How to make a stunning Facebook cover video
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How to make a stunning Facebook cover video

In this video, we’re gonna tell you about the specs needed for
a Facebook cover video. And I’m going to give you some tips on how to make your own
cover video with a template. (funky electronic music) Here at Biteable, we recently swapped out our Facebook page’s cover
image for a video cover. Here’s our old cover image. It’s not bad, but not
the most exciting thing in the world, right? And here’s our new Facebook cover video. You’ve got to admit, it’s better. (funky electronic music) Start by logging into Biteable, head over to the template section and click on Facebook
on the left-hand side. Now comes the fun part. Pick a template that lines
up with your business or with your brand, then start editing. It is very easy. You’ll be done on your lunch break. (funky electronic music) Once you’ve finished editing your video, you can add some music from
our library of free tunes or you can upload your own. And then your last step would be to customize your colors
to match your brand. When you’re satisfied,
click download this video, open your Facebook, click the icon in the top left corner of your cover, and select upload photo or video. You can reposition your video once you’ve uploaded it to Facebook, so that you can see either the top, the middle, or the bottom. (funky electronic music) Now, while Facebook cover videos are still quite a new feature, there are some basic basic
practices to keep in mind. First, you want to keep it
short, clear, and simple. You want to introduce your brand, but you should avoid overwhelming or distracting users too much from the main purpose of your page. Keep it unique, but professional. It’s okay to have fun with your video, but look, don’t go too crazy or off-brand. Make sure your video starts and ends with a natural loop. Sound is muted by default, so include it, but don’t make it critical. Since you’ll be dragging and cropping your video
to the correct size, try to keep any images
or text in the center, so they don’t get cut off. While Facebook supports a
number of video file formats, we recommend MP4 format. And again, we’ve got you covered because Biteable exports
in MP4 format videos. (funky electronic music) Facebook cover videos must
be at least 20 seconds long. We also don’t want them to
be longer than 90 seconds. Across Facebook, videos
must be less than 1.75 gig. Since Facebook cover videos
are limited in length, you’re unlikely to come
anywhere near that file size. (funky electronic music) Have a great time making a cover video for your Facebook page. And feel free to share great examples in the comments below. (funky electronic music)

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  1. Yeah, what Warren said. Where the hell is this mystical video option? It doesn't exist, and the change cover photo is on the top right not the top left. I've messed around with the settings long enough what the heck is going on with this?? I've been trying for months to get this crap going.

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