How To Make Big Thumbnail For Facebook 2018 Big Thumbnail For Facebook
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How To Make Big Thumbnail For Facebook 2018 Big Thumbnail For Facebook

If you are creating video on youtube then
this video will be usefull for you. Today I’m gonna show you How to make big thumbnail for facebook how to make your
YouTube thumbnail bigger in size while you share over Facebook page, profile or group. So today we are not going to use any shit
thrid party sites that you may find online because your URL looks Ugly. And you don’t want to do that right! so we
will use the simple method that i’m going to demonstrate here right now. And Thank you very much for giving 30 likes
on my previous video. So todays aim will be 35 likes to this video
😉 and i know you will do it! So the very first thing is that you need to
go to your video manager and scroll down go to advance settings and then make sure you
have uncheck that allow embedding. alright now still your not done if you paste
link on facebook it will be small thumbnail or it won’t work yet! So once you have done that now copy the Video
URl and then go to the Facebook debugger[ Note ] the link will be under the description
and also you can go from this card option right corner to this video. Now paste URL on it and press debug then once
you have done that click on scrape again and then your done. Now you can paste that link to anywhere on
Facebook page groups or your profile it should show Big high quality thumbnail without third
party site. Which i think is really good to use this way. And wait a minute if you guys love tech updates
and solution feel free to join our facebook group TechRoomReload you guys are hartly welcome
to our group. Link will be under my description box. So that’s all for today if you have any question
then feel free to comment your question i will reply you as soon as possible. And make sure to smash the like button and
share with your friends if you found this video really helpful for you. So as always thank you very much for watching
this video. It’s sushant signing off peace out.!

28 thoughts on “How To Make Big Thumbnail For Facebook 2018 Big Thumbnail For Facebook

  1. This video was really helpful thanks the only problem is it’s to busy with all the pop ups subscribe and your other links makes it hard to concentrate just saying hope you don’t mind 😊

  2. Bro when i click on the video it will redirect me into the youtube.It doe not getting play on fb page.What to do if i want to play it on my fb page.

  3. Thank you so much for this! When everyone else tries to shove third-party solutions down our throats, I just knew there must be a way to do it without those! Somebody, please debug Facebook …

  4. great video… but it does not work for FB page, only works on personal FB, any suggestion to make it works on FB page??? appreciate and welcome any advise!..

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