How To Master The Social Media & Grow Your Audience ❖ An Open Source Tutorial
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How To Master The Social Media & Grow Your Audience ❖ An Open Source Tutorial

Ladies and Gentlemen, Today we are going to talk about the importance
of the social media and how to take advantage of them for your own benefit. But why are social media so important ? Social media are the perfect tool for marketing
your music, building relationships with your fans and driving new sales. Social media lead to massive world wide exposure
and trigger a huge amount of daily listeners. Social Media provide a live feed from your
fans which is extremely helpful for understanding your audience’s preferences, respond to their
tastes and adjust your outputs accordingly. In that way you will maximize your impact
on them, expand your fanbase, increase your bookings and eventually increase your sales. Social media are a major SEO factor. Search engines reflect your social media popularity
on their search results. If your social profiles are in perfect shape,
you will also be able to represent keywords like “psytrance” or what ever your music genre
is. Social profiles are the vitrine of your store. It is where people come close to your product
or service and make up their minds about it. At that point you might think “Wait a minute,
i am a musician and i want to be judged for my music and not for my digital appearance”. I am sorry my friend but we are living in
a transitional period of time. Allow me to explain. The beginning of music industry goes back
in ancient times. Where the song scores or music sheets were
traded, bought or sold. The epitaph hymn of Sikilos is the world’s
oldest known song, whose lyrics and music are fully preserved. The song was written in -200 bc by
Sikilos the Greek, in Greek language. During the music sheet era that lasted till
the end of the 19th century, if someone wanted to hear a popular song, he had to buy the
music sheet and reproduce it with an instrument. It was only after the invention of the gramophone
in around 1880 that physical records went commercial. Till then only music sheets were in the market. A few years later radio broadcasts spread
across the whole world. Later on we had the cassetes and afterwards
the compact discs. Till recently all you needed to succeed in
music business, as a music producer, was… GOOD MUSIC. Other factors like outlook, appreance, dancing
skills were important too but if your music was good enough, the labels would sign you,
record your music , play it over the radio and your carrier would start. What would happen from there was only a matter
of how much the people enjoyed your music. If you music had a strong impact, you would
start performing in public, touring, selling more records, and so on. As about sales, things were pretty simple
till the millenium. 100% of the income was generated by the sales
of physical records. After the millenium All that started to change
and approxiamtelly in the year 2015 the compact disc industry collapsed. Almost no one buys cds anymore. You can find vinyls only in some exclusive
retro shops. The music industry is drammatically changing
making it harder for everyone but at the same time offering great opertunities. As i said in the begining of the video, we
are currently living in transitional period of time. Producing good music is clearly not enough. Take a look around you. Everyone is looking at his mobile phone. The most important thing nowadays is how many
people you influence. How many people you provoke to look at your
pictures, watch your videos, listen to your music. It’s all about your overal image. Not the looks, not the music, not the dancing
skills, not your character, but all of these together. And your social profiles are essentially responsible
for making a good or a bad impression. For example, If someone likes a track of yours
but goes online and sees that you have no engaged audience, he will assume that you
are NOT as good as he thought. If a club promoter likes your music but checks
your facebook and sees that you post pictures of you swimming at the beach, which is totally
irrelevent with your occupation, he will instinctively assume that music making is not your main
occupation. Anyway, today i am NOT going to talk about
your appearance and how your social media should look like or what you should say and
what you should not. I am only going to provide a strategy on how
to increase your traffic and your numbers. We are only going to create a small BUZZ around
your social profiles. But What you should go after are not the numbers
but THE ENGAGEMENT of your audience. How loyal and how often your fans interact
with you is important. What you need is a dedicated fanbase and not
big numbers. And keep in mind that in every scene the veterans
know each other. So DON’T over do it. And never buy fake followers. Try to keep your numbers real and objective,
close to your actual popularity. Because the veterans of each scene can pretty
well guess where each artist stands. If you are a newcomer keep your numbers low. A newcomer cannnot have 1000 followers on
twitter, or 1000 subscribers on youtube or 10.000 followers on instagram. Before we start I want to clarify that i do
not imply the way to get famous, make money or succeed in music business. In this tutorial i will only demonstrate how
to grow your numbers and eventually get your music heard by a larger audience. Let’s get started. Achieving organic traffic on facebook is not
that simple. It takes time. Back at the time when Facebook was founded, each new post on a page that had for instance 1000 followers could get 50 likes. Nowadays facebook has become extremely greedy
and a post could get only 1-2 likes on a page having 10,000 followers. That happens because facebook is not showing your post on many people’s walls and thus forcing you to pay money for your post to appear. So f* facebook. Don’t put your money on it. Instead: Hire a professional graphic designer to create
your image header and cover. Make regular posts with interesting material
and add related tags. There must be variety on your posted content,
you can’t post only youtube links. You must upload videos, images, all sorts
of posts. There are 2 reasons for this: a. You don’t want to exhaust your audience with
the same type of posts. b. Facebook’s algorhytm gives priority to those
pages posting diverse content as it considers them as more interesting. Add friends of the same interest (psytrance
in my case) and invite them to like your page. Create a group and link it to your artist
page, leave it open for people to post freely. You don’t have to put a single penny in order
to create a decent instagram profile. All you have to do is: Follow the limit which is 7500 but be sure
they relate to your music genre or topic Upload reguraly and add many tags Your content needs to be: a. 50% Promotional material, (videos, teasers,
spots , covers, short clips , anything that has to do with your music or products.) b. 25% Pictures of YOU and of your daily life. People want to see who you are. They want to see something personal like what
kind of food you like or how you spend your free time. c. 25% Irrelavent content that has nothing
to do with you or your music. Post a flower, something that draw your attention. A joke, an anecdote. Something lightsome and easy to watch. Life should be easy to live,
right ? (Wrong) Interact with your audience . That will make
them engage to your page. A small engaged audience is more valuable
than a large inactive audience. It is better to have 100 interactive fans
than 1000 non interested followers. In order to achieve that you must show them
some interest. If you don’t give a fuck about them they won’t
give a fuck about you either. A trick for Instagram: When your traffic exhausts,
instead of making a new post, go to a past picture and add or change the hashtags. The picture will re-appear in the news feed
tab and you will witness new likes and new people following you right after you save
the changes. SC is my favorite social network. For one simple reason: You can’t buy fake followers. It is the only
decent and objective network where you can really see the actual popularity of each musician. SC’s team is obligated to check and delete
fake profiles. I bought once 500 followers and after a few months they all disappear all by sudden. What you can do is this: Follow the limit: 2000 people. Some of them (10%) will follow back and some
will even like or repost your track. Use or a similar service. Through that kind of service you can trade
reposts with other producers. Try it out, it works. Use a free download service like That kind of service obligates listeners to
repost/like/share/comment on your track before being able to download it. Use hashtags. You can do a trick on SC and add your music
gerne in the title. In that way your song will appear when someone
is seaching for these keywords if your track of course has many many listens. Check this guy out. He managed to achieve monstrous numbers by
just adding tags at his titles. I don’t recomment to upload frequently because
it takes time for a track to become popular. Instead, leave gaps between uploads and upload
your very best stuff only! At some point you will witness your traffic
drain. You will check your activity and nothing will
be happening. At that point you have to restart the traffic. With a new upload, repost, unfollow irrelavent
people and follow some new and so on. Youtube is the most important tool for any
artist. Especially for musicians. Because your whole productions are available
on youtube. But most artists have not realised the importance
of youtube and don’t even have a youtube account. So for starters, create a youtube account,
with professionally designed headers, add links and start promoting it. What you should be after are the subscribers
because without a fanbase you won’t be able to generate any views. I will tell you a secret to encourage you while
struggling to get subscribers. It is a extremely difficult to get to 1000 subscribers
but then things scale up pretty easily and much faster than before. Allthough you might need 1 to 10 years to
get to 1000 subscribers, you might possible need the same period of time to get to 10,000
subscribers. Because your channel’s exposure is based on
a geometrical progression and not cumulative. So your goal is to get to 1000 subscribers. How you do that ? Number 1 issue: Consistency, Upload frequently. At least once a week. If you upload 1 video today and 1 next year,
your youtube account will never flourish. Add interesting thumbnail, title and tags. The title is one the most important issues. I have seen fake videos getting millions of
views because the title was interesting. For example everyone would click to see a
video named “Who killed JFK” or “How to fly without wings”. Share your links on all social websites including, blogs, forums and everywhere else possible. Use google ads. Yes, you need to spend some
money at some point. You can’t just conquer the world with 0 bugdet. The cheapest views you can buy cost 0,01 cent. So with 10 euro you will buy approximately
1000 views. You have to set the audience familiar with
your topic otherwise you will get many dislikes. When buying views you get a few new subscribers
too. My strategy is, when uploading a new video,
leave a few days for the video to gain some views organically, and then add up 2-3 euros
to increase the views even more. The more views a video has, the more it appears
at the side (where suggested videos are) and thus gains even more organic views. Another important issue for youtube is the
related channels sidebox. You must contact those channels and ask them
to upload your music. In that way you are convincing youtube that
your music is good and related to those channels. Youtube’s algorhythm categorises the channels
by crawling the uploaded content. Channels that upload tracks of the same artists,
fall in the same category. When channels fall in the same category they
appear in the “related links box” and thus gain more traffic. In order to appear in the related channels
box you need also similar amount of subscribers not only similar music genre. A channel with 100,000 subscribers won’t promote
a channel with 50 subs. The more your channel grows, the more exposure will gain by appearing in larger channel’s sideboxes. Strategy on twitter is simple. Create a nice layout including your logo. Follow the limit, 5000 people. After a while unfollow those not following
you and follow some new. Retain your integrity by keep following those
who followed you back, do not unfollow those. When more than 5000 accounts are following
you, you grant the privilage to follow plus ten percent of the number that are following
you. For example, if 10,000 people are following
you, you can follow up to 11,000 people. Tweet reguraly adding hastags. Retweet, like, comment, interact with people
of the same topic. There is no limit on how many people you can
follow on mixcloud. Decorate your profile with some professional
images and start following people. Be carefull not to upload a mix that includes
only your own tracks because it will be taken down. I ‘ve lost a few uploads in that way. Upload quality mixes with well designed thumbnails
and catchy titles. Your goal is to get to the charts. There is a very easy way to do that except
paying. In order to enter the charts you need a lot
of listens and fast. You can achieve that by posting an embedded player of your mix on popular pages, like forums, blogs, and set it to “autoplay”. In that way whenever a page containing your
embedded player is loaded, it will add up a listen. Even though spotify is not exaclty a social
network but a streaming service, we will consider it as a social network for having followers & listens. The most important factor on spotify is your
music to get listed in major playlists. There are 2 ways to do that: You can either create your own playlist and
start promoting it untill it get’s popular, or you can contact the people that own popular
playlists. Some of them are making lists as a profession
and some as a hobby. Some other playlists are owned by labels. They use them to promote their artists. That is why it is essential to release your
music through labels. I have heard some theories claiming that you
can release your own music all by yourself without a label. Sure you can do that but no one will buy. The labels own popular playlists, popular
social media accounts and an established buyers club. Anyway, it is not difficult to find the owners
of a big playlist. Some of them want to be found for their own
reasons. Keep in mind that Spotify pays about $0.005
to $0.010 per stream and those playlists can generate thousands of listens. Therefore spotify playlists are essential for
any musician. Beatport is an online shop but we will also
consider it as a social platform. It is crucial to get your releases to the
top 100 of your genre by all means. There are some underground services offering
that, and they charge around 200$-300$. They have multiple accounts buying your track
over and over pushing it to climb up on the top 100. What is your benefit out of that ? Well first you get noticed by the people that
are checking the charts. There are many people buying music from the
charts. And thus you might generate some more buys
and get even higher in the top 100. After each purchase beatports gives you the
option to follow the artist. When you follow an artist you get a notification
on your screen each time he releases something new. The “real” people that are going to buy your
music are probably going to follow you. Some of them will become consistent buyers
and you will slowly slowly build your own fanbase. Another promotional action is to build a DJ
chart. There are currently 6600 charts in my genre
but beatport chooses only a few to feature on its home page. How does beaport chooses which charts to feature
? Well, when making a chart: Add 10 tracks. All should be of the same genre. Released in near dates. Released by different labels. Add quality tracks. With the above criteria beatport concludes
that you are not self promoting, and that you made mature choices and thus you deserve an exposure. Thank you for watching this tutorial.

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