How to manage social media use by employees at work – three tips from Acas
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How to manage social media use by employees at work – three tips from Acas

The top three tips on managing
social media at work would be, tip number one,
try and treat, wherever possible, online and offline behaviour
in the same way. Employees will often use social media
tools to let off steam, to have a moan about
their workplace or bosses. That’s not so different
to going down the café or pub, and doing the same thing. Employees may just need reminding about some of the pitfalls
of using technology in this way. Employers should take a balanced
approach and ask themselves what are the real implications
for their organisations of the employees behaving in this way? Tip number two, you should try and keep
up to date with changes. Technology is clearly moving very fast, and it can be very tempting to leave
your policies and procedures on a shelf without updating them. For example, the policies on bullying and harassment might need a mention of cyber bullying,
for example. When it comes discipline and grievances, it might be worth mentioning
what constitutes misconduct. For example, when it comes
to things like defamation. And our third tip would be to try
and get the balance right, if you can, between individual expression,
in terms of allowing your employees to promote your organisation,
and trusting them to be advocates, and keep in control of your brand
and your key messages. A good tip here is to remind individuals when they’re speaking
on behalf of themselves, and when they’re speaking
for the organisation.

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