How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups FREE At The Same Time – Spencer Coffman
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How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups FREE At The Same Time – Spencer Coffman

In this video I’m going to show you how to
post to multiple Facebook groups at the same time this way you won’t have to copy and paste
your post into every single Facebook group by opening each link one at a time here you
can learn how to create one post and post it simultaneously to all of your Facebook
groups so the first thing you need to make sure of his number one that you have requested
to join the Facebook group and number two that you are indeed a member of that Facebook
group which means you must have been approved once you’re done with that you can go to your
groups by navigating to your home feed and overhear your groups you can get more you
can see all the group’s you’re in select one of them so click on that this one right here
named pros ok go up here to your post and we’ll just do a general post now accepting
friend requests and me today okay and you know put a0 is free and I’ll pay sit down
there ok so now you normally hit post right and it would post in this group however a
little trick that many people don’t know about as you can hit this down arrow right here
and also post to any other group that you like see all groups and you can click on every
single one of your groups check as many or as few as you like and then go ahead and hit
post wait for these arrows ago now you could throw a picture in there as well you can put
a link in there as well and it would post your content right there here it is to every
single group you’re in so let’s refresh this page so now we can check to see if that post
went into all of the groups that we checked so what we’ll do is we’ll click on this you
have three sale post please marketing items and so if we click on that takes us right
to within this name pros group that we posted if we scroll down we see these are the posts
that are in this group here is the one that we recently put up there and if we scroll
down it says your cell posts in other groups here we are now accepting friend requests
at me today buy and sell look at all these so it posted in 221 other groups simultaneously
here is the post in every single one of those groups that we checked so that is an excellently
to share your posts to other groups now if that didn’t work for you if you already have
a post you can simply click on this post and you can hit the share button right here and
instead of hitting share now you can share . . and what that does is you give you a drop-down
and you can share in a group now here you can type your group name now if you don’t
know your group name is a simple way to do this is just to hit a letter on the keyboard
so I a that brings up all these other groups and you can just choose them one by one right
down the row and until you’ve posted all these groups now this is a slight disadvantage because
once you check one you can’t do multiple at the same time so you have to do them individually
and just go right down the role but if that is your option and that’s certainly better
than opening up each page individually and sharing onto their so that is how you can
share or post one post into multiple groups simultaneously

100 thoughts on “How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups FREE At The Same Time – Spencer Coffman

  1. Hey Spencer, this trick doesn't seem to work for me on my page. Why? Is there something else that I should have done?

  2. is this work only in that group name pros because there is hardly any selling post or price mention in discussion in other groups

  3. Hey Spencer, anyway to post a video on multiple groups? It seems it let's me only post a picture…

  4. Post To Multiple Facebook Groups FREE At The Same Time

  5. It does work as I do it all the time, although I do believe they have restricted it to only 20 groups at a time, as I am unable to do more than 20

  6. I was looking at that website you were talking about > and I was trying to post an affiliate site and then I noticed that
    we can only post about websites…Did you this?

  7. OK look: this is what I was asking; I wanted to post an affiliate link to NamePro>>this video here> while I was posting this
    link and image: I found somewhere where it says we can only post there to talk about domains>.so do you know what this means? cause I cancelled my post>.. ?


  9. Definitely not functional anymore…FB is ever-vigilant against those who seek to succeed on their platform for free.

  10. I have not found that option enabled on our Facebook. We attend professional groups, not sale ones. And that was not active. Just that one group icon and name displayed. Any other advice ?

  11. If you have trouble with this then try this other video.

  12. Really great content! Going to useful when I start a website! Please followback and let me know on my video about 1000 Followers! Just leave a reply on my vid so I know you did and I will follow you back, and many more will follow you also from that video!

  13. Very helpful information. Thank you so much and keep sharing such beneficial tips. Can you you advise me if you share one by one on fb you get temporarily restricted to post for few days. it happened with me

  14. hi i tried this tonight went to my home page then went to group pick out one put a post on added pic drop down but only thing there was post button there was no box with arrow i watched your video a few times any ideads thanks

  15. This is OK…But i am owner of 5 other Groups….Why i am not able to see the my other 4 Groups in the Drop List while Posting from first Group ? Can any one Tell me ? What settings i need to change for this ?

  16. Why sometimes people can't see my post in any group….I'm in more than peoples can't see my stuff

  17. when i post in one selling group it show me and when i post in making money online it does show me in need this one


  19. Thanks for your trick post. However i cannot post my picture of my FB page to multiple group where iam a member. cud you please help me

  20. Wow. Thanks a lot for the video. I just did it. I was finding for this for long time. Can you do a tutorial to post in multiple facebook group at once from own page ? Please..

  21. Hi Spences
    I don't have that drop box where you add all the groups. how would i go about doing that on the desktop?

  22. This has been what I've been looking for. I sell things that I find or am given in different groups. My main problem has been that sometimes, when I post on my main page; Facebook won't convert the sale and dollar sign into an ad. This may help solve that problem for me. Thanks, Spencer. Really appreciate you taking the time to show this quickly and clearly.

  23. This doesn't seem to work anymore. Is there another way to post to multiple groups in one click? Please help out. Thank you

  24. When I try posting like you told in the video. I cannot see the option on my facebook as told in your video. What could be the reason?

  25. Facebook has changed this, in their typical fashion of not letting anyone ever get used to how something works before changing it. Now, when you post, it gives you radio buttons to click on "Select Audience" – there is no drop down anymore.

  26. Spencer, FB has changed a bit since 2016.. do you have a way to post to multiple pages now that they've made it super annoying to work with these days? Thank you!

  27. This doesn't work for me, the part where you can choose groups doesn't have drop down menu and not sure if this might be country related but I am in Australia.

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