How To Network And Build A Social Circle Of Girls & Guys
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How To Network And Build A Social Circle Of Girls & Guys

30 thoughts on “How To Network And Build A Social Circle Of Girls & Guys

  1. This is really important. I'm glad Tripp did this video because I meet most of my dates through networking and friends. It takes time and sometimes up to a year or two, but you set a good foundation. I meet a lot higher quality women through friends and having pre-selection status. I get invited to events and I don't have to put as much effort to do cold approaching either nowadays.

  2. what if I tell you that you can meet women for free and no app involved. just go out and be open to meet new people

  3. Awesome advice. This will definitely help out. I'm in the process of growing a few social circles.

    Tripp, quick question. Say, you saw this girl in a Facebook photo, and are really interested in meeting her.
    How would you get a girl to introduce you to a specific female friend of hers that you're interested in?

  4. very true. I have a friend years ago name Huey. This dude was a stud and have alot of friends and girls were very interested in him because he was like this very cool, chill dude that would have all this friends and he invites them to his big ol house for hangouts or parties from basically networking. Dating the hotest girls Tripp really knows what he's talking about!

  5. Hey Tripp first off love the vids and advice great stuff. My question is if you do start a regular after work bar event for happy hour, how do you keep certain people who you don't want from coming if its more of a public event, and you don't want downer david keeping other fun people from going?

  6. Just make sure you are 100% sure you don't intend on dating a hot girl if you meet one. If you have even the smallest amount of desire toward them, your pressure to hide your desire will become anxiety which will eventually betray you. She will sense your anxiety, and eventually, she will betray you and hate you. She will label you an undesirable creep. You will hate her. You will grow resentful toward her and anyone who was associated with her. I know this because I was betrayed by a former crush who I never dated even though I wanted to. It's better to get rejected early on than to later be betrayed and insulted. Betrayal is far worse than rejection, one reason I don't fear rejection as much as I used to. So if you like someone, make your intentions clear. You will appear as a stronger person after the rejection, even to women who weren't initially interested in you. Once they see you as a strong man, they wont be as willing to betray you. One thing you could also do if you want attractive female friends is befriend ones who have boyfriends, or get a girlfriend. That way, the relationship status barrier would negate any chance of ulterior motives existing.

  7. Trippadvice I don't drink alcohol anymoreand I'm not sure about I can get a girlfriend because many girls today drinks alcohol

  8. Tripp quick question. I invited a lot of people to a wine tasting safari in Malibu. It's a fun place to go. You get to feed the giraffe and other animals from Africa. Majority of the people couldn't go…What did I do wrong?

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