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Sunny Lenarduzzi: I’m going to show you the
quickest way to post your YouTube videos to Instagram and six secret tricks to get more
views for your YouTube videos from Instagram. And I mean a lot more. Welcome to Tip Tuesday where I share a bite
sized bright ideas to build your business. Before we dive into how to promote your YouTube
videos on Instagram to get a lot more views, how do you actually get your YouTube videos
onto Instagram? Well, I’m going to show you right now. Here is called This thing is so great. What I’m going to do is click on post YouTube
to Instagram and I’m going to paste the URL of one of my YouTube videos in here. It is my don’t start a YouTube channel until
you watch this video. Basically it takes a one minute clip. You can make it shorter if you want, and then
you just need to download it. You’re going to click here. Don’t click here, click here to start the
download. Then you can either download it on mobile
or you can download the video directly on desktop. What I prefer to do is put in my email address
so that I can download it from my email on my phone. I just find that this link is a little finicky. You want to type in your email address and
then press send email and you’ll get an email with your downloaded clip that you can then
upload onto Instagram. Let’s head over to the phone to do that. Now on my phone I’m going to open up Instagram
and I am going to go to the very first video, which is the video clip that I downloaded
from the email and it goes right onto my camera roll. Because it’s been a long Instagram, automatically
kind of chops it up for me and then I could just add text and say something like new video
out now and add in some fun little elements and post it up on my story. The next tool, the last tool that you’ll need
to know is to post videos to your feed and make them look cool. You can go to an app called Video Meme and
choose the video that you want. We’ll choose obviously the most recent video
and I’m going to choose that clip and I can add in text here. Let’s say I want to write in, don’t start
YouTube. That’s it. That’s really all you need to do. Save the video. You can upgrade so you don’t have the watermark
on it, but save the video and you can post it up onto Instagram. Why do you make these teasers anyways? Well, this takes us into the next part of
this video. You want to make sure that you’re promoting
your YouTube videos everywhere, but Instagram is an amazing way to drive traffic from Instagram
to your YouTube video so you get even more engagement and you get higher rankings and
you can push out and suggest it, and all of the great things happen for your video. You want to make sure that you’re using those
teasers to drive [inaudible] traffic to the videos that you really want to get seen, which
in my opinion should be every video that you post. How do you use these ninja tricks for actually
promoting your videos? Let’s do it. Obviously you can promote your video in your
story and in your feed and if you don’t have the swipe up feature, stay tuned until the
end because I’ve got a secret little tip for how you can do it without 10,000 followers. It’s really cool. Step one is I love to use the polls inside
of Instagram stories. This is one of my ninja tricks for promoting
your videos. You want to ask people if they want to see
your video. If they vote yes, you send them a DM on Instagram. If you haven’t watched my video on how to
double your growth on Instagram, this is one of the things that I talked about is using
the poll feature. This is a great way to drive traffic and build
intimacy with the people that follow you on Instagram. When you DM them, you’re going to show up
in their feed more, which will increase your engagement on Instagram. It’s a win, win, win, I think. Oh my gosh. The feedback for today’s video has been so
amazing and it’s gaining a lot of traction. If you haven’t watched it yet, let me know
if you want to see it and I’ll DM you over the link. That’s step number one is ask people in Instagram
polls if they want to watch your video and then DM the people who vote yes with the actual
link to your video. Step number two is when you post some sort
of teaser or even a photo in your actual Instagram feed, ask people if they want to see the video
and if they do to comment below with something. Sometimes I’ll say comment below with, I want
to see the video. And when people do that I’ll again send them
a DM with the link to the video. Step number three, just put the link in your
bio. The only clickable link on Instagram is the
link that’s in your bio. So make sure that your YouTube video, especially
when you’re first growing your channel, is there because that’s the link that everyone
who first visits your bio is going to click on and it’s going to drive more views and
more traffic to that video. Step number four is featuring YouTube comments
in your story. Featuring the feedback that you’re getting
and all the positive comments that you’re getting because it makes people want to go
watch it and it makes them feel like they’re missing out. That whole FOMO thing is real. Use FOMO in your stories by showing people,
this is what everyone’s saying about the video and this is all the feedback I’m getting. You better go check it out. Step number five is to tell people to actually
go search for your videos because the more clicks that your video gets versus other people
who are maybe in the same category, the more that YouTube is going to drive traffic to
your video through suggested in search. What I’ll do is I’ll just say, if you want
to watch this video, type in YouTube millionaire in the search on YouTube and click on my video
because again, that’s driving more clicks and click through rate on YouTube, the more
clicks that you get on your video for people to actually go watch is a huge component on
getting more eyeballs on your content. And number six, ask people to share your video
on social media. You’ll probably notice that in my videos recently
I’ve been asking you to take a screenshot, which you can do right now, and then share
it out on Instagram and tag me. By doing that, I’m having you the viewer advocate
for my video and share it with your audiences. It’s a secret little way on Instagram specifically
to get people to share out your video and get more traction and momentum. And then of course, I can also share those
with my audience, which creates even more social proof that my video is a must watch. It’s also a great way to create user generated
content that’s UGC for short, which allows you to create content without you actually
creating content because your viewers are creating it for you. Step number seven is IGTV. I love IGTV and we take all of my YouTube
videos and we post them on to IGTV, but we do it a full week after the original YouTube
videos posted. Why do we do that? Because we want to drive all the traffic to
this YouTube video in the first 24 hours and really the first week to make sure that it’s
getting all of the engagement. I don’t post the same video on IGTV and YouTube
on the same day because I don’t want to split my audience on two different platforms. I want to make sure all the engagement goes
to YouTube and I’m getting that evergreen search traffic by ranking super high because
I have all this engagement on that video and then a week later I can promote it onto IGTV
by sharing the full video there and telling people if you want to go see a different version
of this, check it out on YouTube. I’m just repurposing it onto IGTV. Keep in mind you can keep sharing your videos
on Instagram. You don’t have to just share it once. You can continue to share it on your stories
because they disappear in 24 hours anyways, so you can just keep sharing it out and driving
more and more traffic. Now, I told you I had a little ninja trick
for how you can use the swipe up feature on your Instagram stories without 10,000 followers. I’m going to get to that in one second. Before I do, if you really want to get serious
about growing on YouTube, make sure you click the link below for my boss YouTube Strategy
masterclass so we can teach you how I 100 X my subscriber base, doubled my revenue in
12 months and how you can do the exact same thing. On that note, one of my amazing clients and
students who has been in our YouTube for Bosses program, Vanessa Lau, is the person who actually
created this very cool trick on Instagram to use the swipe up feature without 10,000
followers. So instead of stealing her shine, I’m going
to actually tell you guys to go check out her channel, check out that video and I’m
going to link it in the description below. You can check it out and make sure that you
leave her a comment. Say sunny sent me, because it’s really, really
cool what she figured out. Now you guys, thank you so much for watching. If you liked this video, hit that like button
below, share it with your friends and be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the
bell notification to be notified every single time we post a new video, which is every single
Tuesday. So thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next one.


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