How to Post a Picture on Facebook
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How to Post a Picture on Facebook

How to Post a Picture on Facebook? Open your favorite Browser. Go to Login to your Facebook account with your user name and password. Locate the field where it says ” what’s on your mind”. Click on the link which says “Add Photos or Video”. Now, you will see an option to upload a photo or video from your drive or create a new photo album. Hit “Upload Photos Or Video”. Pick a photo that you would like to post from your computer. You can Tag People in your Post by clicking on this little plus icon. You can also Add a location to your post by clicking on this pointer icon. You can say something about this photo in the update status box. This is How You can Post a Picture on Facebook.

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  2. This is the old way, they have changed it and it will not add my posts  🙁  it totally ignores me. Can you tell me how to do it now?

  3. The only College for me? The.staff work very hard in helping you anyway they can. Hats off kudas to Tomas ,and all employees.

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