How to Manage Social Network Permissions in Hootsuite
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How to Manage Social Network Permissions in Hootsuite

Hootsuite Organizations have three layers
of permissions: Organization, Team, and Social Network. In this video, we’ll look at Social Network
Permissions. Social Networks are at the core of every action
within the Hootsuite Dashboard, and it’s essential that you tightly control who can
engage, post, and manage your company’s social accounts. Social network permissions are granted to
individual users by super-admins, admins, and team admins. Click into the Social Network Manager of your
Hootsuite Organization. Select a social network from the list, then
click Members. Users who have already been assigned access
appear here, with an editable permissions drop down below their name. Click to add a new member, and assign permissions. There are four levels of Social Network Permissions:
Limited, Editor, Advanced, and Custom. Team members with Limited permissions have
read-only access to the social network, and any messages they compose must be approved
before being posted. Those with Editor permissions can approve
unsent messages as well as post their own messages and manage contacts for the social
network. Advanced permissions give a user the power
to approve messages and manage contacts, as well as manage members, permissions, and RSS
feeds for the network. They can also manage post-boosting, and re-authorize
network connections. Finally, you can assign Custom permissions
for individual users. Choose specific permissions from the checklist,
based on the needs of an individual. For example, you may want someone who manages
your social engagement to be able to reply to messages on Twitter, but not the ability
to post new content directly. To protect the security of your social networks,
only admins and super admins should have access to network passwords. If one of these members leaves your organization,
it’s a best practice to revoke their access natively on Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn,
and to change your passwords on all other social networks.

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