How To MASTER Instagram Ads For BEGINNERS In 2020 – The COMPLETE Instagram Advertising Tutorial
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How To MASTER Instagram Ads For BEGINNERS In 2020 – The COMPLETE Instagram Advertising Tutorial

43 thoughts on “How To MASTER Instagram Ads For BEGINNERS In 2020 – The COMPLETE Instagram Advertising Tutorial

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  2. Thanks for the information and your great content as usual. One question, why do I get 100+ likes on my ad on Instagram (ad created in Facebook), but when I view the post it only shows 16 likes. Seems like I’m not getting the “social proof” benefits of paying for the ad.

  3. Would it be better to set up an instagram post first and promote the post so it stays around or just to normal ads

  4. Hi, I just have a question, how can we track conversion through Instagram? or If someone is advertising through their account (example: Celebrity/ Influencers) can we track the the sales we got through their posts? How can we do it?

  5. Great video, simple to follow and not confusing! Question: I have a hair salon and I am thinking of Reaching out to influencers for hair industry but do I create the ad for them to put on their IG or do they do that? Also when you put an ad on IG should you use hashtags or what’s the best way to attract people? Sorry I am very new at this!


  7. I am making a travel IG page, I won't be selling anything just posting pictures, would it be worth using IG ads?

  8. Jason, thank you so much for your invaluable information. It is greatly appreciated. I own a business lending company & am having some trouble selecting my target audience due to it being such a broad term. Any advise would be terrific! Keep up the great work & helping others to succeed!

  9. Please I need help with my error "Disabled accounts can't create or edit ads: Only active accounts can create or edit ads" Please advice

  10. Hello Jason … I need your help please to learn how to advertise effectively on instagram, facebook and youtube

  11. Can someone please help me? I finished creating an instagram ad for the feed only and i set it up so that it starts from July 1st and ends July 5th. I just went to check to see how much engagement my ad has brought, it said $0.00 has been used and under the delivery tab it says "not delivering". How can i check to see if my ad is working and running successfully? Anyone know what's wrong?

  12. Hey Jason… is there any way i can go on instagram and see all the promotions? I wanna see what people are dropshipping these days

  13. I block EVERY single advertiser I see on Instagram, and I also hide and report EVERY ad. I also use ADBLOCK PLUS on all my devices. One of these days, you advertisers are going to get the hint.

  14. Hey,

    Do the Instagram Ads that i created nee from Ads Manager Show on my Personal Profile Page?
    And how does that exactly work When I Test different Audiences?
    Does the same Ad that was shown to different Audiences Effect the same Content on my Page?

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