33 thoughts on “How To Post Facebook Ad as a Post on Page | How To Create Page Posts from Facebook Ads

  1. HELP! When I click on publish, I get a pop up box that reads "The post you've selected is sharing metrics, such as likes, reactions, comments and shares, with other posts. If you publish the selected post, you'll lose these shared metrics, which may impact the engagement and performance metrics for any ads that are associated with the post."

  2. Just tried this, I don't think it works that way now?
    Yes it's published to the page, but only visible to page admins and whoever works in the page. To the public it appears as an ad at random. They won't find it in your page.
    Hope this adds more understanding.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for the helpful video! I've tried this in the past for a FB page that i manage but the options under the 'Actions' for a selected post dont appear – the only option i see is 'Create Ads'. Is that possibly because of permissions on the page from an admin perspective? I cant seem to find any info with regards to 'publish' being missing from the drop down. I'd very much appreciate your help. Thanks!

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