How to Meet Girls Using FaceBook, Instagram & Snapchat
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How to Meet Girls Using FaceBook, Instagram & Snapchat

Matt: Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, Badoo…
The list goes on, but can you really use social media to your advantage to make
women like you and get more dates? When you meet a girl, should you get her
Snap chat or just her phone number? Is it really worth it to troll Facebook and
send random women messages? Can you still get girls on Instagram even if you’re
not Dan Bilzerian? My name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man, and this
is how to use social media to get more dates! We’ve done all the testing. We know what
works. Before we jump into it, go ahead and hit the subscribe button, do it right
now, hit subscribe! Because I know you’re a badass! First, let’s talk about getting
her phone number versus getting her social media account. Well nowadays
they’re pretty much one and the same, since all the popular social media such
as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all have messaging capabilities. The benefit
of social media however is she can see your pictures and videos. That’s right! It
can help her remember just how damn sexy you are! And she can see your attractive
lifestyle, so you better show off your Lamborghini in like, every picture. Just
kidding – don’t do that. That’s really douchey. But seriously, when she views
your posts she’ll see that you’re just a cool guy, that you have lots of friends,
that you’re probably not a serial killer, or leader of an elite terrorist
organization. So that being said social media is actually better than a phone
number; just make sure you pimp out your page first. Just post cool pictures
regularly and avoid pictures of your food. She doesn’t need to see that
disgusting hamburger you just ate, you animal killer. Actually, that looks
delicious! Can we see that again? *Check out that sexy hamburger* Shannon: I tend to like to get a little bit of
info on the person you’re going out with. But of course you don’t want to learn
everything, because what kind of first date will that be? If you both pre-
checked everything about each other? That’s not gonna be very much fun. But it
is nice to get a little info… Matt: Social media is also a great way to stay on a woman’s radar. She can get super jealous that you were front-row at Justin Bieber,
or that you took this girl to the movies instead of her. Whereas through SMS, you
have to send her an individual text. And only she will see it. It’s one-off
communication. And I mean, who has time for that these days? On social media when
you post something, hundreds, even thousands of girls can see it. Girls are
also more likely to say yes to giving out their social media accounts versus
their phone number because they know they can easily block you if you turn
out to be some weird creepy psychopath who constantly sends her dick pics.
Stop doing that! Plus she probably wants more followers so she can pump up her
ego and feel better about herself.. It’s true… *Sarcastic bragging follows*: Look at me! I have 13 thousand followers on Instagram! So yeah, I’m a pretty big deal… “I’m very important… I
have… many leather-bound books.” Matt: You can even use social media as a way to
approach girls in the club. Just go up to them and say: “Snapchat!” This literally
works every time. Well, as long as they have Snapchat. But if you’re in your 40’s
and going to cougar lounges, then this probably isn’t the best opener for you. Andy: “Hi, I’m Andy. Can I get you another cocktail?” Matt: Then every time you post something, just
check to see who viewed it. If you notice that the same girl is viewing like, all
of your snaps, then just send her a message. As long as she’s hot. There’s a
really good chance that she’ll be down to meet you in person since she’s
viewing all of your snaps, and is basically a fan. I personally use
Snap chat as a way to interject more fun into the interaction. I basically just
whip out my phone and say, “Hey, let’s take a snap!” And then just command everybody to do a silly pose. “Do a funny pose!” This is fun and women love taking pictures and
videos. She’s likely to comply because a snap only lasts 24 hours, unlike Facebook
which lasts an eternity. And then you have the perfect reason to add her to
your Snap chat and message her later. Quick side-note, both Facebook Messenger
and Instagram both have the 24 hour story or add to your date capability now,
so you can use those as well. Another benefit of social media is that it can
actually make a woman feel more connected to you. Think about it, if she
sees your posts on social media she has a better sense of who you are and what
you’re all about, and she’s more likely to feel comfortable meeting you because
she’ll feel like she’s known you for a while. Unless you have pictures like this…
I once had a brief interaction with a girl, then didn’t talk to her for four
years because I had a girlfriend. And after I broke up with my girlfriend I
hit up that girl on Facebook, and we ended up meeting up. Now, she knew
everything about like what had been going on the past four years, all my
traveling, and my adventures, etc. She’s been watching my videos and seeing my
pictures online and I highly doubt that she would have been comfortable enough
to meet up with me if I only got her phone number. She probably wouldn’t have
even remembered me if it was just through text. So how else can you use
social media to your advantage? Well, if you have an active profile, and a lot of
followers, then it can be great for “social proof.” Social proof is when
someone’s thoughts and actions get influenced by the thoughts and actions
of the masses. Which basically means if a girl sees that you have a lot of fans
and followers who think you’re cool, she will be influenced by the crowd and will
also think you’re cool. This isn’t a video on how to build up your Instagram
or Facebook page there’s plenty of resources out there for that. I think a
reasonable goal is, 10 million followers then you’ll always be surrounded by hot
Instagram models who want to be Instagram famous. Now what about actually
meeting girls on social media? Well, if you have an awesome profile and you do
cool things like traveling, adventure, you have really good pictures, maybe you live
a high-status lifestyle, then it’s likely that women will add you and message you
first. Which is a lot better than you messaging them first. Now, if you’re not
at that stage of the game yet, should you message them? Well here’s the deal, it
doesn’t really hurt anything to randomly add or message a girl out of the blue.
However, if you want to meet women online, then I recommend that you just use a
dating app like tinder or bumble.. because those girls are more likely to be single
and are actively looking for a date. You just have better odds, and it’s a
better way to utilize your time. And you know what works ten times better than
meeting women online? It’s meeting women during the day. In everyday situations.
Have you ever seen a beautiful woman walking down the street or in a coffee
shop, you wanted to approach her but you just didn’t know what to say? Well, that’s
why I created this free Conversation Cheat Sheet, where I break down exactly
what to say to spark attraction. You get my top conversation starters for any
situation. Simple techniques to never run out of things to say. Simple ways to
escalate the interaction and more. download it right now, because you’ll
want to keep it handy before you go out. So just click the image in the bottom
right of this video right now to download your Conversation Cheat Sheet.
And if you’re not subscribed to our channel, then go ahead and hit that
subscribe button. And if you want us to personally mentor you, then make sure to
check out our boot camp schedule. My name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man,
and I’ll see you in the next video.

44 thoughts on “How to Meet Girls Using FaceBook, Instagram & Snapchat

  1. It is debateable
    there is no correct answer in dating

    it depends
    if you have a facebook account that in the eyes of mainstream media or young people is "cool" yes it is an advantage if not then it is better to get the phone number and say you don't have a fb.

    It is easier to get ignored and forgotten about on facebook where people and girls have hundreds if not thousands of friends…

    It is low investment on her part to give facebook whereas the phone number is more investment and you look more personal and intimate to her.

    I would personally go most of the time with getting the phone number and once in 10 maybe the facebook.

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  12. Omg if guys date girls on Instagram thats a huge red flag, i mean facebook and Instagram are personal, family stuff, last thing i need is a thirsty ass dude infringing on my private profile, if you want a girl get on pof,skout or a site where women are looking to date, screw watever, but for me hitting on me on my personal apps is like get the fawk on desperate lol

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  14. I feel that I don't need too much advice from this, I've mastered on how to get girls on social media and then they follow back.
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    Two: contribute to the girls with gifts and donations

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