82 thoughts on “How to make Your Facebook Profile Private?

  1. Very useful tutorial specially for females who want to maintain their privacy and hide their personal posts & pictures from unwanted viewers.

  2. Thankyou, for a great video.
    I want to make it so my profile cannot be view at all by the public, i have seen people who have profiles like this, so when you click there profile picture it can not be viewed in a bigger version?? Can change picture to "only me" , is that the only way? Because when i got to "view as" i can still see my picture. ? Thanks for any help

  3. how about if i don't want everyone or anybody to find my facebook account? example if you try to search me on facebook search bar, and if you try to type my facebook account there, i don't want search engines outside of Facebook to link to my profile?" in Who can look me up setting. pls help…

  4. i have all the settings set so only i am able to see or post things but when you are trying to privatize your photos can people still see them on my timeline? im thining about a clean up or a quick deletion of the application but just want no one to see ANY of my photos or be able to like, or comment on them how do i do that?

  5. How do you make your profile picture unlikeable and no comments, but so you still can click on it and see the profile picture in full size and nothing else. I've seen pretty many people doing that.

  6. Sir I have a friend slok Rajput 👈 I can't open her profile ..
    When I tap her comment to open her profile then it doesn't appear …..
    How this is possible.??
    Which type of security is this..??
    Plzz make a video on it..

  7. Mera post sirf ek particular area k friends ko show kar raha h….all friends ko kse show karega….any body tell me plzz?

  8. Sir …jese insta pr option hai private account Ka …esa koi Facebook pr bhi option hai kya jisse wo log meri photos and I'd check na Kr ske Jo meri friend list Mai add nhi hai …. please sir ..tell me soon🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  12. Thanks for the video but Facebook doesn't look like that anymore but my question was how could I change my fb from general to private on Facebook lite app on your phone.

  13. Contact John on his Instagram page at Johnsm1959..he will help you ..he helped me for a small price..

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