30s Millennials Gen Z’s 20 and under who are maybe
they’ve tried snapchat snapchats maybe not for them and they love Instagram
because of its visual and certainly now that stories has been out for two years
directly copied from snapchat that you had a masses amount of users migrated
from snapchat over to Instagram because they love the stories format and I know
for me I’m using Instagram much more now than I was like say a year ago and I
really love it and it’s just it’s just in many many ways Instagram is so much
easier to use but Facebook is absolutely determined to attract that younger
demographic I’m talking the gen Z I’m talking the 13 years and up right 13 to
15 to 17 right that pocket and they’re trying to do it with Instagram I don’t
know that they can do it Facebook it’s all right a number in terms of the gen
z population that’s number four most popular app but dropped down the top
three or snapchat YouTube and Instagram for that younger demographic so
I don’t think it’s unintentionally becoming its own villain as you say but
it for face but it’s always a both/and world they want all four of their major
apps what they call it the family of apps right Facebook Instagram messenger
and whatsapp and whatsapp hasn’t even begun to monetize yet really so just
just wait you know businesses that have a global audience or their outside the
US either work must pay attention to whatsapp that’s what’s out for
businesses really as on the horizon as well as Instagram Wow very valid points
that all businesses should definitely take notice of all right Mari we’ve
come to the end of section two the next section is what we call “Inside The
Genius Mind” all right so I’m gonna show throw some questions
at you this is going to be rapid-fire section so you’re gonna give me some
quick answers without much of thought all right perfect let’s get started
question number one if you are starting out on Facebook today what are the three
major things that you would do in order to promote your video content and get
maximum views number one create video including live number two have an ad
budget and number three connect it to a messenger chat box alright three
important points definitely the next question is your favorite Facebook
feature that you think entrepreneurs and business owners should take more
leverage of Facebook groups create a group an open group that’s connected
linked up to your page have a specific purpose for it
who put more like exclusive content over there give people our reason to join and
then really nurture that community treat your group members like red carpet give
them the red carpet treatment and they’re there they’re your hottest
prospects and your customers alright a very important feature indeed
the next question is do you believe Facebook W atch will win against its
mammoth competitors YouTube and Netflix no not in the short term but we fast
forward we fast forward mmm I’m gonna say three-year, I think it
is gonna take them a good three years I think they will be a fierce competitor
I think things could really get shaken up not so much with YouTube I think
YouTube it’s become ingrained in our brains that when we want to search for a
how-to video we go to YouTube you can learn how to do anything with YouTube I
don’t think people can get trained to shift over to look for how-to videos on
Facebook Facebook’s search needs a lot of work
yet well who knows with Netflix I mean Reed Hastings the CEO sits on the
board of directors of Facebook that’s an interesting relationship
so we’ll see all right so those are very interesting points that you pointed out
but the most important thing that we believe is the power of YouTube is its
community of content creators and also its huge amount of watch time so when I
go on to YouTube I don’t mind spending hours watching videos but on the other
hand on Facebook I don’t really find myself spending that much of time on
videos so do you still believe that this competition is going to be that fierce
Facebook has an inordinate amount of money to invest and here’s the thing
that I think that savvy marketers need to pay attention to the looking on the
horizon is the the amount of dollars that are currently being spent on
television ads off top of my head it’s something like 80 billion dollars 70 to
80 billion in the US alone and it’s something like 200 billion around the
world that’s television ad dollars and as that begins to slowly sway I’ll not
fully go to video televisions will always exist for a foreseeable future
might be projections on the wall or Mark Zuckerberg said in 10 years time we’ll
just pop contact lenses in and you just look in there your TV but so long as a
traditional television exists there’s going to be ad dollars spent there right
superbowl things like that exclusive streaming rights but what marketers need
to pay attention to is ask those ad dollars are shifting to digital that’s
why there’s this incredibly fierce competition
now with Amazon Netflix YouTube and Facebook being the biggest players out
there right now and don’t forget Twitch Twitch is owned by Amazon and as really
they although they’re known for gamers Twitch is becoming way more mainstream
and so you know we’ve got to pay attention what’s happening in the
digital streaming video world it’s early days it’s definitely early days I know
I’m right there with you as well I don’t consume much video on the watch platform
there has a ways to go but again yeah we have this conversation again even this
time next year I’ll bet it is a different landscape definitely this is an
ever-evolving landscape and we never know what the future holds all right
Marie if you have one message that you want our viewers to carry from this
conversation what would that be I always say constantly be educating yourself especially when it comes to what’s working because you might be using I see
this for instance I see people using old strategies on Facebook for example they
want to share a link so they send they post an image an image then and then
they put the link in the first comment and nobody’s engaging and they think it’s
a strategy that works it was like no you’ve got to keep up today and educate
yourself they can follow my Facebook page I also have an inner circle I have
free groups paid groups follow me to get all the latest and I’ve always got my
finger in the pulse so just get myself a plug but but honestly I mean the main
message I want people to learn is obviously all this wonderful education
that you guys are doing there at Animaker and how important it is to keep
your finger in the pulse buffer are great people to follow they have a great
podcast and just always be learning about what’s really working today and be
ready and willing to to pivot and shift and just always bring that human touch
into what you are doing all right that’s definitely a great message we too at Animaker really urge our audience to be updated at all times all right Marie
thank you so much for spending your time with us I hope you enjoyed the session
as much as we enjoyed learning from the Queen of Facebook thank you nice to meet
you guys if you really enjoyed the show go ahead and click on the like button if
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them for the future episodes until then take care and stay safe this is Aravind
from team Animaker signing off

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