How to Mute Users on Twitter
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How to Mute Users on Twitter

Hey guys, what is up! Have you ever got annoyed by those spammy
notifications about new tweets that users you have followed post on Twitter like every
5 minutes? Well, fortunately, Twitter just released a
new update that allows mobile users to actually mute others! Once you have muted a user on Twitter, you
will no longer see their tweets and retweets in your home timeline and, of course, you
will also no longer receive notifications from that user. So it’s
pretty much like ghosting works on social networks when people spam too much. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that the other
person won’t even know that you have muted him or him, so all together this is a feature
that will surely come handy in times when you are being spammed
with tweets by users you do not want to unfollow – let it be your friends or relatives.

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