How to Network on Instagram Direct Message
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How to Network on Instagram Direct Message

– My one reservation with this video is that it’s gonna turn a lot of you into just spam bots. That you’re just gonna
Control+Copy, go into DM, and just start pasting, and getting banned or paused by Instagram
because you’re just spamming, you’re just spamming. You can see in the beginning of the video in those first couple minutes, when I said, “See how you
can bring them value.” You’re entire, entire energy is predicated on what can I get out of this? I’m gonna DM The Rock, I’m
gonna DM Warren Buffet, I’m gonna DM Tyra Banks,
I’m gonna DM this founder and you’re not thinking about what does that person
actually need right now? The key to any tactic,
and this is a tactic, the key to any tactic
is to provide more value to the other person especially when they’re
the one with leverage. Hustling 24/7 on the Instagram DM, it is the 2017 opportunity. (techno music) (clicking) – Assume a lot of people
watching this have no idea what Instagram really
is or why it’s special. Tell me? – It’s a very simple photo app. Here’s something interesting, any application that
makes your life better is a big one.
I think that Instagramers will be easily one of the
top two social networks in America and globally
will be a major force. It’s a beast, it is the current
social network of the moment and I just think it’s an
incredibly important platform and I’m very, very bullet shy, and as somebody who day trades attention, I think it’s a massively– Instagram is very, very important. I think that you should
probably, starting now for an eight month from now launch, I would be searching hashtags and I would start building
relationships, right now. I truly think the attention on Instagram from individuals is unbelievable. Instagram has hundreds of
millions of people on it, but here’s one way, I promise
you, that you will not build your Instagram profile: by not doing anything, by sitting and having
a beer with your friend and complaining that it’s so
hard to build your profile. Search hashtags, click
them, look at the account, then see how you can bring them value, DM them, go in soft, bring
value, rinse and repeat two, three, four, five thousand times. I’m gonna give a piece
of advice that is 100% and the only reason
you won’t be successful is cause you’re not hungry
enough and you’re too lazy. You ready? – [Man] Yes.
– Good. I want you to go to Instagram. Are you watching me on Instagram? – [Man] Yes, I am.
– Good, I want you to stop
watching me on Instagram. I want you to start this process. If you’re hungry, if you wanna win, you have to do four, five, to seven hours a day. You ready? – [Man] Yes. – I want you to search a hashtag, I want you to go to a search up top. I want you to search grocery
store, local butcher, plumber. When you search it, there’ll be a hashtag, and then I want you to spend 25 minutes hitting every picture that
has the hashtag plumber and see if it’s the account
of a plumbing company or plumber who has a small business. And you see who this is, so this is a custom design firm. It being a be commercial in Toronto, 138 thousand followers. Let’s see what they post. I want you to then click the url that is linked to that person’s account and look at their website. If they have a good
website, leave him alone. If their website is shit, I want you to go back into Instagram, and hit the top right
corner triple buttons on that person’s profile.
You go right up here, you hit send message,
you getting this Drock? – [DRock] Yep.
– Doing good. Send message, and then here is the key. And then send them the message and say yo, this is me, I’m the best at small
business website design. Your website is not on point, I’ve got a thing that’s
$500 upfront, $25 a months, and you will crush it, and you will return on
that investment in one day, let alone one year, because
your website will be stronger that you linked to on Instagram
and you’ll convert better. And I want you to do that
for five to seven hours every single day, which
means that you’ll message between 70 and 250 a day, and
you will do a lot of business. Business development, it’s one
of the pillars of my success. The reason I’m good at
business development is I try to bring more value
to the other person first. I think about it like sawdust, if you got downtime, why
not business develop. The fact you can business develop in this thing now is insane. And if you offer something in return, three out of 30 people
will take you up on it. He may not, but the next person might. And then you business
develop and business develop, and things start happening. Let’s show everyone, DRock. The fitness hashtag, you
know only 168 million. Breaks it into top posts and most recent. Say that you go to a top post, all right, so here’s Zap. I click him, and he’s
got 546 thousand people. I see he’s a musician, and
he’s a band, and he’s in Cairo. But let’s just say for whatever reason, I wanna do product placement
and I have a new shake, or energy drink, or hoodies. I would hit this person up, I would hit them up and say, Zap, love what you do. Would love to connect. Or would love to send
you my favorite wines, if I was in the wine business. Or would love to make three to four videos for your Instagram account, on me. Or… And that’s the key, it’s or
and I would love to give you. If you’re asking, you
don’t have the leverage. So anytime I’m hitting somebody up, regardless if I’m bigger or
smaller than them, I’m asking. So I’m trying to give them love. Let’s say you like hiphop, and let’s say you love Chance the Rapper. So you go to Chance the Rapper, guy’s got 2.9 million followers. He’s getting hit up a million times a day, when you send a thing. Chance, I make videos. I’ll make you the best
Instagram videos for free for an entire year. Your account will go to
seven million, let alone 2.9. I won’t bother you, I’ll just work. I’ll need access at times, but you control that. Let me know, look at my work on my Insta. Much love. That, over and over and over. Gotta make sure your
Instagram account is on point. If him or one of his
boys actually look at it or somebody who’s controlling the account, they need to see those
videos and think they’re fire that’s they key. They go over and over. Lemme show how Manny should do it. You can literally search
the Upper East Side. You can literally see everybody
who’s posting in the area, you know this person that ate here. So you click this person and
you can literally go up here, send them a message, say I
like your Instagram account if you’d like a free haircut, come by. What’s great about that is these are individuals who already
like to share their lives. So if they come, they’ll give
a shout out and it creates. I mean you know, you
live on word of mouth. – [Manny] Yeah. – What’s your business? It’s word of mouth!
– [Manny] Word of mouth, yeah. – This is word of mouth on steroids. Key is providing other people more value. I just don’t see people doing it and it is absolutely going
down on Instagram DM. The key is do you know how
to jab, jab, jab, right hook on Instagram DM. For example, more example time, I want this to be a heavy example. You should check the Giants hashtag and literally, literally just okays sports content
– [Brad] I’ve been popping up there lately. (laughs) – But like anybody,
yeah it’s gonna be that, but like anything that’s here. Right, like–
– [Brad] Yeah. Like if you just DM that
person and be like awesome. They’re gonna be like holy shit, like it will open up shit all of a sudden when you do that and you do
awesome as a Giants’ punter whether they know you or not. Next thing you know,
couple months from now, they’re doing meeting with you. iTunes is the answer,
vlogs are the answer, DMing me, DRock, on
Instagram to get your song on DailyVees, The Answer. Every single rapper, every single artist should literally DM,
and email, and message every single vlogger that has
100 thousand views per video in the world, and give them free music to put in their vlogs. You guys following? The work, got it? So that’s what you do, look three of those 39 people say yo! Send me a shirt! One of those three that
you send a shirt to puts it in their store, one really Smokeshow model walks in there, wears it, and away you go. Hustling 24/7 on the Instagram DM, it is the 2017 opportunity. (inspirational music)

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