100 thoughts on “How To Permanently Delete An Instagram Account [2019]

  1. I wanted to delete it because I had 4 accounts and I deleted the one I never use because I wanted an fan acount but I still can’t because it’s still there! But when I try to go in the backup it just stand can’t log in i tough it was gonna get deleted and I just gonna have 3 acounts so this did’t help at all

  2. my account is private meaning all my previous followers can see it only but i only put it on private bc i did not know how to delete it😣

  3. For social media hack ,and all kinda hacking stuff contact lord_darkh4k on Instagram,he's legit ,he's a pro and I recommend him

  4. I never liked Instagram but now I hate it SOO MUCH… I am taking this complicated process to delete it and rest assured WILL NEVER RETURN.

  5. If you guys are having trouble with the account still showing up on the drop down menu, I figured out how to take it off. You have to go to settings -> log out of all accounts -> and then you can delete them from there. I hope that helped

  6. So in my school I had a very bad day I was sent to the office for dropping my books down and the teacher yelled at me and I had to go to the school counselor because these boys saw my Instagram and there were these child predators and I blocked them the boys went to school and told so I went to the office which was the school counselor and he called my mom so now my mom has to check my phone!!!

  7. If anyone can help me delete my Instagram account
    @niki_is_cute_and_pretty I’d be so thankful it’s so old and I don’t remember the password or email

  8. It Dosent permanently delete my Instagram account. My profile is still there but it says user not found and It Dosent show your pictures and followers. I thought it would be completely gone like it said but it isn't and I can't log back in to remove my profile because it won't let me log back in.

  9. Password hi reset nhi ho rha h forgot password me b vo purana password fill krne ko bol rha h asshole agr password yad hota to forgot password pe kyu ata

  10. I don't have an Instagram account, but they say my email is already in use???? can't set up a new account or log in… tried password reset… it says there is no account with this email???? WTF???? WHICH IS IT, EITHER MY EMAIL IS IN THERE ALREADY ON AN ACCOUNT, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OF IT OR IT'S NOT THERE… THEY CAN'T MAKE THEIR MIND UP??????

  11. It didn't work for me.. wrote "delete instagram account" and the options didn't include deleting my account…

  12. does anyone else have this problem? none of these tutorials are the same as my instagram.. i dont get results telling me how to delete account, and on other tutorials i dont have as many options in my settings… seriously this is so annoying. i feel like its not possible to delete.

  13. My reason is that iam focusing way too much on others life… I just want to get rid of everything coming in my way.

  14. this was amazing. i had an account that i hated so i deleted it. i tried many ways but they didnt work until i found this video. its a great video

  15. How this is a tutorial on how to get to the page to the page that acutaly helps you delete our account wow

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    it would help a lot 😌

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